Binary Packages

Package nameVersionSummary
3ddesktop0.2.93D-Desktop is a program for switching virtual desktops in a seamless 3-dimensional manner.
3gp-converter0.63gp converter is a GUI(kommander script) that uses ffmpeg to convert video files in the 3gp format, which is used by mobile phones
Astro-SunTime0.01Provides a function interface to calculate sun rise/set times.
Audio1.029Perl audio library
AutoQ3D1.353D modeling application
Config-Tiny2.10A module for reading and writing .ini style files with as little code as possible
DBD-Pg1.49Postgresql driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI)
Data-Dumper2.121Stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and eval
Devel-Caller2.03Meatier versions of caller
Devel-LexAlias0.04Alias lexical variables
Device-SerialPort1.04Perl interface to the POSIX serial and modem routines
ElementTree1.2.7_20070827A light-weight XML object model for Python
ExtUtils-Depends0.205A library for easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions
ExtUtils-PkgConfig1.07A library which converts Perl XS code into C code
File-Next1.02File finding module
Getopt-Long2.37Extended processing of command line options
Lexical-Persistence0.97Persistent lexical variable values for arbitrary calls.
Module-Refresh0.13Refresh %INC files when updated on disk.
PEAR-Archive_Tar1.3.2Tar file management class
PEAR-Auth1.6.1A class for creating an authentication system
PEAR-Auth_HTTP2.1.6HTTP authentication
PEAR-Auth_PrefManager1.1.4Preferences management class
PEAR-Auth_SASL1.0.2Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
PEAR-Cache1.5.5_rc4A class for caching arbitrary data
PEAR-Cache_Lite1.7.4Fast and Safe little cache system
PEAR-Calendar0.5.3A package for building Calendar data structures
PEAR-Config1.10.11A class for creating/reading and editing configuration files.
PEAR-Console_Color1.0.2This Class allows you to easily use ANSI console colors in your application.
PEAR-Console_Table1.0.7Class that makes it easy to build console style tables
PEAR-Crypt_CHAP1.0.1Generating CHAP packets
PEAR-Crypt_HMAC1.0.1A class to calculate RFC 2104 compliant hashes
PEAR-Crypt_RC41.0.2Encryption class for RC4 encryption
PEAR-DB1.7.12Database abstraction layer
PEAR-DB_DataObject1.8.5An SQL Builder, Object Interface to Database Tables
PEAR-Date1.4.7Generic date/time handling class for PEAR
PEAR-File1.2.2Common file and directory rutins
PEAR-File_Archive1.5.3Lets you manipulate easily the tar, gz, tgz, bz2, tbz, zip, ar (or deb) files
PEAR-File_Find1.3.0A Class the facilitates the search of filesystems
PEAR-File_Fortune0.9.2File_Fortune and File_Fortune_Writer provide an interface for reading from and writing to fortune files
PEAR-File_Gettext0.4.0GNU Gettext file parser
PEAR-File_Passwd1.1.6Manipulate many kinds of password files
PEAR-File_SMBPasswd1.0.2Class for managing SAMBA style password files
PEAR-HTML_AJAX0.5.1PHP and JavaScript AJAX library
PEAR-HTML_BBCodeParser1.2.2Converts BBCode to HTML code
PEAR-HTML_Common1.2.3HTML_Common is a base class for other HTML classes
PEAR-HTML_Common20.3.0Base class for other HTML classes
PEAR-HTML_Javascript1.1.1Provides an interface for creating simple JS scripts
PEAR-HTML_QuickForm3.2.8HTML_QuickForm package provides methods for creating, validating, processing HTML forms
PEAR-HTML_QuickForm_Controller1.0.7The add-on to HTML_QuickForm package that allows building of multipage forms
PEAR-HTML_QuickForm_ElementGrid0.1.0_alpha1An HTML_QuickForm meta-element which holds any other element in a grid
PEAR-HTML_Table1.8.1HTML_Table makes the design of HTML tables easy, flexible, reusable and efficient
PEAR-HTML_Table_Matrix1.0.9Autofill a table with data
PEAR-HTML_Template_Flexy1.2.5An extremely powerful Tokenizer driven Template engine
PEAR-HTML_Template_IT1.2.1Integrated Templates
PEAR-HTML_Template_Sigma1.1.5An implementation of Integrated Templates API with template 'compilation' added
PEAR-HTML_TreeMenu1.2.0Provides an api to create a HTML tree
PEAR-HTTP1.4.0Miscellaneous HTTP utilities
PEAR-HTTP_Client1.1.1Easy way to perform multiple HTTP requests and process their results
PEAR-HTTP_Download1.1.2Send HTTP Downloads
PEAR-HTTP_Header1.2.0OO interface to modify and handle HTTP headers and status codes.
PEAR-HTTP_Request1.4.2Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
PEAR-HTTP_Session0.5.5Object-oriented interface to the session_* family functions
PEAR-HTTP_Upload0.9.1Easy and secure managment of files submitted via HTML Forms
PEAR-HTTP_WebDAV_Server1.0.0_rc4WebDAV Server Baseclass
PEAR-I18N0.8.6Internationalization package
PEAR-Image_Canvas0.3.1A class for image drawing
PEAR-Image_Color1.0.2Manage and handles color data and conversions
PEAR-Image_Graph0.7.2A package for displaying (numerical) data as a graph/chart/plot
PEAR-Image_GraphViz1.2.1Interface to ATT 's GraphViz tools
PEAR-Image_IPTC1.0.2Extract, modify, and save IPTC data
PEAR-Log1.11.0Logging utilities
PEAR-MDB1.3.0Merge of the PEAR DB and Metabase php database abstraction layers.
PEAR-MDB22.4.1Merge of the PEAR DB and Metabase php database abstraction layers, version 2.
PEAR-MDB2_Driver_mysql1.4.1MDB2 MySQL Driver
PEAR-MDB2_Driver_mysqli1.4.1MDB2 MySQLi Driver
PEAR-MDB2_Driver_oci81.4.1oci8 MDB2 driver
PEAR-MDB2_Driver_pgsql1.4.1pgsql MDB2 driver
PEAR-MDB2_Driver_sqlite1.4.1sqlite MDB2 driver
PEAR-MIME_Type1.0.0Utility class for dealing with MIME types
PEAR-Mail1.1.14Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
PEAR-Mail_Mime1.4.0Provides classes to create and decode mime messages
PEAR-Math_Stats0.9.0_beta3Classes to calculate statistical parameters
PEAR-Net_CheckIP1.2.1Check the syntax of IPv4 addresses
PEAR-Net_DIME0.3Net_DIME class implements DIME encoding
PEAR-Net_DNS1.0.0Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server
PEAR-Net_DNSBL1.2.1Checks if a given Host or URL is listed on an DNS-based Blackhole List
PEAR-Net_FTP1.3.2A class to use ftp commands
PEAR-Net_IMAP1.1.0_beta1Provides an implementation of the IMAP protocol
PEAR-Net_IPv41.3.0IPv4 network calculations and validation.
PEAR-Net_LMTP1.0.1Provides an implementation of the RFC2033 LMTP protocol
PEAR-Net_POP31.3.6Provides a POP3 class to access POP3 server
PEAR-Net_Ping2.4.1A class for executing ping
PEAR-Net_SMTP1.3.1An implementation of the SMTP protocol
PEAR-Net_Server1.0.2Generic server class
PEAR-Net_Sieve1.1.5Handles talking to timsieved
PEAR-Net_SmartIRC1.0PHP class for communication with IRC networks
PEAR-Net_Socket1.0.8Class interface to TCP sockets
PEAR-Net_URL1.0.15A simple class for parsing URLS
PEAR-Net_UserAgent_Detect2.2.0Determines the Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string
PEAR-Numbers_Roman1.0.1Provides methods for converting to and from Roman Numerals
PEAR-Numbers_Words0.15.0A class for spelling numerals in words
PEAR-OLE0.5Package for reading and writing OLE containers
PEAR-PHP_Archive0.10.0_alpha1Create and Use PHP Archive files
PEAR-Pager2.4.3Data paging class
PEAR-SOAP0.9.4SOAP Client/Server for PHP
PEAR-Services_Amazon0.7.0Provides access to Amazon's retail and associate web services
PEAR-Services_W3C_HTMLValidator0.2.0An Object Oriented Interface to the W3C HTML Validator service.
PEAR-Services_Weather1.4.0This class acts as an interface to various online weather-services.
PEAR-Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer0.9.1Package for generating Excel spreadsheets
PEAR-System_Command1.0.5PEAR::System_Command is a commandline execution interface
PEAR-Text_Diff1.0.0Engine for performing and rendering text diffs
PEAR-Translation22.0.0_beta12Class for multilingual applications management
PEAR-Validate0.7.0Validation class
PEAR-XML_Beautifier1.1Class to format XML documents
PEAR-XML_Parser1.2.7XML Parsing class
PEAR-XML_RSS0.9.10RSS Parser
PEAR-XML_Serializer0.18.0A simple class for reading and writing xml files
PEAR-XML_Util1.1.4XML utiliy class
PEAR1.5.4PEAR Base Class
PadWalker1.7Play with other peoples' lexical variables
Pmw1.3.2A toolkit for building high-level compound widgets in Python using the Tkinter module
PyCg0.14.1Python bindings for NVIDIA's Cg library
PyGLEW0.1.2Python bindings for the GLEW (OpenGL Extension Wrangler library)
PyGPU0.2.0An embedded language in Python, that allow most of Python features to be used for constructing GPU algorithms
PyODE1.2.0PyODE bindings for ODE.
PyOpenGL3.0.0_alpha6OpenGL bindings for Python
PyProtocols0.9.3Adapter/protocol framework for Python
PyQwt5.0.1PyQwt is a set of Python bindings for the Qwt C++ class library which extends the Qt framework with widgets for scientific and engineering applications.
Q7Z0.6.3KDE frontend for 7z compressed files
QtCurve-Gtk20.59.0This is a set of widget styles for GTK2 based apps.
QtCurve-KDE30.59.0This is a set of widget styles for KDE based apps.
QtTube0.1Graphical application to download videos from YouTube.
SilverCity0.9.7A lexical analyser for many languages
SoQt1.4.1SoQt provides the glue between Systems in Motion's Coin high-level 3D visualization library and Trolltech's Qt 2D user interface library.
Sys-Syslog0.24An interface to the UNIX syslog(3) program.
Term-ReadLine1.0302Console display Perl library
Terminal0.2.8Terminal for XFCE
Test-Number-Delta1.03Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance
Test-Simple0.74Test::Simple, basic utilities for writing tests
Thunar0.9.0Xfce file manager
Time-modules2006.0814A Date/Time Parsing Perl Module
X100.03Modules for communicating with X10 devices
XML-Simple2.14XML::Simple perl module
XML-Writer0.602XML Writer Perl Module
abakus0.91Abakus is a simple calculator for KDE
abiword2.4.6Fully featured yet light and fast cross platform word processor
abook0.6.0_pre2Is a text-based addressbook program designed to use with mutt mail client
acetoneiso6.7An ISO-Tool program for KDE
ack1.76Grep-like text finder
acpitool0.4.7Linux ACPI client
agave0.4.1Agave is a very simple application that allows you to generate a variety of colorschemes from a single starting color
aircrack-ng1.0_rc1Aircrack is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover keys once enough data packets have been captured
akamaru0.0_20071223Simple but fun, physics engine prototype.
alloyon0.2Kde window decoration
amarokFS0.5A full screen front end for Amarok
amaya9.99Amaya is a Web editor, a tool used to create and update documents directly on the Web.
amsn-emerald-theme2.0Emerald skin for amsn
amsn-live-theme1.0Live skin for amsn
amsn-plugins0.0_20070521Various plugins for aMSN
amule2.1.3aMule, the all-platform eMule p2p client
amulecmd2.1.3aMule, the all-platform eMule p2p client
amuleweb2.1.3aMule, the all-platform eMule p2p client
amyedit1.0A LaTeX editor
anjuta2.4.2Versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++ on GNU/Linux
antlr2.7.7A parser generator for Java
aqsis1.2.0A high-quality RenderMan compliant REYES render engine
atool0.35.0The script for managing file archives of various types
aucdtect0.8.2CD Authenticity Detector
audacious-plugins1.5.0Plugins for Audacious
audacious1.5.0A versatile and handy media player
audiokonverter5.5Audiokonverter is a small utility to easily convert sound files.
autogen5.9.5A tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text
autopano-sift2.4Autopano-SIFT is a helper program for panorama image generation.
avogadro0.2.0Avogadro is an advanced molecular editor
azureus3.0.5.2Java BitTorrent Client
baghira0.8Baghira KDE Theme
bio2jack0.9A library for porting blocked I/O OSS/ALSA audio applications to JACK
bioclipse1.1.3A framework for chemo- and bioinformatics using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP).
bkchem0.12.0A free chemical drawing program
blas3.1.1Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
bluefish1.0.7Bluefish is a powerful editor for experienced web designers and programmers
bmpx0.36.1GTK2 and Xine based media player.
boa-constructor0.6.1A RAD GUI Building IDE for wxPython.
boncuk-dict0.1.1Dictionary for Boncuk
boncuk0.7Simple English-Turkish dictionary
boxes1.1A utility for drawing boxes around the given texts.
brlcad7.10.4Is a powerful cross-platform constructive solid geometry solid modeling system that includes an interactive geometry editor, ray-tracing for rendering geometric analyses, network distributed framebuffer support, image signal-processing tools
bygfoot2.2.0Bygfoot is a football management game for Linux
cairo-dock-plugins1.5.3_20080314Plugins for cairo-dock
cairo-dock-themes1.5.3_20080314Themes for cairo-dock
cairo-dock1.5.3_20080314An AIGLX dock with physics
cairo-perl1.045Perl bindings to the cairo graphics library
calcoo1.3.18Scientific Calculator
calcurse2.0A text-based calendar and scheduling application
camstream0.27_20070511A webcam streaming image viewer
caps0.0_20060612Support library that allows third party applications access and use C.A.P.S. images
ccrtp1.6.0GNU ccRTP is an implementation of RTP, the real-time transport protocol from the IETF
ccsm0.7.6Contains a gui configuration tool
cdcat1.01bA catalog program which scans the directories/drives
centerim4.22.5Console ncurses based IM client
cfitsio3.060C and Fortran library for manipulating FITS files
cgkit2.0.0_alpha7Python library for creating 3D images.
cgoban1.9.14A go game
clearsilver0.10.5Clearsilver is a fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system.
codeine1.0.1KDE media player developed for simplicity
coin2.5.0Coin3D is a high-level 3D graphics toolkit, fully compatible with SGI Open Inventor 2.1.
colordiff1.0.7Colour-highlighted diff output
comedi0.7.75Comedi is a collection of drivers for a variety of common data acquisition plug-in boards.
comedi_calibrate1Comedi_calibrate is calibrations tools for the Comedi data acquisition driver
comedilib0.8.1Comedilib is the library for the Comedi data acquisition driver for Linux
comix3.6.4A GTK handle comic books image viewer
commoncpp21.6.1GNU Common C++ is a C++ framework.
commons-beanutils1.7.0Jakarta-Commons Beanutils Component
commons-codec1.3Commons Codec provides implementations of common encoders and decoders such as Base64, Hex, Phonetic and URLs.
commons-collections3.2Jakarta-Commons Collections Component
commons-daemon1.0.1Tools to allow java programs to run as unix daemons
commons-dbcp1.2.2Jakarta-Commons component providing general purpose object pooling API
commons-digester1.8Jakarta-Commons component providing XML parsing and XML to
Java Object mapping
commons-el1.0EL is the JSP 2.0 Expression Language Interpreter from Apache.
commons-fileupload1.2File upload module for servlet applications
commons-httpclient3.0.1HTTP client support for servlet programs
commons-io1.3.2Commons IO is a library of utilities to assist with developing IO functionality
commons-launcher1.1The Launcher Component is designed to be a cross platform Java application launcher.
commons-logging1.1Jakarta-Commons Logging Component
commons-modeler2.0The Modeler component of the Jakarta Commons for Model MBeans (management beans) support
commons-pool1.3Jakarta-Commons component providing general purpose object pooling API
compiz-bcop0.7.6Compiz option code generator
compiz-emerald-themes0.6.99_20080218Several Emerald themes for Compiz Fusion
compiz-emerald0.7.6Window decorator of Compiz Fusion
compiz-fusion-icon0.1.0_20080218Program that manages the compiz fusion on system tray.
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra0.7.6Plugins extra for Compiz Fusion
compiz-fusion-plugins-main0.7.6Collection of Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz
compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported0.7.6Plugins unsupported for Compiz Fusion.
compiz-fusion0.7.63D composite and window manager
compiz-manager0.6.0_20080218Starting script for compiz
compizconfig-backend-kconfig0.7.6Window manager decoration like default Kwin decoration
compizconfig-python0.7.6Python bindings for libcompizconfig
conky1.5.1An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X.
conversion-tools1.1Conversion tools service menu for KDE
convertlit1.8CLit converts MS ebook .lit files to .opf (xml+html+png+jpg)
convmv1.12Convert filenames to utf8 or any other charset
cppunit1.12.0CppUnit is the C++ port of the famous JUnit framework for unit testing.
cpulimit1.1Limits the CPU usage of a process
cream0.39A modern configuration of the powerful and famous Vim
cssed0.4.0An application to help create and maintain CSS style sheets
ctorrent1.3.4BitTorent client
ctronome0.5.1Console based metronome
ctypes1.0.1ctypes is an advanced ffi (Foreign Function Interface) package for Python 2.3 and higher
cython0.9.6.8C extensions for the Python
d-feet0.1.8_20080422D-Bus debugger written in PyGtk
d4x2.5.7.1GTK based download manager for X
dabo0.8.33-tier desktop application runtime framework
dar2.3.6A tool that backs up directory trees and files
dark-oberon1.0.2_rc1Warcraft II like real-time strategy game.
dbf0.9.0An easy-to-use command line tool to show and convert the content of xBASE files.
dbh4.5.0DBH Disk based hashes is a method to create multidimensional binary trees on disk
dclib0.3.16Library for valknut
dekorator0.3KDE window decoration engine
denemo0.7.6An easy-to-use graphical music nonator.
desktop-file-utils0.15Command line utilities to work with desktop menu entries
destick0.3This is a desktop metronome that is designed to just work.
deveditor0.3Experimental programmer's editor.
dia0.96.1Diagramming tool
diskmonitor0.4.1A simple kicker disk monitor
dmraid1.0.0_rc14Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool and library
dmz-aa-xcursor0.4DMZ-AA X11 mouse theme cursors
dmz-xcursor0.4DMZ X11 mouse theme cursors
dolphin0.8.2KDE file manager focused on usability
drpython1.65A powerful cross-platform IDE for Python
dxflib2.0.4.8An open source C++ library mainly for parsing DXF files
dynagen0.10.1Dynagen is a front-end for use with the Dynamips Cisco router emulator.
dynagui0.4Gui for dynamips.
dynamips0.2.8_rc2Cisco rooter simulator
e-uae0.8.29The Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator with an emulation core largely based on WinUAE
e_utils0.0.1_20060926Menu editor for enlightenment e17
easytag2.1.5Audio File Tag Viewer/Editor
ecamegapedal0.4.4A real-time effect processor software
ecasound2.4.5A software package designed for multitrack audio processing
eclair0.0.1.20060926EFL powered media player
eclipse-ecj3.3.1Eclipse Compiler for Java
ecore0.9.9.037core event abstraction layer and X abstraction layer (nice convenience library
edb1.0.5.007EDB, The Emacs Database
editassu0.4Service menu for KDE to edit text files with root permissions.
edje0.5.0.037graphical layout and animation library
eet0.9.10.037E file chunk reading/writing library
eigen1.0.5Eigen is a lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a. linear algebra.
elation0.0.1.001_20060926e17 media player
elisa-plugins-bad0.3.5Elisa plugins bad bundle
elisa-plugins-good0.3.5Elisa plugins good bundle
elisa0.3.5Elisa is an open source cross platform media center solution.
elixir0.5.2Declarative Mapper for SQLAlchemy
emacs-cvs23.0.0An extensible display editor
embryo0.9.1.037load and control programs compiled in small
emesene0.0_20071212Platform independent instant messaging client for the Windows Live Messenger (tm) network
emotion0.0.1.20060926Video libraries for e17
enblend3.0Enblend is a tool for compositing images
enemy-territory2.60A Multiplayer fps game
engrave0.1.0_20060926library for editing the contents of edje files
enlightenment0.16.999.037Enlightenment Window Manager
enterminus0.1_20060926An EFL Based Terminal
epeg0.9.0.007wicked fast jpeg thumbnail generator
epsilon0.3.0.007nice thumbnail generator
eric44.1.0Full featured Python IDE
esmart0.9.0.007A collection of evas smart objects
eterm-bg0.9.4Background files for Eterm
eterm0.9.4A vt102 terminal emulator for X
etk0.1.0.002_20060926Toolkit based on the EFL
etl0.04.11Extended Template Library
evas0.9.9.037Hardware-accelerated canvas API
evfs20060926Enlightenment File Daemon
evince0.9.0Simple document viewer for Gnome
ewl0.0.4.007simple-to-use general purpose widget library
exhibit0.9.8_20060926E image browser
exo0.3.4XFCE extension library
extcalc0.9.1Extcalc is a scientfic graphic calculator for Linux
fceultra0.98.12NES and Famicom emulator
fet5.4.17FET is open source/free software for automatically scheduling the timetable of a school, high-school or university
figlet222Program for making large letters out of ordinary text
filezilla3.0.3Simple FTP Client.
finger-server0.17Finger daemon and client
finger0.17Finger client
fingerprint0.4.2FingerPrint KSplash Theme
firefoxqs0.1.3Quickstarter is an small kde utility that runs in the system tray and runs a hidden instance of Mozilla/Firefox.
firestarter1.0.3A GTK based firewall
fish1.23.0A user friendly command line shell
fityk0.8.4A program for nonlinear fitting of analytical functions (especially peak-shaped) to data (usually experimental data).
flashrom0.0_20070704Utility to flash BIOS
flickrapi0.14Flicker python bindings
fontmatrix0.4.1Font manager
fparser2.51Function parser for C++
fping2.42_beta2A utility to ping multiple hosts at once
fprint_demo0.3A simple GTK+ application to demonstrate and test libfprint's capabilities
freefont20060126Free UCS fonts
freehdl0.0.6A free VHDL simulator.
freemind0.8.1Mind-mapping software written in Java
freeverb32.1.4A sound processing library
freevo1.7.5Digital video jukebox
fuseiso0.0_20070708a FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images
gajim0.11.4Jabber/Msn/Irc/Icq client written in PyGTK
gamin0.1.9File Alteration Monitor Library
gammu1.20.0GNU All Mobile Management Utilities
ganttproject2.0.6Gantt diagram creator
gazpacho0.7.2Glade-like gtk interface designer
gcc-snapshot4.3.0_20071120The GNU Compiler Collection snapshot. Includes C/C++,Fortran,ObjC compilers
gcompris8.4.2Full featured educational application for children from 2 to 10
gconf2.22.0Gnome Configuration System
gconfmm2.20.0C++ bindings for GConf
gdal1.4.4GDAL is a translator library for raster geospatial data formats (includes OGR support)
gdata-python-client1.0.12A simple protocol for reading and writing data on the web.
gdl0.7.8Gnome devtool libraries
geany0.14Fast and lightweight programming tool using GTK2
geda-docs1.4.0Documentation for gEDA
geda-examples1.4.0Schematic/PCB examples for gEDA
geda-gattrib1.4.0Gattrib is gEDA's attribute editor.
geda-gnetlist1.4.0gnetlist is a netlist generation program for gEDA.
geda-gschem1.4.0gschem is the schematic capture program/tool which is part of gEDA.
geda-gsymcheck1.4.0gsymcheck is the symbol checker for the gEDA/gaf system.
geda-symbols1.4.0Schematic symbols for gEDA, which are abstract representations of the physical components used in electronic circuits.
geda-utils1.4.0Several utilities for gEDA.
gedit-plugins2.22.1Plugins for Gedit
gedit2.22.1A text editor for the GNOME desktop
genchemlab1.0General Chemistry Lab Simulator
geoip-python1.2.1GeoIP Python API
geos3.0.0_rc5Geometry Engine - Open Source
gerbv2.0.1Gerber file viewer for PCB design
getmail4.8.1Mail retriever with support for POP3, IMAP4 and SDPS
gifsicle1.48Command-line tool for GIF images
gimmix0.4.2Graphical music player daemon (MPD) client written in C using GTK+2
gimp-greycstoration2.6A gimp plug-in using open source algorithm for image denoising and interpolation.
ginac1.3.9C++ library for symbolic mathematical calculations.
gips0.7Graphical program that calculates the isotopic distribution of a given chemical formula.
gksu2.0.0Gtk+ frontend to su and sudo
glade3.4.4GTK Form Designer
glchess1.0.62D/3D Chess Interface
glib2-perl1.164Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries
glipper0.95.1Clipboard manager for Gnome
gmm3.0C++ template library
gnaural0.4.20A programmable audio generator intended as an aural aid to meditation
gnet2.0.7a simple network library
gngeo0.7Neogeo emulator
gnome-bluetooth0.8.0Gnome2 Bluetooth integration suite
gnome-build0.2.0The Gnome Build Framework
gnome-common2.18.0Common files for development of Gnome packages
gnome-cups-manager0.31Gnome Cups printer management interface
gnome-doc-utils0.12.0A collection of documentation utilities for the Gnome project
gnome-icon-theme2.22.0GNOME 2 default icon themes
gnome-keyring2.22.3Password and keyring managing daemon
gnome-mime-data2.18.0MIME data for Gnome
gnome-python-desktop2.22.0Python bindings for Gnome desktop libraries
gnome-python-extras2.14.3Extra Gnome2 bindings for python
gnome-python2.22.0GNOME 2 bindings for Python
gnome-vfs2.22.0Gnome Virtual Filesystem
gnomebaker0.6.4GTK2/Gnome cd burning application
gnonlin0.10.9A library built on top of GStreamer for writing non-linear audio and video editing applications
gnucap0.35GNU Circuit Analysis Package
gnuitar0.3.2This is a program for real-time sound effect processing
gob2.0.14Preprocessor for making GTK+ objects with inline C code
google-ctemplate0.8CTemplate is a simple but powerful template for C++
google-perftools0.97Google Performance Tools
google-sparsehash1.0An extremely memory-efficient hash_map implementation
gossip0.29Lightweight Jabber client for GNOME
gperiodic2.0.10A(nother) periodic table application
gphpedit0.9.91PHP/HTML/CSS Development Environment
gpsbabel1.3.6GPS and Map Format Convertor
gquilt0.20gquilt is a PyGTK GUI wrapper for quilt
grace5.1.21WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Window System
gramps2.2.8GRAMPS is a genealogy program
grass-sample-data6.2GRASS sample data files
grass6.3.0_rc3Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
gretl-emacs1.7.5Gretl module for Emacs
gretl1.7.5A cross-platform software package for econometric analysis
gst-python0.10.9GStreamer python bindings
gthumb2.10.8Image viewer for Gnome Desktop
gtk-gnutella0.96.5A GTK+ Gnutella client
gtk2-engines-murrine0.53.1Gtk+ murrine theme engine.
gtk2-engines-xfce2.4.2GTK+ XFCE theme engine
gtk2-ex-formfactory-perl0.65A perl module for building complex GUI's easy
gtk2-perl1.164Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library
gtkglext1.2.0OpenGL extension to GTK+
gtkhtml22.6.3Html rendering library for Gnome, version 2
gtkhtml33.18.2Lightweight HTML Rendering/Printing/Editing Engine
gtksourceview2.2.1A text widget implementing syntax highlighting and other features
gtkterm0.99.5A serial port terminal written in GTK+, similar to Windows' HyperTerminal
gtkwave3.1.10A wave viewer for LXT, LXT2, VZT, GHW and standard Verilog VCD/EVCD files
gtmess-sound1.0Sound files for gtmess
gtmess0.94A console based MSN Messenger application
gtranslator1.1.7Gettext po file editor for Gnome
gts0.7.6GNU Triangulated Surface Library
hamlib1.2.6.2A radio control library
hangman0.9.2The classic word guessing game
hawknl1.70_beta1Hawk Network Library
hearts1.98Hearts card game
herrie2.1Minimalistic music player that uses the command line
hicolor-icon-theme0.10The default icon theme that all icon themes automatically inherit from
hk-classes0.8.3Rapid database application development library for KDE.
homebank3.8Personal finance software
hteditor2.0.10HT is a file editor/viewer/analyzer for executables
htop0.7Interactive text-mode process viewer
hugin0.7_beta4an easy to use cross-platform GUI for Panorama Tools.
hwreport0.9.4A hardware compatibility report tool
iat0.1.3Iso9660 Analyzer Tool
icon-naming-utils0.8.6Icon naming utils
imageshack-upload0.5A service menu for host images on Imageshack.
imaj-at1.1A service menu for host images on .
imlib1.9.15Image loading and rendering library
imlib2_loaders1.2.2.001image loader plugins for Imlib 2
inchi1.02_beta1A non-proprietary identifier for chemical substances
ipc1.4Program that calculates the isotopic distribution of a given chemical formula.
irssi0.8.12textUI IRC client
isomaster1.3.1GTK2 (bootable) CD ISO Image editor.
itcl3.3_20071111Object Oriented Enhancements for Tcl/Tk
itk3.3_20071111Object Oriented Enhancements for Tcl/Tk
iverilog0.8.6Icarus Verilog is a Verilog simulation and synthesis tool.
jabbin2.0_beta2Jabbin is an Open Source Jabber client program that allows free PC to PC calls using the VoIP system over the Jabber network
jabref2.2A graphical application for managing bibliographical databases
jack-rack1.4.6JACK Rack is an effects "rack" for the JACK low latency audio API.
jboss44.2.2JBoss J2EE Application Server
jedit4.3_pre9Programmer's editor written in Java
jetspeed-portlet-api1.0Jetspeed 2 Portlet API implementation of JSR 168
jokosher0.9A simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker
josm1.5_p655Open Street Map (OSM) Offline Editor
k3d0.6.6.0A free 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system
k3guitune1.01Musical instrument tuner
k9copy1.2.3Small utility to copy DVD's on Linux
kaa-base0.1.3The Kaa Media Repository is a set of python modules related to media.
kaa-imlib20.2.1Imlib2 wrapper for python.
kaa-metadata0.6.1A powerful media metadata parser
kadu0.6.0QT client for popular in Poland Gadu-Gadu IM network
kalbum0.8.0A photo album generator for KDE 3.x
kalgebra0.5KAlgebra is a MathML-based graph calculator.
kasablanca0.4.0.2Fast and free FTP client for KDE.
katephpbrowser0.1_beta1Kate PHP browser plugin
kbackup0.5.4KBackup is a program that lets you back up any directories or files
kbfx0. alternative K-Menu
kbibtex0.2.1A BibTeX editor for KDE to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX
kblogger0.7_beta3KBlogger is a simple to use blogging application for the K Destkop Environment
kbloggersidebar0.3KBloggersidebar is a simple to use blogging application for the Konqueror
kcheckgmail0.5.7.4GMail notifier for KDE
kdesvn0.14.4Kde graphical Svn client
kdevisualboyadvance0.3_beta1KDE frontend for VisualBoy Advance
kdiff30.9.92Advanced Diff tool
kdmtheme1.1.3KDM theme manager
keepassx0.3.1KeePassX is an application for people with extremly high demands on secure personal data management.
kenvy24gui1.0aVIA Envy24 based sound cards control utility, for the KDE environment
kfuseiso0.0_20070117Small set of modules to help access ISO image files
kgmailnotifier0.4_beta2Gmail notifier applet for KDE
kguitar0.5KGuitar project was started for developing an efficient and easy-to-use environment for a guitarist
kiba-dbus-plugins0.0_20071223Plugins for kiba-dock
kiba-dock0.0_20080120An AIGLX dock with physics
kiba-pidgin-plugin0.0_20071223Pidgin plugin for kiba-dock
kiba-plugins0.0_20071223Plugins for kiba-dock
kicad0.0_20070702Electronic schematic and PCB design tools
kim0.9.5Kim is a kde service menu which allows to resize, convert, rotate, (...) your images without to use a graphical application like Gimp ! This service menu can be considered as a frontend of ImageMagick
kima0.7.4CPU information display for KDE
kino1.3.0Kino is a non-linear DV editor for GNU/Linux
kiosktool1.0KDE Kiosk GUI Admin Tool
kirocker4.0It is a Kicker applet that displays what you listen to in Amarok
kismet200805802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system.
kiwi1.9.19Pure Python framework and set of enhanced PyGTK widgets
kkeyled0.8.11KDE panel tray widget which displays the LED states of the keyboard
klcddimmer0.3A KDE Applet to adjust LCD brightness
kleansweep0.2.9An unneeded file finder
klearnnotes21.2KLearnNotes2 is a program which can help you learn music notes' names fast and easily.
klibido0.2.5A KDE usenet news grabber for Linux.
klineakconfig0.8_beta2KDE frontend for lineak
klogoturtle0.6Logo programming launguage tool for Kde
klogshow1.0.3A tool that used to display the last few lines of a text files on your desktop.
kmess1.5.1MSN Messenger clone for KDE
kmetabar0.2_beta2Kmetabar is version of the metabar
kmetronome0.8.0Metronome application for KDE
kmobiletools0.5_beta3Kde Mobile Tool
kmymoney0.8.7Personal Finances Manager for KDE
knemo0.4.8KDE Network Monitor
knmap2.1Knmap is a graphical front end to the nmap "Network exploration tool and security scanner"
knoda0.8.3Knoda is a database frontend for KDE
komparator0.8KDE application that searches and synchronizes two directories
kontrollerlab0.7.1A tool which can be used for developing microcontroller software.
kooldock0.4.7A kool dock for KDE.
kotaci0.6ADSL quota viewer for Turkey
koverartist0.5KoverArtist is a program for the fast creation of covers for cd/dvd cases and boxes.
kpager20.6.0bAlternative kde pager with advanced features
kpassdns0.6DNS file editor
kpaste0.5A python script that allows you to paste something to
kplayer0.6.3Media Player for Linux
krdm1.6KDE remote desktop manager
krusader1.90.0Advanced KDE twin-panel(commander-style) file-manager
ksimus-boolean0.3.6The package Boolean contains some boolean components for KSimus.
ksimus-datarecorder0.3.6The package Data Recorder contains some components which record data for KSimus.
ksimus-floatingpoint0.3.6The package Floating Point contains some floating point related components for KSimus.
ksimus0.3.6.2KSimus is a KDE tool for simulation, automatization and visualization of technical processes.
kskippingstones0.1Jump neighboring stones over one another
ksmoothdock4.5Dock program for KDE with smooth parabolic zooming
ksniffer0.3.2The network sniffing application for KDE
ksquirrel-libs0.8.0library for KSquirrel
ksquirrel0.8.0KSquirrel is an image viewer for KDE with disk navigator,
kstreamripper0.3.4Streamripper GUI for KDE
kthinkbat0.2.9Laptop battery monitor for the KDE-Kicker
ktu0.0.3A tool to fetch and edit KDE translations from SVN
kuftp1.5.0KuFtp is a graphical FTP client for the K Desktop Environment
kvirc3.4.0An advanced IRC Client
kvkbd0.4.7A nice virtual keyboard for KDE. Have systray and dockwidget
kvm-convert0.2.1Kvm, service menu for ffmpeg.
kxgenerator0.3.7XorgConf Editor
kxmleditor1.1.4KDE xml editor
kxstitch0.8KXStitch is a program that lets you create cross stitch patterns and charts
kyamo0.40_alpha4Music collection organizer
laora1.0.6KDE theme
lapack3.1.1Linear Algebra PACKage
lexmark-z7001.1.1Lexmark z700 printer drivers
lft2.5Layer four traceroute application
libBSUtilities0.6.1This software provides some utility functions
libanyevent-perl2.9AnyEvent - provide framework for multiple event loops
libast0.7LIBrary of Assorted Spiffy Things
libaudacious1.5.0Package that contains library and header files for Audacious
libbinio1.4Binary I/O stream class library
libbonobo2.22.0GNOME CORBA framework
libbonoboui2.22.0User Interface part of libbonobo
libbtctl0.8.2A GObject wrapper for Bluetooth functionality
libcompizconfig0.7.6Library for compiz-fusion
libconfuse2.5Configuration file parser library
libdbf0.0.1xBASE files library
libevent-execflow-perl0.63High level API for event-based execution flow control
libevent-perl1.10Event loop processing module in Perl
libevent-rpc-perl0.90Event::RPC - Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework
libflaim4.8.61FLAIM is an embeddable cross-platform database engine that provides a rich, powerful, easy-to-use feature set
libfprint0.0.6An open source software library designed to make it easy for application developers to add support for consumer fingerprint readers to their software
libgeda1.4.0This library provides functions needed for the gEDA core suite
libgeotiff1.2.4Library for reading TIFF files with embedded tags for geographic (cartographic) information
libgig3.2.0C++ library for loading Gigasampler files
libgksu2.0.7Library for GKSu
libglademm2.6.2C++ binding for libglade
libgnome2.22.0Essential Gnome Libraries
libgnomecups0.2.2GNOME cups library
libgnomeprint2.18.4Gnome printer library
libgnomeprintui2.18.2User interface libraries for gnome print
libgnomeui2.22.01User Interface routines for Gnome
libgtop2.22.2A library that provides top functionality to applications
libifp1.0.0.2A general-purpose library-driver for iRiver's iFP (flash-based) portable audio players.
libinklevel0.7.3A library for checking the ink level of your printer on a system which runs Linux
libintl-perl1.16Perl internationalization library that aims to be compatible with the Uniforum message translations system
libjackasyn0.13An application/library for connecting OSS apps to Jackit
liblscp0.5.5C++ library for the Linux Sampler control protocol.
libmcs0.7.1MCS is a library and set of userland tools which abstract the storage of configuration settings away from userland applications.
libmms0.4Common library for accessing Microsoft Media Server (MMS) media streaming protocol
libmowgli0.6.1A development framework for C
libmpd0.15.0Client development library for MPD.
libnet1.1.2.1A packet construction library
libnl1.0_pre5libnl is a library for applications dealing with netlink sockets
libotr3.1.0Portable OTR (Off The Record) messaging library
libpano132.9.12The cross-platform library behind Panorama Tools and many other GUI photo stitchers
libpixman0.1.6A generic library fo manipulating pixel regions
libprojectM1.01An advanced MilkDrop-compatible music visualization library
libqglviewer2.2.6_3libQGLViewer is a C++ library based on Qt that eases the creation of OpenGL 3D viewers
libsift1.8This library is a 100% C# implementation of the SIFT algorithm ("Scale-Invariant Feature Transform") and additional matching algorithms.
libspiff0.8.4XSPF playlist reading and writing library
libsrcinst2.4Gnu Source Installer Library
libstroke0.5.1A Stroke and Gesture recognition Library
libtasn11.3A library providing ASN.1 structures parsing capabilities for use with GNUTLS
libtommath0.39highly optimized and portable routines for integer based number theoretic applications
libxfce4mcs4.4.2Xfce Multi Channel Setting library
libxfce4util4.4.2Xfce basic utility library.
libxfcegui44.4.2Xfce GUI library.
libxklavier3.5High level XKB library
libxmi1.2GNU libxmi is a C/C++ function library for rasterizing 2-D vector graphics.
libzrtpcpp0.9.0A separate extension package for CCRTP, which provides support for the ZRTP protocol.
licq-autoreply1.3.5Licq Autoresponder Plugin
licq-console1.3.5Licq console plugin
licq-forwarder1.3.5Licq e-mail forwarder plugin
licq-msn1.3.5Licq MSN plugin
licq-osd1.3.5Licq OSD plugin
licq-rms1.3.5Licq remote management (RMS) plugin
licq-web1.3.5Licq web interface plugin
licq1.3.5Multi-threaded / multi-protocol ICQ clone
liferea1.4.9News Aggregator for RDF/RSS/CDF/Atom/Echo/etc feeds
lilykde0.6.0Set of tools to integrate the LilyPond music typesetter into KDE
limewire4.18.2Java Gnutella client
lineakd0.8.4Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards
lintouch1.10Lintouch is an opensource HMI software.
linuxsampler0.5.0A software audio sampler engine with professional grade features
litconverter1.0Graphical User Interface for ConvertLit
lives0.9.8.9Linux Video Editing System
lmms0.3.2Linux Multimedia Studio
log4j1.2.14Java-based logging utility.
log4net1.2.9log4net is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets
logisim2.1.6An educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits
loki0.1.6A C++ library of designs, containing flexible implementations of common design patterns and idioms.
loudmouth1.3.4Lightweight C Jabber library
lsdvd0.16Utility for getting info out of DVDs
lynx2.8.6A console-based web browser
mailkount0.3.1MailKount is an applet for Kicker that regularly checks the number of mails on one or two pop/imap servers and sends notifications on new messages.
manencode1.0Manencode is a MANDVD module that prepares video to be DVD compliant.
marbles1.0.0.1Marbles is a simple game
massxpert1.7.0A mass spectrometry software for (bio-)polymers
mcabber0.9.7Mcabber is a small Jabber console client, maintained by Mikael BERTHE.
mconverter1.5Mulitmedia Converter Tool
merkaartor0.12Qt4 map editor for OpenStreetMap
metalik-splash1.0Metalik Splash Screen for Pardus
micq0.5.4.2Consol Based ICQ Client
milkytracker-xi1.0MilkyTracker instruments
milkytracker0.90.60Mod Tracker Music Design
miniracer1.04MiniRacer is an OpenGL car racing game, based on the Quake engine.
mit-scheme7.7.1MIT/GNU Scheme is an implementation of the Scheme programming language
mixminion0.0.8_alpha3Mixminion is the reference implementation of the Type III Anonymous Remailer protocol.
mm3d1.3.0Misfit Model 3D modeling application
mmtk2.4.10A library for molecular simulation applications
moc2.4.3Console audio player for Linux.
moodinkde0.4.2MoodinKDE KSplash Theme
mousepad0.2.13Small text editor for XFCE
mpc0.12.1Console client for mpd
mpd0.13.1Music Player Daemon (MPD) allows remote access for playing music (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, Mod, and wave files) and managing playlists.
mpg3210.2.10Free MP3 player
mplayer-skins20061208Mplayer skins
msmtp1.4.14A simple smtp client
mtaskbar0.7A beautiful taskbar for KDE's kicker
murrine0.1Xfwm theme for Murrine Engine
mutt1.5.18Text mode mail user agent
mypaint0.5.0Painting application
mysql-administrator1.2.12MySQL Server Administration Graphical User Interface
mysql-gui-common5.0_p12MySQL GUI Tools Common Library and Data
mysql-query-browser1.2.12MySQL Visual Query Tool
mysql-ruby2.7.4A Ruby extension library to use MySQL
mysql-workbench1.1.10MySQL Database Modelling Tool
mysqlcc0.9.8Mysql Database control interface
navilink1.1NaviGPS Data Transfer via Serial USB
ncmpc0.11.1Curses client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD).
netpanzer-data0.8.2Data files for netpanzer game
netpanzer0.8.2netPanzer is an online multiplayer tactical warfare game designed for FAST ACTION combat
newt0.52.2A windowing toolkit for text mode.
ng-spice-rework17Ngspice is a circuit simulator.
nltk-corpora0.8_beta1The data for the Natural Language Toolkit for Python
nltk0.8_beta2The data for the Natural Language Toolkit for Python
nrss0.4.0_beta4Console based RSS reader allowing uses to read and manage RSS feeds with a simple to use interface
numarray1.5.2Numarray is an array processing package designed to efficiently manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays
ocrad0.16OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
ogdi3.2.0_beta1OGDI is the Open Geographic Datastore Interface.
oorexx3.2.0An Open Source project managed by Rexx Language Association (RexxLA) providing a free implementation of Object Rexx
openbabel2.1.0Open Babel is a chemical toolbox.
openc60.9.9OpenC6 is a Linux and Mac OSX free instant messenger which implements the C6 protocol
openjms-bin0.7.7OpenJMS is an open source implementation of Sun Microsystems's Java Message Service API 1.1 Specification
openjpeg1.1.1JPEG2000 decoding library
openttd-scenarios0.5.0OpenTTD scenarios package
openttd0.6.3Reimplementation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe with enhancements
opera-i18n9.2.0Translation files for Opera
opera9.52Opera web browser
orage4.4.2A Calendar for Xfce
orbit22.14.12High-performance CORBA ORB
osh0.8.1Object Shell Environment for command choreography
ostbox0.3.7Full featured media center program. It's goal is to give you access to all kind of media (TV, EPG, music and photos collections, videos), using only a single remote.
pam_fprint0.2A simple PAM module to use a fingerprint instead of a password
pardus-tticonset1.0Pardus-tt icon theme
pate0.5.1Python programming language interface for Kate text editor
pathbar0.0.1GTK-like pathbar for Konqueror
pbzip21.0.2Parallel implementation of the bzip2
perlconsole0.3Console based perl compiler
pgadmin31.6.3wxWidgets GUI for PostgreSQL
phasex0.11.1An experimental software synthesizer for use with Linux/ALSA/JACK
phex3.2.0.102Gnutella client written in Java
phpmyadmin2.11.9.2Browser based MySQL Admin Tool
picard0.9.0Music tagging application
pida0.5.1An intergated development environment that reuses tools such as Vim, and all version control systems
pigment-python0.3.3Python bindings for Pigment.
pigment0.3.5Pigment is a GLib/GObject library library designed to easily build user interfaces with embedded multimedia
pisibul0.2.4A small, fast tool for searching pisi source files
planeshift-data0.4.00Data files for PlaneShift. You can not use this software if you don't agree to the following license. Do not install this software if you don't agree with the following license. Please, check the license from
planeshift0.4.00A 3D Fantasy MMORPG. You can not use this software if you don't agree to the following license. Do not install this software if you don't agree with the following license. Please, check the license from
poedit1.4.1A cross-platform Gettext catalogs (.po files) editor
polyxmass0.9.7Mass spectrometric software
postgis1.3.2Geographic Objects for PostgreSQL
pouetchess0.2.03D chess game
privoxy3.0.8A web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy against internet junk
procmail3.22Mail delivery agent/filter
proj4.5.0Proj.4 cartographic projection software with updated NAD27 grids
prokyon30.9.6Multithreaded music manager and tag editor based on Qt and MySQL
protoeditor1.1_beta3A small text editor developed for debugging scripts interactively
psi0.12Fast and lightweight jabber client
pureline0.1Windows (tm) Visual Style
pyMbus0.8.7The local Message Bus (Mbus) is a light-weight message-oriented coordination protocol for group communication between application components
pyNotifier0.3.9pyNotifier is a notifier/event scheduler abstraction written in python
pyRXP1.12_20070416pyRXP is a very fast validating parser for Python
pybluez0.14A python module allowing access to system Bluetooth resources.
pycha0.2.0_20071211A very simple Python package for drawing charts using the great Cairo library
pycups1.9.37Python interface to the CUPS API
pycurl7.15.5Python cURL Module
pyfits1.1PyFITS provides an interface to FITS formatted files under the Python scripting language and PyRAF, the Python-based interface to IRAF.
pygtkglext1.1.0Python bindings for GtkGLext
pygtksourceview2.2.0Python bindings of gtksourceview
pylirc0.0.5lirc module for Python
pyorbit2.14.3ORBit2 bindings for Python
pyquante1.5.1An open-source suite of programs for developing quantum chemistry methods
pyro3.7remote objects for Python
pyserial2.2Python Serial Port Extension
pysozluk1.1.1Online and Offline Dictionary
pytextile2.0.11A python implementation of Textile, Dean Allen's Human Text Generator. Textile simplifies the work of creating (X)HTML
python-gammu0.26Python bindings for Gammu library.
python-instant0.9.3A Python module that allows for instant inlining of C and C++ code in Python.
python-irclib0.4.6Python IRC client library
python-markdown1.6aThis is a Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown
python-mpd0.2.0An MPD (Music Player Daemon) client library written in pure Python.
python-twitter0.5A python wrapper around the Twitter API
python-xlrd0.6.1Pythoon bindings for extracting data from Microsoft Excel files.
python2-biggles1.6.5Python module for creating publication-quality 2D scientific plots
pyusb0.3.5PyUSB provides USB access on the Python language.
qca2-apidocs2.0.1Cryptographic Architecture for QT4
qca2-ossl2.0.0_beta3OpenSSL plugin for QCA2
qca22.0.1Cryptographic Architecture for QT4
qcad-partlibrary2.1.2.8Collection of CAD files that can be used from the library browser of QCad
qcad2.0.5.0A 2D CAD package
qcomicbook0.4.0An image viewer specifically designed to handle comic books
qconf1.3Autotools scripts generator for qmake-based projects
qdvdauthor1.0.0Qt based DVD tool
qedit2.1Qt Class Completer
qgis-sample-data0.7.4QGIS sample data files
qgis0.9.0Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a Geographic Information System (GIS)
qink0.3.4A simple printer ink level monitor based on libinklevel
qlandkarte0.7.2Garmin GPS Application
qmmp0.1.6An audio-player, written with help of Qt library.
qmpdclient1.0.8Graphical music player daemon (MPD) client written in Qt 4
qsampler0.1.5A LinuxSampler GUI front-end application written in C++
qscintilla2-python2.2QScintilla2 is a port to Qt4 of Neil Hodgson's Scintilla C++ editor class.
qscintilla22.2QScintilla2 is a port to Qt4 of Neil Hodgson's Scintilla C++ editor class.
qt-recordmydesktop0.3.7A graphical frontend for recordMyDesktop
qt_xhtmledit3.6Light html Wysiwyg editor.
qtfprot0.2.1A front-end for the fprot
qtpfsgui1.9.1Qtpfsgui is a Qt4 graphical user interface that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging.
qtscrobbler0.8Updates your profile using information from portable player
qtsozluk3.0Turkish-English Dictionary
qucs0.0.13Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is a Qt based circuit simulator
rapidsvn0.9.4GUI frontend to the Subversion revision system.
rapyd0.1.1Rapid python development with Tkinter
rasqal0.9.14Library that handles Resource Description Framework (RDF)
rawrec0.9.991CLI program to play and record audiofiles.
rawstudio1.0An open-source program to read and manipulate RAW images from most digital cameras
recoll1.10.0Personal full text search tool for Linux
recordmydesktop0.3.7.1Desktop recording tool
redland-bindings1.0.6.1Redland RDF Language Bindings
redland1.0.6High-level interface for the Resource Description Framework
renderPM0.9Extra rendering targets for Reportlab - image formats, EPS, SVG, etc.
revel1.1.0A library designed to be the shortest, simplest path between your application and high-quality well-compressed video output
rinetd0.62TCP redirector tool
risk1.0.9.3This is java version of the classic RISK board game
ristretto0.0.20Picture-viewer for Xfce
rlaccel0.60Accelerator for Reportlab
rlplot1.3A plotting program to create high quality graphs from data
rpl1.4.0Text replacement utility
rpy1.0.1RPy is a very simple, yet robust, Python interface to the R Programming Language.
rsh-server0.17Netkit's Remote Shell Suite: rexec{,d} rlogin{,d} rsh{,d}
rsh0.17Netkit's Remote Shell Suite: rcp, rexec rlogin and rsh
rumor1.0.3bA realtime monophonic (with chords) MIDI keyboard to Lilypond converter
sbcl1.0.8A compiler and runtime system for ANSI Common Lisp.
scientificpython2.6A Python library for common tasks in scientific computing.
scilab4.1.2Scientific software package for numerical computations (Matlab lookalike)
scipres1.0.0_rc1Scientific presentation module for Python
scrollkeeper0.3.14Cataloging system for documentation on open systems
scythia0.9.3_2Scythia basit ama kullanışlı ve çok fonksiyonlu bir FTP istemcisidir.
sdcc2.6.0ANSI - C compiler that targets the Intel 8051, Maxim 80DS390, Zilog Z80 and the Motorola 68HC08 based MCUs
sdcv0.4.2Console version of StarDict program
sdlconsole2.1Console library for SDL
secondlife-artwork1.18.5.3Data files for SecondLife Client
secondlife1.20.15Client for SecondLife
shed1.13Hex editor
sherpa1.0.10Event-generation framework
showimg0.9.5ShowImg is a feature-rich image viewer for KDE including an image management system.
sidplay22.0.9C64 SID player
sim0.9.4.3Simple Instant Messenger with KDE support.
simias-bonjour1.4.6167.1Simias SimpleServer
simias1.4.6167.1Simias SimpleServer
simple-ccsm0.7.6Contains a gui configuration tool
slime2.0The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
smartmontools5.37Programs to control and monitor storage systems using the Self-Monitoring
smplayer0.6.1An advance Kde mplayer interface
smw1.7Super Mario War
sonata1.5.2An elegant GTK+ music client for the Music Player Daemon
sonik1.0.0KDE Audio Editor
soundkonverter0.3.6A frontend to various audio converters
sourceinstall-gtk2.4Gnu Source Installer gui
sourceinstall2.4Gnu Source Installer
soya0.13Soya 3D is an object oriented "high level" 3D engine for Python
speedcrunch0.9SpeedCrunch is a fast, high precision and powerful desktop calculator.
sqlalchemy0.4.7_p1SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper for Python
sqlite3-ruby1.2.1SQLite database engine for Ruby
sqlitebrowser1.3SQLite database browser
sqliteman1.0.1Lightweight but powerfull Sqlite3 manager
squeeze0.2.1A modern and advanced archive manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment.
stardict-essential-turkish0.2Stardict essential dictionaries for Turkish users
stardict3.0.1_257International dictionary written for GNOME2
stftp1.1.0Simple Terminal FTP Client
sturmbahnfahrer1.3Simulated obstacle course for automobiles
subtitlecomposer0.3Text-based subtitles editor
subtitleeditor0.13.4A GTK+2 tool to edit subtitles
sun-jaf1.1Sun's JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF)
sun-javamail1.4A Java-based framework to build multiplatform mail and messaging applications
surprise1.0progenic by ksplash for pardus
suse20.4.1Kde window decoration
sweep0.9.3Sweep is an audio editor and live playback.
synce-librapi20.10.0An open source implementation that works like RAPI.DLL, available on Microsoft operating systems
synce-libsynce0.10.0Necessary library for synce
synfig0.61.08Vector based 2D animation package.
synfigstudio0.61.07Vector based 2D animation package.
systester0.8.0System Stability Tester is a RAM/CPU burning and benchmarking program.
takesum0.6A service menu tool to calculate sha1sum
tango-icon-theme0.8.1Tango Icon theme
taskjuggler2.4.1Kde project management tool
tastymenu1.0.4KDE alternative K-Menu
tekir1.2.2Tekir Ticari Otomasyon yazılımı
tennix0.5.0A tennis game
themekreator0.3Sony Ericsson Tema Programı
thunar-archive-plugin0.2.4Thunar archive plugin
thunar-media-tags-plugin0.1.1Thunar media tags plugin
thunar-thumbnailers0.1.2The plugin that shows items' thumnails in thunar
thunar-volman0.2.0An extension for the Thunar file manager, which enables automatic management of removable drives and media.
tilda0.9.5A drop down Terminal like Yakuake
tk-happy0.3To allow a fully "wired" Tkinter application to be quickly created (Tkinter is the python interface to Tk)
tmsnc0.3.2Console-based MSN Client
tomcat-connectors1.2.26Tomcat connectors for Apache (mod_jk)
tomcat-servlet-api2.4Java Servlet Api Reference Implementation
tor0.1.2.19Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
tora1.3.21Toolkit For Oracle
tork0.22Tor Controller for KDE
torrent0.8.2Match rising tiles to score as many points as possible before the tiles touch the top of the board
toycars0.3.5Toycars - a physics based 2-D racer inspired by Micromachines
trac0.10.4Trac is a minimalistic web-based project management, wiki and bug/issue tracking system
transmission1.21A fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client
trickle1.07Network Tool
trix0.91A Chat Application for LANs
trml2pdf1.1Tool to create PDF document.
tse30.3.1A sophisticated sequencer engine
tsocks1.8_beta5tsocks role is to allow these non SOCKS aware applications
tulliana-splash1.0Tulliana Splash Screen for Pardus
turquaz0.8_beta5Turquaz - Open Source accounting Application
tuxcards1.2Hierarchical notebook
tuxmath1.7.0Educational Math Game
tuxtype1.7.0"Tux Typing" is an educational typing tutor for children. It features several different types of gameplay, at a variety of difficulty levels.
tweak0.2.2KDE configuration tweak utility
twinkle1.2Twinkle is a soft phone, using the SIP protocol.
uade2.09Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator
uisp20050207A tool for AVR microcontrollers which can interface to many hardware in-system programmers
unalz0.61A utility to decompress alzip format files
units1.86A simple program for units conversion
uriparser0.7.1Strictly RFC 3986 compliant URI parsing library
urlview0.9URL extractor/launcher
urt3.1bthe Utah Raster Toolkit is a library for dealing with raster images
usermode-utilities0.0_20060323Tools for use with Usermode Linux virtual machines
uudeview0.5.20A program for transmit and receive files from internet.
uuid1.30Module provides immutable UUID objects
uzakdiyarlar1.0_beta1A Mud Game
valknut0.3.16A program the uses the Direct Connect protocol
vamps0.99.2Vamps was written to make cheap backups of DVDs under Linux
verve-plugin0.3.4Command line plugin for Xfce4 Panel
veusz0.10Veusz is a scientific plotting package written in Python.
videotrans1.6.0A set of scripts that allow its user to reformat existing movies into the VOB format that is used on DVDs.
vilistextum2.6.9HTML to text converter
visualboyadvance1.7.2Gameboy, gameboy color, and gameboy advance emulator
vnstat1.6Network traffic monitor
wammu0.27A mobile phone manager
webcleaner2.41WebCleaner - a filtering HTTP proxy
weechat0.2.6TextUI IRC client
wink1.5Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software.
wmbiff0.4.27Dock applet that displays the number of read and unread messages in up to five mailboxes
wput0.6.1A tiny program that looks like wget and is designed to upload files or whole directories to remote ftp-servers
wxGTK2_82.8.6GTK+ version of wxWindows, a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit.
wxGlade0.6.1A GUI builder for wxPython/wxWidgets written in Python
wxPython2_82.8.6.0Python bindings for wxGTK 2.8
wxcam1.0A webcam application for linux
wxdfast0.6.0An open source and multi-threaded download manager
x11vnc0.9.3A VNC server for real X displays
x32703.3.6IBM 3270 terminal emulator
xapian-core1.0.6An Open Source search engine library
xbindkeys1.8.0Simple key binding tool
xchat2.8.4GTK based IRC client
xcircuit3.6.130Program for drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams and related figures, and produce circuit netlists through schematic capture.
xdebug2.0.0_rc3A PHP debugging and profiling extension
xerces-j2.9.1Validating XML parser for Java with DOM level 3 support
xfce-mcs-manager4.4.2XFCE settings manager
xfce-mcs-plugins4.4.2XFCE settings plugins
xfce-utils4.4.2XFCE utilities
xfce4-appfinder4.4.1Xfce application finder
xfce4-clipman-plugin0.8.0Clipman allows you to keep several clipboard selections in memory which you can then use to toggle
xfce4-datetime-plugin0.5.0This plugin shows the date and time in the panel, and a calendar appears when you left-click on it.
xfce4-dev-tools4.4.0.1XFCE developer tools
xfce4-dict0.4.0A dictionary for Xfce4 panel
xfce4-icon-theme4.4.2XFCE icon theme
xfce4-mixer4.4.2XFCE sound mixer application
xfce4-notes-plugin1.6.2Xfce Notes Plugin
xfce4-panel4.4.2XFCE Panel
xfce4-session4.4.2XFCE session manager
xfce4-systemload-plugin0.4.2A plugin which displays the current CPU load, the memory in use, the swap space and the system uptime in the Xfce panel.
xfce4-taskmanager0.4.0Simple taskmanager for the Xfce
xfdesktop4.4.2XFCE desktop manager
xfmedia0.9.2Xfce media player
xfprint4.4.2XFCE printer manager
xfwm4-themes4.4.2XFCE window manager themes
xfwm44.4.2XFCE window manager
xjavac0.0_20041208The implementation of the javac compiler for IBM JDK 1.4 (needed for xerces-2)
xml-commons-external1.3.04An Apache-hosted set of externally-defined standards interfaces, namely DOM, SAX, and JAXP
xml-commons-resolver1.2An XML Entity and URI Resolver
xrope1.2An IDE (VB-like or Delphi-like) for Python.
xsane0.995Graphical scanning frontend
xvibs17A utility for animating molecular vibrations.
xylib0.2A portable C++ library for reading files that contain x-y data from powder diffraction, spectroscopy or other experimental methods
yelp2.18.1Help browser for Gnome
yougrabber0.29.4A simple, lightweight youtube video grabber with ncurses interface.
zsi2.0Web service for Python