kdebase 4.5.5

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Packager: Gökçen Eraslan

License: GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
522011-01-154.5.5Gökçen EraslanRemove Happy.png, which exceeds 20K face icon limit of KDM. KDM cannot display that.
512011-01-064.5.5Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.5
502010-12-124.5.4Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.4
492010-11-164.5.3Gökçen EraslanFix a valgrind warning of Konsole mentioned in kdebug#246652
482010-11-024.5.3Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.3
472010-10-124.5.2Fatih AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
462010-10-044.5.2Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.2
452010-09-014.5.1Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.1
442010-08-244.5.0Gökçen EraslanSplit devel package.
432010-08-234.5.0Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.0
422010-06-304.4.90Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.4.90
412010-05-314.4.4Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.4.4
402010-05-044.4.3Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.4.3
392010-04-094.4.2Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.4.2
382010-01-264.3.5Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.3.5
372009-12-044.3.4Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.3.4
362009-11-014.3.3Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to latest KDE release
352009-10-284.3.2Gökçen EraslanGrab some SuSE patches.
342009-10-124.3.2Ozan Çağlayan- Revert changes to TerminalPanel which introduces a lot of trouble,
- Fix bookmark editor drag'n'drop crash.
332009-10-064.3.2Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to latest KDE release
322009-06-144.2.4Gökçen EraslanPreview feature has some problems i.e. with desktop files and videos, so switch to KDE defaults and make its default off.
312009-06-034.2.4Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to latest bugfix release
302009-05-234.2.3Gökçen EraslanMerge trunk bugfixes of Konsole, this also means support for new Terminal interface
292009-05-084.2.3Gökçen EraslanAdd patches from Kubuntu about dolphin and folderview.
282009-05-074.2.3Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to latest stable release
272009-04-124.2.2Gökçen Eraslan"Inline Renaming", "Tooltips", "Show Space Info", "Copy to / Move To", "File previews" features of dolphin turned on by default.
262009-04-104.2.2Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.2.2 bugfix release
252009-03-064.2.1Gökçen EraslanFix for Yakuake split problem kde#171544
242009-03-044.2.1Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.2.1 bugfix release
232009-02-184.2.0Gökçen EraslanMissing dep webkitkde added.
222009-02-094.2.0David StegbauerChanged dependency to kdepimlibs-devel
212009-01-294.2.0Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.2 final release
202009-01-084.1.87_907500Gökçen EraslanSync with KDE SVN
192009-01-054.1.87Gökmen GökselVersion bump
182008-12-164.1.85Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.2 beta 2
172008-11-294.1.80Gökçen EraslanDefault color scheme is changed to Linux instead of DarkPastels which is a very poor color scheme.
162008-11-214.1.80Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.2 beta 1
152008-11-024.1.3Gökçen EraslanStable update
142008-09-264.1.2Gökçen EraslanStable update to bugfix release
132008-09-054.1.1Gökçen EraslanStable update to new bugfix release
122008-07-274.1.0Gökçen EraslanStable update
112008-07-254.0.99İşbaran AkçayırVersion Bump
102008-07-164.0.98Gökçen Eraslankdebase4-workspace dep added
92008-07-154.0.98Gökçen EraslanVersion bump
82008-07-044.0.85Gökçen EraslanUpdate to 4.0.85
72008-06-244.0.83İşbaran AkçayırBeta 2
62008-05-284.0.80Kenan PelitStable update
52008-05-074.0.4Kenan PelitStable update
42008-04-034.0.3S.Çağlar OnurStable update
32008-03-054.0.2S.Çağlar OnurStable update
22008-01-314.0.1İsmail DönmezStable update
12008-01-054.0.0İsmail DönmezFirst release