xfce4-power-manager 1.0.10

A power manager dedicated for Xfce desktop environment


Packager: Alper Tekinalp

License: GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
122011-09-131.0.10Alper Tekinalp*Version bump
*Package takeover
112009-11-ökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Fix inactivity check box not appearing on esktop system.
- Fix adapter icon when no battery present.
- Replace XfpmIdle with EggIdletime from gpm.
- Reset XScreen saver counter on lid open.
102009-11-ökmen Görgen* Version bump.
- Because on some systems we might not have the brightness keys mapped. LCD brightness change are not reflected to xfpm when keys are pressed, so save the actual brightness before dimming the screen on idle to restore it afterword.
- Check if DPMS is enabled before doing action on lid close event.
- Allow 1% as a minimum critical charge level.
- Build fix with xextproto > 7.0.5.
92009-09-ökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Missing signal handler for power button settings.
- Allow 5% as a minimum critical change instead of 10%.
- Change some property names, specially for buttons to avoid problems with old 0.6 configuration.
* Remove unrequired dependency.
* Fix dependencies for lddtree.sh output.
82009-08-010.8.3Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Provides more standard org.fd.PowerManagement DBus methods and signal.
- Make it possible to compile without network manager support.
- Add never show icon to the system tray configuration.
- Fix a typo that prevents from getting the correct critical configuration.
- Use GTK+ as a popup indicator to show the brightness level as the cairo.
- Problematic on some hardware.
- Better alignment in the interface file.
72009-07-100.8.2Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
- Fix a bug affecting 0.8.1.* (not 0.8.0) for the properties prefix.
- Automatically switch inactivity sleep mode to hibernate if suspend is not supported.
- Allow 15 minutes as a minimum value for idle.
- Fix regression for detecting when HAL restarts.
- Automatically detect if the running Notification daemon is notify-osd and use its brightness feedback interface for displaying the brightness level.
* Disable xml2po, it's not required.
62009-07-020.8.1Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Remove libglade dependency and use GtkBuilder instead.
- Add lock screen option on lid event.
- Use generic value for storing and retrieving configuration instead of individual variables.
- Don't allow brightness timeout to be less than DPMS sleep timeout.
- Change the brightness popup indicator style.
- Translation updates.
* Remove unnecessary buildtime dependencies.
52009-06-180.8.0Gökmen Görgen* Fix dependencies.
* Enable xsltproc and xml2po.
42009-06-100.8.0Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
* Add libxfcegui4 dependency.
32009-06-080.6.6Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
22009-03-250.6.5Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
12009-03-170.6.4Gökmen GörgenFirst release.