transmission 2.42

A fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client

Packager: Fatih Arslan

License: MIT, GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
232012-01-032.42Fatih Arslan* Upstream release 2.42
* Fix error connecting to UDP trackers from big-endian computers
* Fix RPC error when editing UDP trackers
* Fix build failure when a C++ compiler is not installed
* Support GTK+ 3.2
* Fix GTK+ crasher on systems not running DBus
* Updated Lithuanian translation for QT client
* Fix bug which broke Opera support
222011-10-192.41Fatih Arslan* Upstream release 2.41
* Torrent queuing
* Improved webseed support
* Fix crash when removing a magnetized transfer
* Fix adding transfers over RPC when a subfolder does not exist
* Remove deprecated GConf2 dependency
* Fix high CPU issues
* Fix wrong torrent count on tracker filterbar
* Other minor fixes
212011-06-232.32Fatih Arslan* Takeover of package
* Version bump
* Rename transmission package to transmission-cli package
202010-08-022.03Ramazan Utku* Version bump.
192010-05-151.93Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
182010-04-061.92Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
All Platforms:
- Fix possible data corruption issue caused by data sent by bad peers during endgame
- Fix potential buffer overflow when adding maliciously-crafted magnet links
- Fix announces to IPv6 trackers
- Fix DNS problems on some platforms, including Debian
- Fix issues with the incomplete directory functionality
- Fix port forwarding error on some routers by updating libnatpmp and miniupnp

- Fix bug where setting low priority in the add window resulted in high priority

- Fix directory selection error in GTK+ 2.19
- Small GUI improvements: HIG correctness, remove deprecated GTK+ calls, etc.

- Fix 1.91 build error on Mac and FreeBSD
- Standardize the daemon's watchdir feature to behave like the other clients'

Web Client:
- Statistics dialog
- Fix error in "trash data and remove from list" that didn't trash all data
- Fix display of ratios and time
- Update to jQuery 1.4.2
* Remove desktop.patch. Not required. It fixed on this version.
* Fix for pep8.
* Split transmission-web.
* Update translations.xml.
172010-01-071.77Eren Türkay- Version bump
- Fix directory traversal vulnerability that causes data loss with malicious torrent files. (CVE-2010-0012, #11935)
- Remove incorrect replaces tag in transmission-gtk package
162009-09-141.75Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Don't wait so long on unresponsive trackers if there are other trackers to try.
- Adding corrupt/invalid torrents could crash Transmission.
- Fix 1.74 bug that caused a high CPU load on startup.
- Fix 1.74 bug that stopped multitracker if a single tracker sent an error message.
- Fix bug in converting other charsets to UTF-8.
- Handle HTTP redirects more gracefully.
- Faster verification of local data for torrents with small piece size.
- Fix 1.74 build error when compiling without DHT.
- Fix "sort by time remaining".
- Fix the turtle toggle button on old versions of GTK+.
- Fix startup error if another copy of the Transmission GTK client is running.
- Fix clang build issue.
152009-08-251.74Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Better data recovery in the case of an OS or Transmission crash.
- If a data file is moved, stop the torrent instead of redownloading it.
- Fix bug that didn't list some peers in the resume file and in PEX.
- More helpful torrent error messages.
- DHT now honors the bind-address-ipv4 configuration option.
- Fix Debian build error with miniupnpc.
- Fix Cygwin build error with strtold.
- Update to a newer snapshot of miniupnpc.
142009-07-241.73Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Fix bug where user-configured peer limits could be exceeded.
- Use less memory in some high-peer situations.
- Better estimation of time left to download.
- Support supportcrypto and requirecrypto flags in http tracker announces.
- Update to newer snapshots of libnatpmp and miniupnpc.
- Make DHT a compile-time option.
* Enable Qt gui support.
* Split package.
132009-06-301.72Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
* Rewrite file paths with subdirs.
122009-06-111.71Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
112009-04-141.52Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
102009-03-141.51Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
92009-02-151.50Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
82008-12-251.42Gökmen Görgen- Version bump,
- Fix desktop file,
- Add notify support.
- Add description tag.
72008-11-271.40Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
62008-09-301.34Gökmen GörgenVersion bump
52008-09-011.33Gökmen GörgenVersion bump
42008-08-091.32Gökmen GörgenVersion bump
32008-06-221.22Gökmen GörgenVersion Bump.
22008-05-221.21Gökmen GörgenVersion Bump.
12008-04-191.11Gökmen GörgenFirst release.