syslinux 4.04

SysLinux, IsoLinux and PXELinux bootloader

Packager: Beyza Ermis

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
222011-08-084.04Antoon TolboomBump to 4 series, fixes pb#18912
212010-10-123.86Fatih AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
202010-06-283.86Onur KüçükRemove isohybrid fix since it has partition size problem with new version
192010-05-193.86Onur KüçükMinor version bump to bugfix release
Force no-pie for com32 modules
Add a workaround for older Xen HVM
Update HDT
Many chainloader fixes
New tool sysdump.c32
New mBFT ACPI table
Add a few new DOS drivers
182010-01-043.83Onur KüçükFix mkfs.vfat path
172010-01-043.83Onur KüçükAdd support to create a fat partition before ISO one
162009-10-163.83Onur KüçükMinor version bump
Fix localboot after NBP chainloading on certain BIOSes (including ASUS A8N-E)
Support chainloaded bootloaders on ISOLINUX
PXELINUX allow filenames up to 251 characters
Fix problems booting from USB on Thinkpads and possibly other machines or hardware combinations
HDT updated to version 0.3.4
MEMDISK stack size is now configurable
152009-06-113.82Onur KüçükVersion bump, fixes bug #9900
142009-06-043.81Onur KüçükVersion bump, fixes bug #9900
132009-05-183.80Onur KüçükVersion bump
122009-05-033.75Onur KüçükVersion bump
112009-01-213.63Onur KüçükRemove installation of since it is removed, add md5pass script
102009-01-213.63Ekin MeroğluAdd perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5 and perl-Digest-SHA1 dependency, fixes #9055
92008-07-043.63Onur KüçükSend NULL command to KBC to sync A20 flipping, should fix bug #7378
82008-06-083.63Onur KüçükGive more memory to gfxboot
72008-06-083.63Onur KüçükRemove additional files since they are merged into pardusman
62008-06-023.63Onur KüçükAdded mtools dependency, thanks to Türker Sezer
52008-05-123.63Onur KüçükUpdated splash
42008-05-073.63Onur KüçükChange window caption color
32008-05-063.63Onur KüçükUpdate splash theme
22008-04-213.63Onur KüçükAdd debug parameters to kernel params, change label
12008-01-083.63Onur KüçükFirst release