patch 2.6.1

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Packager: Ekin Meroğlu

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
62010-04-262.6.1Mehmet Emre Atasever+-- Actionsapi enhancement
+-- Migration to Corporate2-devel repo
`-- New stable release #Release5
52010-01-212.6.1Mehmet Emre AtaseverPort of Pardus-ARM (ARM7 Cortex-a8)
42009-08- ÇağlayanSwitch to the latest snapshot.
32009-05- ÇağlayanSwitch to openSUSE tarball which fixes a serious GNU patch bug when a patch modifies the same file multiple times.
22009-02-132.5.9Ekin MeroğluFix for unified diffs containing trailing CRs.
12005-07-272.5.9A. Murat ErenFirst release.