mplayer 0.0_20091020

Media Player for Linux

Packager: Onur Küçük

License: GPLv2+


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
1152009-10-200.0_20091020Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 29789, ffmpeg 20334
Fix bframe pyramid in x264
1142009-10-180.0_20091018Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 29777, ffmpeg 20277
Try to recover from VDPAU display pre-emptions
Fix volume restore of pulseaudio, probably will fix gnome-mplayer sond issues
1132009-10-160.0_20091016Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 29776, ffmpeg 20256
Depend on new x264
Fix alsa buffer management
Fix lots of buffer overflows
1122009-09-180.0_20090918Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 29687, ffmpeg 19909
Fix integer overflow in siearravmd, bug #11175
1112009-09-100.0_20090910Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 29670
Fix playing of some online mov index like in pbs
Add missing dependencies
Fix interleaved AVI decoding
Add wmapro support
Keep volume level on file changes, bug #10846
Many more fixes
1102009-07-300.0_20090730Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 29455
Fix opencoreamr usage bug #10480
Fix RDT integer overflow bug #10685
Fix u8 1c pcm playing (thanks to Gökmen Göksel for the sample)
1092009-07-150.0_20090715Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 29418
Add missing dependencies
Use libvdpau
Enable jack sound system
1082009-05-260.0_20090604Onur KüçükBump snapshot
1072009-05-260.0_20090526Onur KüçükBump snapshot
Fix vo state changing on multiple files
1062009-05-150.0_20090515Onur KüçükBump snapshot
Fix wrong colorspace conversion
Disable joystick support in config only due to popular demand
1052009-04-290.0_20090429Onur KüçükBig snapshot bump and get rid of all the backports
Remove everything about arts
Add more file suffix to bash-completion
Allow O3 in flags
Put matroska correct-pts workaround
1042009-02-090.0_20090101Onur KüçükFix overflooding pts messages, this will fix playing of latest matroska files
Get flv video bitrate from metadata
1032009-01-300.0_20090101Pınar YanardağFix a signedness error within the "fourxm_read_header()" function in libavformat/4xm.c (bug#9121)
1022009-01-010.0_20090101Onur KüçükSnapshot bump for lots of enhancements like many performance improvements on x264 decoding, and bugfixes including playing of sound in some media files bug #8588, fix eve-raido playing bug #8851, fix mplayer running as a child and defects caused by this like small video display, not killing the child on exit etc. bug #8948. Will also help fixing bugs #8234, #8559, #8729
1012008-12-230.0_20081015Onur KüçükFix possible stack overflow in vqf demuxer, fixes CVE-2008-5616, bug #8879
1002008-11-290.0_20081015Onur KüçükFix bash_completion script by moving it into /etc as bash_completion external dir is there and it treats _filedir etc. better
992008-11-250.0_20081015Onur KüçükFix endless loop when opening corrupt FLV files, check sub_packet_size against 0 to avoid div by zero later, only warn about "Invalid and inefficient vfw-avi packed B frames" once
982008-11-100.0_20081015Onur KüçükAdd bash_completion script, it will be maintained here
972008-10-280.0_20081015Onur KüçükFix possibly exploitable yuv2rgb buffer overflow in swscale
962008-10-150.0_20081015Onur KüçükAdd support for svq3 watermark, don't use negative size buffer for vp6, add a few memleak fixes and some packed YUV fixes
952008-10-120.0_20081012Onur KüçükBump snapshot for many swscale changes, disable backingstore for better performance in composite environments, add support for more multimedia keys, fix strict casting violation for aac decoder, flv pts fixes, matroska fixes, many AC3 fixes, x264 enhancements, fixes playing of some mp4/mov/avi files provided lately
942008-10-020.0_20080909Onur KüçükFix CVE-2008-3827
932008-09-090.0_20080909Onur KüçükAdded MXF muxer, fix wma regressions, fix mid/side stereo buggy output zeroing, add generic IIR filter interface with Butterworth lowpass filter implementation, fix decoding of ape 3.98 files, do not assign avctx->rc_eq to libx264's context and leave the decision to library, fix detection of MPEG4 in MPEG-PS, support invalid h264 that does not mark IDR with POC=0, fix an invalid free in the AVI muxer when an unsupported audio track is added, prevent a division by 0 in the g726 decoder, fix round to even for aspect ratio correction, add ac3/eac3 support for many formats like mov/mp4/mkv etc., add support for the PIX_FMT_RGB32, PIX_FMT_RGB555 and PIX_FMT_RGB565 in V4L2, fix alac crash where bits per sample is not set, set block align in av_write_header if not set, fix stsd box size for ac3 in mp4, lots of matroska fixes (pts, seek etc.)
922008-08-250.0_20080825Onur KüçükFix buffer overflow in dca, enhance lavf support, fix PCM DVD divide by zero, do not set timestamp information for a non existing AVStream, lots of constantization, fix fir_32bands_perfect table, fix fps for v4l1 cams in test script
912008-08-200.0_20080820Onur KüçükBump to fix possibly exploitable freeing of pointers that have not been allocated in rc_eq, overflow in AVStream pts_buffer, alac samplesize overflow, nut demuxer double free etc. and many bugfixes
902008-07-290.0_20080729Onur KüçükBump to fix CVE-2008-3230, add nut and dirac support, fix lots of segfaults, avc1 optimizations etc.
892008-06-270.0_20080626Onur KüçükFix exploitable psxstr demuxer, fix dvdnav bindings
882008-06-250.0_20080625Onur KüçükVersion bump
872008-06-060.0_20080605Onur KüçükPut back eac3 support
862008-06-050.0_20080605Onur KüçükFix possible buffer overflow in mkv muxer
852008-05-230.0_20080523Onur KüçükVersion bump
842008-05-090.0_20080509Onur KüçükAdd gmplayer symlink manually for now
832008-05-090.0_20080509Onur KüçükVersion bump for many overflows in alac and flac codecs, many fixes especially in mkv and x264, enable and default to pulseaudio
822008-03-190.0_20080322Onur KüçükFix possible heap overflow in av_fast_realloc and CVE-2008-0073 and some enhancements like better framedrop support
812008-02-160.0_20080216Onur KüçükBump for osd fixes, fixes for mencoder regression, avc1 optimizations etc., fix subtitle display on pause and switch to ass by default
802008-01-300.0_20080130Onur KüçükPrevent possible buffer overflow in parsing flac metadata and mov alike containers, add some fixes for stuff like mms stream id limit
792008-01-210.0_20080121Onur KüçükPrevent possible buffer overflow in cddb stream (25824) and stream url parsing (25823)
782008-01-190.0_20080119Onur KüçükBump to new snapshot for many fixes for vobsub, eac3, ac3 and memleak fixes
772007-12-230.0_20071230Onur KüçükBump to new snapshot.
- Lots of format/codec fixes, aspect ratio fixes, workarounds for mp4, flv, mkv.
- Add mencoder default config with profiles and add a default font thanks to Türker Sezer
- Fix test-webcam regressions
- Many menu enhancements
- Switch to Xss based screensaver and remove hacky system() stuff
- Add screenscale support
- Add protocol and extension based config support etc. etc.
762007-11-300.0_20071130Onur KüçükFix gui cache settings saving, wma_decode, subtitle loading, dvd memleak, revise empty vobsub patch
752007-11-290.0_20071128Onur KüçükFix bug #6539 and #6341, fix segfault on interlaced h264
742007-11-120.0_20071112Onur KüçükOSD fixes, IMDCT enhancements, fix X window side pixels, enable http redirection etc.
732007-11-060.0_20071106Onur KüçükA few more codecs and some memory leak fixes added
722007-10-260.0_20071025Onur KüçükMany new formats and codecs like Nellymoser, lots of fixes including some buffer overflows causing segfaults
712007-09-190.0_20070919Onur KüçükBump for MPEG qpel int overflow, V4L2 control support, vobsub and mms fixes
702007-09-160.0_20070916Onur KüçükNew snapshot for new codecs like Monkey Audio, some crash fixes, EAC3 is working
692007-08-210.0_20070821Onur KüçükNew snapshot for many new stuff, semiworking E-AC3 support, fix a possible heap flow on image changes, revise test-webcam
682007-06-230.0_20070623Onur KüçükVersion bump for subtitle and mkv largefile fixes
672007-06-160.0_20070616Onur KüçükVersion bump
662007-06-070.0_20070607Onur KüçükBump mainly for H.263/H.264 corruption fixes
652007-06-060.0_20070524İsmail DönmezFix a buffer overflow in stream_cddb.c
642007-05-240.0_20070524Onur KüçükMany bugfixes including utf-8 fixes and a buffer overflow
632007-04-140.0_20070414Onur KüçükImprove flv, dtx, real detection. Finally fix #5285
622007-04-110.0_20070411Onur Küçükx264 segfault, libass and bframe fixes
612007-04-080.0_20070408Onur KüçükMPEG muxer and gtk_file_sel fixes
602007-04-070.0_20070407Onur KüçükFix mpeg a/v sync problems
592007-04-040.0_20070404Onur KüçükAdd rle, thp, vidix, wma9dso fixes
582007-03-300.0_20070330Onur KüçükMany fixes like invalid b-frame setting, borking in large audio files, invalid exit() usage, mp3 seeking etc.
572007-03-260.0_20070326Onur KüçükMany fixes like mp3 seeking
562007-03-240.0_20070325Onur KüçükMany fixes, including bug #4197 and #5285
552007-03-230.0_20070323Onur KüçükMany fixes
542007-02-210.0_20070217Onur KüçükAspect ratio and vo dimensions fixes
532007-02-180.0_20070217Onur KüçükFix some bugs in codecs svn:22256
522007-02-160.0_20070216Onur KüçükAdd boundary checks for fixed-length arrays in rtsp real streams svn:22234
512007-02-150.0_20070214Onur KüçükSome fixes svn:22223
502007-02-090.0_20070208Onur KüçükOSD, subtitle, mpeg, vc1 etc. fixes svn:22178
492007-02-050.0_20070204Onur KüçükFix flv seeking in a hackish way
482007-02-050.0_20070204Onur KüçükBugfixes for vc1, amr and docs updated to match current svn:22143
472007-02-040.0_20070204Onur KüçükBugfixes like vc1 extradata parsing and mpeg svn:22133
462007-02-040.0_20070203Onur KüçükBugfixes svn:22119
452007-02-020.0_20070128İsmail DönmezDepend on new live555
442007-01-260.0_20070128Onur KüçükBugfixes svn:22051, fix mpegpes broken by #22039
432007-01-010.0_20061209İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2006-6172
422006-12-120.0_20061209Onur KüçükDo not cry like a baby update
412006-12-120.0_20061209Onur KüçükDo not cry like a baby on init
402006-12-090.0_20061209Onur KüçükBump for lots of segfaults svn:21558
392006-11-230.0_20061111İsmail DönmezFix overflows in ALAC decoder and shorten plugin
382006-11-200.0_20061111Onur KüçükMake it compile with new libraries
372006-11-140.0_20061111Onur KüçükMake it compile, change version name style
362006-11-1420061104İsmail DönmezFix possible overflows in FLIC decoder
352006-11-1120061111Onur KüçükBump a little, fix resolution swithcing, stream segfaults etc. svn:20860
342006-11-0420061104Onur KüçükBump a little, fix flv seeking, add icon etc. svn:20660
332006-10-2920061026İsmail DönmezDepend on new x264 and add CMOV detection patch from upstream
322006-10-2620061026Onur KüçükMatch with 1.0rc1 and last minute fixes svn:20460
312006-10-1320060923Onur KüçükAdd screenshot support + tidy up menu
302006-10-1120060923S.Çağlar OnurFix linking issues
292006-10-0520060923Onur KüçükAdd sneaky ladspa dep + menu updates
282006-09-2720060923Onur KüçükTranslate menu
272006-09-2320060923Onur KüçükVersion bump, write all deps, remove bitmap fonts, lotsa fix and enhancements svn:19963
262006-07-1420060618İsmail DönmezAdd a webcam script
252006-07-0620060618Onur KüçükFix essential dependency
242006-06-2020060618Onur KüçükUpdate Turkish translation
232006-06-1920060618Onur KüçükUpdate Turkish translation
222006-06-1820060618Onur KüçükSome unicode and segfault fixes, Turkish translation update etc. svn:18751
212006-06-1620060612Onur KüçükTurkish translation update by Tuncay Er
202006-06-1520060612Onur KüçükDefine reallibdir in configure so essential codecs work, fix by İsmail
192006-06-1420060612Onur KüçükUpdate Turkish translation, tidy up configs, fix some defaults
182006-06-1320060612Onur KüçükAdd amr configure parameters
172006-06-1220060612Onur KüçükMPlayer 1.0pre8, aka svn:18685
162006-05-0920060414S.Çağlar OnurWe all love direct linking :P
152006-04-1420060414Onur KüçükVersion bump
142006-03-2020051121İsmail DönmezCompile with new live555
132006-02-2220051121Onur KüçükSecurity fix of CAN-2006-0579
122005-12-2420051121Onur KüçükFirst search for arts, then for alsa, for some soundcards
112005-12-2320051121Onur KüçükFix skin language, needs lots of work
102005-12-2120051121Onur KüçükFix desktop file
92005-12-1220051121Onur KüçükAdd lirc support
82005-12-0520051121S.Çağlar OnurEnable nas
72005-12-0220051121İsmail DönmezApply a patch from upstream to fix possible overflow in default_get_buffer
62005-11-2920051121Onur KüçükRemoved CFLAG modification, really enable samba
52005-11-2820051121S.Çağlar OnurEnable samba
42005-11-2520051121İsmail DönmezEnable live/libdts/twolame/internal-faad and disable cdparanoia so we can use libcdio for real
32005-11-2420051121Onur KüçükSkin improvement
22005-11-2120051121Onur KüçükVersion bump
12005-10-1920051019Onur KüçükFirst release.