lmms 0.4.13

Linux Multimedia Studio


Packager: Pardus

License: GPLv2+, GPLv3+, LGPLv2+


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
192012-06-020.4.13Anıl ÖzbekSplit devel package.
182012-06-020.4.13Anıl ÖzbekVersion bump
172009-12-250.4.6Mehmet Nur OlcayBump to latest bugfix release, change home page
162009-08-130.4.5Mehmet Nur OlcayBump to latest stable, remove patches integrated upstream:
-Improved VST support, allowing to run many more VST plugins
-Ship CALF LADSPA plugins with LMMS
-Fixed graphical glitches with Qt 4.5
-Added panning and volume envelope support to Sf2Player plugin
and fixes for most of the bugs found in 0.4.4
152009-06-060.4.4Mehmet Nur Olcay-Remove Replaces and Conflicts tags, edit deps for 2009
-Add LGPLv2 licence, make actions.py more readable
-Add some cosmetic and build patches
142009-05-060.4.4Mehmet Nur OlcayBump to latest stable. Add Replaces and Conflicts tag for lmms-extras, they are in same project now.
132009-02-240.4.3Mehmet Nur OlcayNew bugfix release. Mimetype desktop file added, define configure parameters for supported/unsupported options.
122008-12-200.4.2Mehmet Nur OlcayNew bugfix release including fixes for problems with files created with LMMS 0.4.0
112008-12-180.4.1Mehmet Nur OlcayNew maintain release including bug fixes and improvements
102008-10-310.4.0Mehmet Nur OlcayBump to latest stable.
92008-10-200.4.0_rc3Mehmet Nur OlcayBump to new RC.
82008-09-230.4.0_rc2Mehmet Nur OlcayVersion bump.
72008-09-160.4.0_rc1Mehmet Nur OlcayVersion bump. Deps and filetypes rearranged. Unneded patches removed. Licence fix. Now build with cmake.Icon tag added.And takeover the package.
62008-03-170.3.2Eren TürkayVersion Bump.
52008-01-210.3.1Rasim AKARVersion Bump.
42007-09-140.3.0Eren TürkayRemove duplicate of desktop file and add Turkish patch for it.
32007-08-200.3.0Eren TürkayVersion bump to stable.
22007-05-260.2.1Eren TürkayAdd missing dependencies, disable static libs and make correct installation by adding automake line before compiling process. Makefile.in in tarball was created with automake-1.4 which is bad, see; http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-bugs/2001-02/msg00543.html
12007-02-110.2.1Rasim AKARFirst release.