libburn 1.0.2

A library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs

Packager: Mete Bilgin

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
102011-03-021.0.2Mete BilginVersion Bump
92010-11-030.8.8Mete Bilgin* Version bump.
* Split devel package.
82010-05-150.8.0Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
72009-08-310.7.0Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- his release fixes a bug with U3 memory sticks. It introduces new API calls to inquire the list of supported media from a drive, and an API call to reduce drive noise if no i/o is intended for a while.
62009-07-170.6.8Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
* Add IsA tag; it is also console application.
52009-06-110.6.6Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
42009-03-240.6.4Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
32009-02-140.6.0Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
* Added translations.xml.
22008-12-210.5.8Gökmen GörgenVersion bump.
12008-11-100.5.4Gökmen GörgenFirst release.