gajim 0.14.4

A Jabber client written in PyGTK

Packager: Alper Tekinalp

License: GPLv3


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
112011-09-160.14.4Alper TekinalpVersion bump.
102011-06-190.14.3Alper TekinalpVersion bump.
92011-05-210.14.1Alper Tekinalp-Version bump.
-Take over package.
82009-09-140.12.5Cihan Okyay* Version bump
* Don't depend on GTK 2.14
* Fix History manager
* Fix file transfer proxy discovering at connection
* Improve filetransfer with IPv6
* Fix zeroconf when receiving badly encoded info
72009-07-020.12.3Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
* Fix license information.
* Fix dependencies.
* Fix summary, add description.
* Add patch for fixing notify in KDE.
* Fix undefined symbols.
* Purge unused direct dependencies.
62009-04-200.12.1Cihan OkyayVersion bump.
52008-12-210.12Gökmen Görgen- Version bump,
- Fixed desktop.patch (#8438).
42008-04-250.11.4Eren TürkayVersion bump.
32007-11-170.11.3Eren TürkayVersion bump.
22007-09-120.11.1Eren TürkayFix issue with gnome-keyring DeniedError. It appears only, when there is no keyring available.
12007-03-040.11.1Eren TürkayFirst release.