filezilla 3.5.2

Simple FTP Client

Packager: Gökhan Özbulak

License: GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
422011-11-213.5.2Gökhan ÖzbulakVersion bump. Changes in this release:
* The "Don't save passwords" option is saved now on
* Save the queue correctly when having items from multiple servers
* Queue items with the lowest priority setting are now being restored again
* Drag/Drop works with all saved sites now on if saving of passwords is disabled
* Add option to open site manager on startup to the settings dialog
412011-09-163.5.1Gökhan ÖzbulakVersion bump. Changes in this release:
* Add support for another rate variant of MVS style directory listings
* Add menu item to hide toolbar
* Don't save server list in kiosk mode 2
* Fix for predefined sites not appearing in all circumstances
* Fix typo in build script in detection of SQLite3
* MSW: Small installer improvements
* Fix character set conversion in desktop notification code
* Update built-in TinyXML
402011-06-143.5.0Gökhan ÖzbulakAdd missing build-time dependency, gtk2-devel (pb#18401)
392011-06-063.5.0Gökhan ÖzbulakVersion bump:
- String shortened to avoid line-break in menu item
- Fix display of site list menu if there are predefined sites but sitemanager.xml does not exist
- Add version information to installer
- Update strings for debug information
- Translations update
- Detect libtool wrappers and copy the real thing instead
- Detect theme change and update header height accordingly
- Fix a division by zero if benchmarking an empty coalescer
382011-04-253.4.0Gökhan ÖzbulakVersion bump
372011-01-ökhan ÖzbulakVersion bump
362010-11-203.3.5Renan ÇakırerkVersion bump.
3.3.5 (2010-11-14)

- Updated language files, otherwise identical with rc1

3.3.5-rc1 (2010-11-07)

- FTP over TLS certificate store is now host-specific
- MSW: Large-DPI awareness
- Improved SFTP transfer speeds
- FTP over TLS should prefer ciphers with longer key sizes, updated contained GnuTLS library in precompiled binaries
- Add context menu entry to re-queue all files on the successful and failed queue tabs
- Resuming of uploads was not working correctly in all cases
- Correct remaining time calculation in queue
- Do not show welcome dialog in kiosk mode 2
- Do not offer option to permanently accept certificate in kiosk mode 2
- Fix sorting by size in filelists with directory sort behavior set to inline
- MSW: Fix memory corruption when changing language
- OS X: Include license and documentation files in application bundle
- Directly save settings after importing from file (2010-08-15)

- Set a minimum size for column widths in directory lists and transfer queue
- Fix build-time check for system TinyXML

3.3.4 (2010-08-12)

- Correctly handle symbolic links pointing to files in search dialog
- Fix crash in options initialization

3.3.4-rc2 (2010-08-07)

- Fix issues with path names not properly terminated by separator
- Fix loading of settings with empty values
- Update status bar icons if changing theme

3.3.4-rc1 (2010-08-02)

- Filter/search by modification date
- Add "does not equal" option to size filter
- Reduced memory consumption when working with very large queues and directory hierarchies
- Fix bug in TinyXML that could lead to corrupt XML documents
- Abort directory listing parsing if encountering a line with more than 10k characters
- Fix stalling recursive operations if FileZilla gets disconnected
- Set correct initial control state in site manager if there are no sites
352010-10-293.3.3Ozan ÇağlayanMass rebuild for Pardus Corporate 2 Alpha 3
342010-06-163.3.3Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump.
332010-03- ArgüdenNew features:
* Remember location of update download directory.
Bugfixes and minor changes:
* Cancel file renaming on actions that change the file list, such as changing sort order or performing a refresh.
* Cancel file renaming if starting a drag-drop operation.
* Filter invalid characters if downloading through double-clicking files or if adding from the search dialog.
* Fix site-specific bookmarks menu.
* The menu did not reflect initial value of preserve timestamp option properly.
* MSW: Keep FileZilla subdirectory in startmenu when updating, preserves custom order.
322010-02-223.3.2Ertan ArgüdenNew features:
* *nix: Add support for forward and backward mouse buttons.
* Speed limits can be quickly set using the menu and a new indicator in the status bar.
* Display number of bytes transferred and duration of transfer in log.
* MSW: React to back button of mouse in file lists.
* Updated blukis icon set.
Bugfixes and minor changes:
* Speed limits can be re-enabled on SFTP connections.
* Changed settings did not come into effect unless FileZilla was restarted.
* Small performance improvements.
* Spelling fixes.
* Rebuilt due to timer problems.
* Refactored large parts of the toolbar and menubar code.
* A race condition in the socket code could lead to crashes.
* Fix connecting to addresses longer than 15 characters if using SOCKS proxy.
* Get add to queue in local directory tree context menu working again.
* Do not open request dialogs if user is holding a mouse button.
* Forward all Ctrl+Tab key events to tab bar.
* Do not report SFTP exitcodes that do not originate from the server.
312010-01-053.3.1Ertan ArgüdenNew features:
* New tab context menu, can be used to close or refresh current tab or to close all but the current tab.
* *nix, OS X: Display sort indicators in filelist header control.
* Remember size of dialog showing all files opened for editing.
* Add refresh item to filelist context menus.
* Scroll treeview horizontally if needed to keep item in view on changing directories.
Bugfixes and minor changes:
* Fix crash of fzsftp if server closes connection.
* Successfully downloaded update file is no longer deleted if user cancels the finish page of the update check wizard.
* Do not retry connecting if not trusting certificate on FTP over TLS connections.
* Better reporting of handshake failures on FTP over TLS connections.
* *nix: Check for xdg-open. This program from the xdg-utils is an indirect runtime dependency. It is used by wxWidgets to open URLs in the default browser.
* Refactored most of the tabbing code.
* Use proper address type on SOCKS proxies.
* Add missing default button in bookmarks dialog.
* Implement missing tab creation from context menu.
* *nix: Reduce flicker on tab creation.
* Set initial focus in chmod dialog to input box for numeric value.
* Correct handling of unexpected closure of SFTP connection.
302009-11- ArgüdenNew features:
Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab to cycle tabs now loop around if reaching the end of the tab list.
Bugfixes and minor changes:
Fix crash on showing/hiding of directory trees after closing a tab.
Tabs no longer become unresponsive if not approving to close a busy tab.
Directory comparison did not work properly on all but the first tab.
Fix spurious error messages if connecting to a new site while synchronized browsing is enabled.
*nix: Work around a bug in KDE preventing restore from minimize to notification area.
Do not show update dialog if there is already some other dialog open.
Fix synchronized browsing option on site-specific bookmarks.
292009-11-103.3.0Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump.
282009-10- ArgüdenVersion bump.
272009-10-043.2.8Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump.
262009-08- ArgüdenVersion bump. Minimum required GnuTLS version to 2.8.3
252009-07- ArgüdenVersion bump.
242009-06-293.2.6Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump.
232009-06-163.2.5Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump.
222009-06- ArgüdenBuild dep rename wxGTK
212009-04-303.2.4.1Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump.
202009-04-223.2.4Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump and add translations.xml
192009-03- ArgüdenVersion bump
182009-03-223.2.3Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
172009-02- ArgüdenVersion bump
162009-02-203.2.2Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
152009-02-073.2.1Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
142009-01-083.2.0Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
132008-12-023.1.6Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
122008-10-273.1.5Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
112008-10- ArgüdenFix dep
102008-10- ArgüdenVersion bump
92008-09-013.1.2Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
82008-08- ÇağlayanFixes the problem of undisplayed icons reported in #7669.
72008-08- ArgüdenVersion bump
62008-07-ökçen EraslanVersion bump
52008-06-163.0.11Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
42008-05-203.0.10Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
32007-11-073.0.3Ertan ArgüdenVersion bump
22007-10- NieminenVersion bump
12007-09-113.0.0Ertan ArgüdenFirst release.