chromium-bsu 0.9.15

An arcade game

Packager: Pardus

License: Artistic


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
102011-06-240.9.15Serdar DalgıçCorrect the translations.xml file package name, chromium -> chromium-bsu. Thanks to Anil Ozbek for noticing this ;) pb #18488.
92011-02-150.9.15Serdar DalgıçVersion bump:
* Fix mouse grabbing and pause issue
* Change high scores to a text file
* Add Italian, Traditional Chinese translations
* Add support for playing on a keyboard
* Add new fourth level
* Translation updates
82010-06- FişekVersion bump:
* Add new Swedish translation, translation updates
* Add SDL_image texture loading backend
* Fix keyboard handling at the end of level
* Fix some issues found by valgrind
* Add missing package dependencies
72009-05-080.9.14Doruk FişekUpdate doc path, remove strict deps for 2009.
62009-05-080.9.14Doruk FişekNew branch, version bump for many fixes and features, add icon tag. Rename package to avoid confusion with Google's browser project.
52007-01-050.9.12İsmail DönmezFix #4241
42006-11-170.9.12İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2006-3334,CAN-2002-1363,CAN-2004-0421,CAN-2004-0597,CAN-2004-0598,CAN-2004-0599
32006-06-060.9.12S.Çağlar OnurUse freealut
22006-01-270.9.12Onur KüçükRemove environment variable dependency and make the sound actually work
12006-01-180.9.12Furkan DumanFirst release