busybox 1.19.3

Statically linked binary providing simplified versions of system commands


Packager: Ozan Çağlayan

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
792011-11-161.19.3Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump
782010-11-121.17.3Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump
772010-10-111.17.2Fatih AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
762010-09-141.17.2Ozan ÇağlayanBump to 1.17.2, split mkinitramfs package.
752010-08-121.16.2Onur KüçükAdd a workaround for systems that don't have splash, correct fix fill follow later on
742010-08-101.16.2Onur KüçükMinor version bump
732010-07-021.16.0Onur KüçükFix variables for config and cmdline parsers
Probe filesystem type for live system, remove static fs module loading
722010-02-041.16.0Ozan ÇağlayanRe-enable udhcpc
712010-02-011.16.0Ozan ÇağlayanCreate lib64 symlink in initramfs
702010-01-291.16.0Ozan ÇağlayanFix LiveMedia mounts
692010-01-271.16.0Ozan ÇağlayanSwitch to 1.16, enable btrfs support.
682010-01-261.15.3Ozan Çağlayan- Add /etc/profile for aliases and PS1 string,
- Use initramfs=shell/shellnoprobe for not garbling root= value.
672010-01-251.15.3Ozan ÇağlayanDrop floppy patch, enable fancy prompts.
662010-01-241.15.3Ozan ÇağlayanAdd hotplug helper
652010-01-221.15.3Ozan ÇağlayanHandle aliases as well, sync initramfs from trunk.
642010-01-151.15.3Ozan ÇağlayanAdd dmesg logging for initramfs
632010-01-110.7Onur KüçükAdd copytoram parameter for live boot
Allow setting configfile in commandline
Add blacklist support, add floppy to blacklist by Ozan
622010-01-110.7Ozan ÇağlayanMake modprobe aware of /proc/cmdline parameters
612010-01-070.7Onur KüçükFix livemedia strip
602010-01-060.7Onur KüçükSwitch to new livemedia system
Add /etc/initramfs.d folder and /etc/initramfs.conf.example
592009-12-050.6Onur KüçükTouch livemedia for userspace
Use full path for modinfo in mkinitramfs, by Ozan
582009-11-030.6Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump to latest bugfix release
572009-08-230.6Onur KüçükSearch mdadm in sbin to make raid support work, thanks to Taner
Change sleep to usleep for faster boot, by Ozan
562009-08-140.6Faik UygurMake udhcp request root-path from dhcpd
552009-08-120.6Onur KüçükEnable udhcp (by Faik)
Add network, firmware, rootdir support to mkinitramfs
542009-07-080.6Onur KüçükSwitch to python version of mkinitramfs
532009-07-030.5Ozan ÇağlayanEnable date and usleep commands.
522009-06-040.4Onur KüçükSync init from trunk for the cut versus # changes
Add UUID support
512009-06-020.4Ozan ÇağlayanSync init from trunk.
502009-06-010.4Ozan ÇağlayanAdd --no-floppy parameter to findfs to skip floppy devices.
492009-05-280.4Ozan ÇağlayanBump busybox to 1.14.1 to fix the floppy issue.
482009-05-130.4Taner TaşFix dhcp client requesting via MAC ID
472009-04-280.4Ozan ÇağlayanBump busybox to 1.13.4.
462009-03-040.4Ozan ÇağlayanBump busybox to 1.13.3.
452009-01-240.4Onur KüçükFix typo in virtio to really fix bug #8064
442009-01-210.4Onur KüçükMake sure we create fb0 device node, we need it for userspace tools
432009-01-140.4Onur KüçükAllow addition of virtio and xen modules, xen is not added automatically, fixes bug #8064, parse multiple options in mudur= parameters
422008-12-300.4Onur KüçükFix tty device nodes (Onur), remove loop modprobe as it is in kernel now (Ekin)
412008-11-050.4Ekin MeroğluInclude all splash theme resolutions in initramfs (partial fix for #7117)
Use tcp option by default on NFS mounts in thin client setups
402008-10-160.4Onur KüçükMake root=shell probe for hardware and add root=shellnoprobe support, fixes bug #8063
392008-08-210.4Onur KüçükAdd ext2/ext3 support for livedisks in initramfs
382008-07-040.4Onur KüçükFix asm/page.h inclusion, compile with new kernels
372008-07-040.4Onur KüçükAdd support for probing filesystems (vfat for now) for livedisks, fixes bug #7113
362008-04-010.4Ekin MeroğluAdd module support for loop and squashfs
352008-02-240.4S.Çağlar OnurMerge from playground, add s2ram support, remove dsdt and gensplash supports
342007-12-010.4Onur KüçükPut busybox in /lib/initramfs
332007-11-270.4Onur KüçükMake sure additional module dirs like extra, acerhk etc. can be added to initramfs
322007-10-050.4Onur KüçükSupport LABEL in root, probe rootfs type, autodetect new kernel versions and make necessary changes, bootsplash support, fix s8x module, do not use static tempfiles, cleanup the code
312007-06-210.3Onur KüçükUse mdadm dynamically
302007-06-210.3Onur KüçükAdd sky2 to ethernet modules
292007-06-150.3Onur KüçükAdd missing raid kernel modules
282007-06-140.3Onur KüçükMerged Çağlar's raid work
272007-06-070.3Onur KüçükMerged Faik San's hostname patch for thinclient
262007-05-080.3Onur KüçükMerged Faik San's thinclient work
252007-04-230.2Onur KüçükFix a race condition of creating device nodes in live systems, fixes bugs #5225 and #5276
242007-03-060.2Onur KüçükDo not print messages when there is no resume device
232007-01-300.2S.Çağlar OnurFix a typo
222007-01-300.2S.Çağlar OnurWrite resume device into sys for SATA disks
212007-01-120.2Onur KüçükAdded vfat,ntfs and unionfs modules to initramfs, to make livedisk work (might help bug #4409)
202006-12-110.2Onur KüçükProbe drivers 5 times, until the necessary devices are found, fixes bug #3711
192006-12-060.2Onur Küçükmodify fstab of live images from initramfs, to make sure cdrom mount stuff is in /etc/mtab
182006-12-040.2Onur KüçükRename module-name to module_name to get rid of modules alias and map file mismatches, should fix bug #3711
172006-11-300.2Onur KüçükModprobe converts module names - to _ as modules.alias does it so, fixes bug #3711
162006-11-300.2S.Çağlar OnurRevert last until its fixed
152006-11-290.2Onur KüçükBump busybox
142006-11-170.2Onur KüçükWrite coolplug dependency
132006-10-220.2Onur KüçükAdd /media to live boots
122006-10-060.2Onur KüçükCompress initramfs + boot from media other than pata cdroms
112006-09-240.2Onur KüçükTidy up + add cdboot functions
102006-08-220.1S.Çağlar OnurFix #3466
92006-07-070.1S.Çağlar OnurJust works (tested with 4 machines), at last
82006-07-060.1S.Çağlar Onurmake root-dir work
72006-07-050.1S.Çağlar OnurAdd root-dir option, conflict with mkinitrd
62006-07-050.1S.Çağlar OnurAdd output option, disable compression temporarily
52006-06-280.1S.Çağlar OnurRevert last
42006-06-270.1S.Çağlar OnurTurn back to link hack
32006-06-200.1S.Çağlar OnurInstead of link hack create needed dirs so ensure consistency
22006-06-200.1S.Çağlar OnurNow identical to old mkinitrd (oscar goes to Onur), DSDT and fbsplash converted to options
12006-06-130.1S.Çağlar OnurFirst release with DSDT and framebuffer support