abiword 2.8.6

Fully featured yet light and fast cross platform word processor


Packager: Serdar Dalgıç

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
102011-01-242.8.6Serdar DalgıçVersion bump, split devel package, enable-plugins and make the package ready for Pardus 2011.
92010-04-082.8.3Serdar DalgıçVersion bump and add a bunch of missing gtk2+ stuff dependencies.
82009-12-182.8.1Serdar DalgıçThanks to Anil Ozbek, add missing dependencies goffice and libgsf-gnome.
72009-11-182.8.1Serdar DalgıçMake the package ready for Pardus 2009:
- Version bump to 2.8.1. See ChangeLog for details.
- autoreconf before configuring.
- Add --disable static parameter to configure.
62009-03-222.6.8Serdar Dalgıç* Description tag is added.
* Remove unrecognised configure options: with-fribidi and enable-scripting.
* Version bump:
# Fix the auto-save feature to actually work and respect the user-selected time interval.
# Properly export table border and cell styles for OpenDocument documents.
# Make sure the Office Open XML exporter writes out valid documents.
# Fix a great number of memory leaks.
52009-03-012.6.6Serdar DalgıçVersion bump:
# Fix a bug that caused scrolling in the opposite direction when scrolling quickly on Unix platforms.
# Fix a bug which caused the Office Open XML exporter to conflict with other exporters.
# Various tweaks to the OpenDocument importer.
42008-12-192.6.5Serdar DalgıçThis release includes the following changes (and more!):
# Added our first iteraton of an Office Open XML filter. Features supported are: formatted text, formatted paragraphs, page breaks, columns, tab stops, footnotes, endnotes, headers/footers, fields, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, lists, tables, and text boxes.
# Vastly improved LaTeX export filter, which even supports exporting equations now.
# Fixed a couple of annoying crashes in the GTK frontend, for example when overwriting a file or inserting a symbol.
# Fixed a bug that prevented the correct shaping of glyphs for complex scripts such as Arabic.
The full changelog can be found at http://www.abisource.com/changelogs/2.6.5.phtml
32008-10-262.6.4Tim MillerAdded missing dependency libgnomeui.
22008-09-142.6.4Serdar DalgıçVersion Bump, remove unnecessary dependencies, add some functionalities and package takeover.
12007-02-112.4.6Eren TürkayFirst release.