Terminal 0.4.8

Terminal for Xfce


Packager: Alper Tekinalp

License: GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
262011-09-160.4.8Alper Tekinalp* Version bump.
252011-05-290.4.7Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
242011-02-030.4.6Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
232010-11-010.4.5Gökmen Görgen* Fix dependencies for Pardus 2011.
* Remove unrequired COPYING files.
* Remove xsltproc config parameter. Not required.
222010-08-180.4.5Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Improve support for --program-transform-name.
- Don't set the locale twice on a normal startup.
- Only install the symlink if the Terminal command exists.
- Don't set translation domain when libxfce4util is new enough.
- Use utilities-terminal for the icon name.
- Add question dialog to view online manual.
- Abort when compiling with --enable-gen-doc with missing deps.
- Disconnect bindings before closing the dialog.
- Improve handling shells (bug #6368).
- Translation updates (hu, fr, de, da, pt, ca, ru, it, fi, si, kk,
cs, uk, zh_CN, es, lv, ja, gl, hr, sk, ug).
212010-02-040.4.4Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Add missing toolbar tooltips.
- Remove deprecated encoding entry and add to GTK category.
- Initial man page for terminal.
- Remove usage help from executable.
- Move the environment and files sections to the man page.
- Post-release version bump.
- Restore Benny's affiliation info.
- Create xref for geometry in manual.
- Some warnings in the XML.
- Print options summary instead of opening the man page.
- Add comments for the translatable parameters.
- Merge branch 'nick/man'
- Use OPTION.... in man page like in the --help message.
- Fix typo spotted by Harald Servat.
- Remove some unused functions and make some static.
- Remove pot file.
- Update copyrights.
- Fix errors in manual translations.
- Use the correct version in the man-page.
- Fix typo in README.
- Update translations: ru, id, sv, el, ca, es, en_GB, gl,
ja, cs, nl, pt, pt_BR, da, eu, lv, sk, fr, zh_CN, it.
202009-11-100.4.3Cihan Okyay* Version bump:
- Fix invalid XML in ca and ja doc translations
- Make sure we list in the correct directory
- Updates to Italian (it) translation
- Improve the D-Bus code a bit
- Fix double unref in dbus code
192009-10-060.4.2Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Update translations.
- Fix broken background image when compositing is disabled.
- Use new xdt-autogen macros.
182009-10-020.4.1Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Update translations and documents.
- Don't die on dbus exit.
- Get rid of more pointless tabs.
- Remove needed check, n_pages can never be 0 here.
- Add module description file.
- Update module file.
- Use the initial title if the dynamic title is set to hidden in tabs too.
- Use gtk_show_uri and new dialog hook and new version of exo.
- Disable mnemonics in GtkSettings (bug #5714).
172009-07-210.4.0Gökmen Görgen* Stable version bump:
- Don't show the set title dialog when double-clicking on the scrollbar.
- Don't build the menubar when not enabled on startup.
- Various small code cleanups.
- Translation updates (cs, eu, ja, kk).
* Update homepage url.
162009-07-ökmen Görgen* Version bump.
- Do not save properties that are the same as the default value (and not hidden) in the rc file. This makes startup a bit faster.
- Remove vte-title-workaround and show the vte title in the go menu (so without the initial title).
- Documentation updates.
152009-07-130.2.90Gökmen Görgen* Version bump:
- Use environ variables provided by GLib for better compatibility.
- Use new VTE api.
- Don't set contents change on window resize (Xfce bug #5443).
- Fix segfault in special tab configuration (Xfce bug #3809).
- Monitor config files using GIO to avoid polling for file changes (Xfce bug #3567).
- Check for case problems when creating the symlink (Xfce bug #4431).
- Add hidden option to disable middle-click tab close (Xfce bug #4403).
- Property handle the button accelerators in the compose dialog (Xfce bug #5288).
- Convert the preferences dialog into GtkBuilder (Xfce bug #2399, #2875, #5496).
- Use stock icons and remove unused icons (Xfce bug #5495).
- Allow editing of shortcuts from the menu (Xfce bug #4246).
- Make the tab close button smaller.
- Fix compilation problems on Solaris (Xfce bug #4581).
- Update fullscreen action if changed by the wm (Xfce bug #5155).
- Add commandline option to set the window icon (Xfce bug #5480).
- Refactor the usage help so it's easier to understand. Also add the --maximize option.
- Allow '-character in links (Xfce bug #4465).
- Add hidden option for the cursor shape (Xfce bug #4602).
- Convert preferences dialog in Gtkbuilder and make it fit better inside Xfce using the titled dialog.
- Fix compiler warnings, code cleanups and improvements.
- Support for the erase tty key binding, requires vte 0.20.4 (Xfce bug #2925).
- A lot of updated translations.
* Fix runtime dependencies for lddtree.sh output.
* Remove patches. Not necessary.
142009-06-180.2.12Gökmen Görgen* Cut down patches' names.
* Rewrite file paths with subdirs.
* Enable building documentation.
132009-06-080.2.12Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
* Fix dependencies.
* Fix patches.
122009-03-010.2.10Gökmen Görgen* Version bump.
* Added description tag and translated.
* Longer timeout for refreshing preferences patch is added.
112008-10-ökmen Görgen* Version bump.
* Add icon tag and edit license.
* Delete system.base package dep (dbus-glib).
* Package takeover.
102008-01-260.2.8Eren TürkayRemove background image, it looks ugly.
92007-12-060.2.8Eren TürkayVersion bump.
82007-08-140.2.6Eren TürkayFully fix for CVE-2007-3770. Even ENV. veriables can't be reached with URL.
72007-08-120.2.6Eren TürkayFix CVE-2007-3770
62007-05-080.2.6Eren TürkayFix desktop menu duplicate with KDE (#5626)
52007-04-110.2.6Eren TürkayAdd Turkish translation.
42007-01-240.2.6Eren TürkayVersion bump to stable
32006-11-ğrul ErataVersion Bump
22006-09-ğrul ErataVersion Bump
12006-07-ğrul ErataFirst release.