pisi 2.1.2

PISI is the package management system of Pardus


Packager: Faik Uygur

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
1112009-02-132.1.2Bahadır Kandemir* Python 2.6 patch
1102009-02-132.1.2Faik Uygur* New pisi command: pisi list-newest [--since yyyy-mm-dd] [--last nth_previous_repo_ update]
* Fixes bugs (#9021, #9038, #9020, #4113, #9089, #8811, #8361, #9101, #8845, #8123, #6157, #9156, #9083)
1092009-01-232.1.1Faik Uygur* pisi delta package symlink related bug fix discovered on virtualbox delta package
* Regression fix on upgrade operation about reverse dep calculations (#9038)
1082009-01-072.1.1Faik Uygur* pisi sf performance improvement when full path is given
* Add pisi check --config to find changed config files
* Fix the layout issue of 'pisi help'
* Check return value of actionapi calls
1072008-12-292.1.0Faik Uygur* Fallback to "en" locale when nothing found in summary and description, or no local
translation exists. (#7995)
1062008-12-232.1.0Faik Uygur* Replaced package upgrades regression fix
* Fix optional and mandatory problem of Requires and Action tags when pisi.spec.SpecFile is used
1052008-12-012.1.0Faik Uygur* Install now works as upgrade, downloads all and then installs
* Requires/Action/{reverseDependencyUpdate,systemRestart,serviceRestart} tags
* pisi check symlink problem (#7336)
* Fixed bugs (#5493, #5619, #7336, #5370, #8623, #8379, #4539, #8515, #8501, #8426, #8145, #7328)
1042008-09-132.0.1Gökçen EraslanGerman translations updated by Mustafa Ölcerman
1032008-09-042.0.1İşbaran AkçayırAdded comu.edu.tr to kde mirrors list
1022008-09-042.0.1Faik UygurAllow dot in reponame. Used before and required for Kurulan CD.
1012008-09-032.0.1Faik UygurFix #7854, #7929, #5940, #5906, #5281
1002008-08-042.0Faik Uygurpisi history 999+ entry bug fix
992008-06-272.0Faik UygurStable release
982008-06-182.0_beta2Faik Uygurde,es,nl translation updates
972008-06-172.0_beta2Faik Uygurnew release
962008-06-092.0_beta1Faik Uygurnew release
952008-05-302.0_alpha8Faik Uygurnew release
942008-05-292.0_alpha7Faik Uygurfix setRepositories bug
932008-05-232.0_alpha7Faik Uygursandbox.conf file, bug fixes
922008-05-112.0_alpha6Faik UygurUse notify for cancel
912008-05-112.0_alpha6Bahadır KandemirOverride default D-Bus timeout in all method calls
902008-05-092.0_alpha6Faik Uygurclear cache should read cache_limit every time
892008-05-082.0_alpha6Faik Uygurmanager.py fixes and comar first upgrade bug fix
882008-05-082.0_alpha5Bahadır KandemirCOMAR address updated
872008-05-072.0_alpha5Faik UygurComar 2.0 script changes, signal handler fix for pm
862008-04-212.0_alpha4Bahadır KandemirD-Bus exception code fixed
852008-04-212.0_alpha4Bahadır KandemirList all D-Bus exceptions if COMAR connection fails.
842008-04-212.0_alpha4Ekin MeroğluSet dbus timeouts in pisi.api - Needed by Yali.
832008-04-032.0_alpha4Faik Uygurpisi cp can take package args now. Needed for baselayout.
822008-04-032.0_alpha4Bahadır KandemirRun registerState() after registering System.Service scripts
812008-04-012.0_alpha4Faik UygurYALI decompress index to read-only filesystem, set_signal_handling added to api
802008-03-102.0_alpha3Faik Uygurcomar-dbus support merged, pisi info sourcepkg support, pisi em -c component support
792008-03-022.0_alpha2Bahadır KandemirCOMAR 2.0 support added. System.Manager (Package.Manager) script removed.
782008-02-202.0_alpha2Faik Uygurpisi history command
772008-02-062.0_alpha1Ekin MeroğluMerge libtool and downgrading bug fixes, remove bsddb3.db dependency and pisi-cli2.5
762008-02-042.0_alpha1Faik UygurFirst alpha release of 2.0
752008-01-211.1.5Faik UygurUpgrade --fetch-only needs write access to database
742007-12-031.1.5S.Çağlar OnurBackport obsoletes_list fix from trunk
732007-07-091.1.5Faik Uygurdelta package empty directory fix
722007-07-051.1.5Faik UygurReplaces and Obsoleted
712007-06-281.1.4Faik Uygurdelta upgrade's hardlink problem fix
702007-06-251.1.4Gürer ÖzenupgradePackage upgrades all packages when no package is given
692007-06-201.1.4Faik Uygurpo updates, file conflicts problem solution
682007-06-081.1.4S.Çağlar OnurSync with SVN (quilt and remove_conflict fixes)
672007-05-311.1.4Faik Uygurquilt, catbox, pychecker cleanups, fixes
662007-05-141.1.3Faik Uygurfrom import changes, inspect bug fix
652007-04-051.1.2Faik Uygurrevert target attribute removal
642007-04-051.1.2Faik Uygurdelta support and bug fixes
632007-03-081.1.1Faik Uygursearch for package-manager
622007-03-021.1.1Faik Uygurnew stable release
612007-02-151.1Faik Uygurdo not add obsoleted distribution packages to index
602007-01-231.1Faik Uygurindex should take latest versioned packages
592007-01-171.1Faik Uygurdo not try to strip symlinks
582006-12-121.1Faik Uygurstable release
572006-12-081.1_rc10Faik Uygurconfigure_pending base reorder, AdditionalFiles attributes and other fixes
562006-12-011.1_rc9Faik Uygurmissing manager.py changes from release 55
552006-12-011.1_rc9Faik Uygursystem.base should come first, tar no-same-owner and other fixes
542006-11-241.1_rc8Faik Uygureager option removed, small fixes
532006-11-101.1_rc7Faik Uygurtiny toony fix
522006-11-061.1_rc7Faik UygurFile conflicts bug fixed, search db optimizations, signal handling and other bug fixes
512006-11-031.1_rc6Faik UygurRemoved the _broken_ expand component's feature for install, remove, upgrade
502006-11-031.1_rc6Faik UygurYALI thread's dont like pisi's signal handling
492006-11-021.1_rc6Faik Uygurpisi's comar interface and other bug fixes.
482006-10-291.1_rc5Faik UygurConflict versioning and bug fixes.
472006-10-191.1_rc4Faik UygurChanges needed by package-manager and bug fixes.
462006-09-261.1_rc3Faik Uygurmostly cli options and help output changes.
452006-09-181.1_rc2Faik UygurRev. dep. bug fix release.
442006-08-311.1_rc1Faik Uygurnew release.
432006-07-141.1_beta15Faik Uygurnew release.
422006-07-111.1_beta14Faik UygurGürer's zip extraction mem usage fix.
412006-07-091.1_beta14Barış Metinnew release
402006-07-071.1_beta13Faik Uygurnew release
392006-07-071.1_beta12Gürer Özenpatch for reading USER environment value
382006-07-061.1_beta12Faik Uygurnew release
372006-07-051.1_beta11Faik Uygurnew release
362006-06-301.1_beta10Barış Metinnew release
352006-06-071.1_beta9Faik Uygurnew release
342006-05-301.1_beta8Eray Özkuralfix dependency
332006-05-291.1_beta8Barış Metinnew release
322006-05-101.1_beta6Eray Özkuralbugfix
312006-05-101.1_beta5Barış MetinNew release
302006-05-101.1_beta4Eray ÖzkuralNew release
292006-05-101.1_beta3Eray ÖzkuralWe require specific releases
282006-05-091.1_beta3Eray Özkural1.1 beta release. change 4suite dep to piksemel.
272006-04-281.1_beta2Faik Uygur1.1 beta release
262005-12-261.0.3Eray Özkuralbugfix release.
252005-12-251.0.2Eray Özkuralbugfix release. add comar rt dep.
242005-12-241.0.1Eray Özkuralbugfix release
232005-12-211.0Eray Özkural1.0 release!
222005-12-191.0_rc5Eray ÖzkuralBugfix release.
212005-12-151.0_rc4Eray ÖzkuralBugfix release. Add translation.
202005-12-151.0_rc3Barış MetinAdd additional file patch.
192005-12-151.0_rc3Eray ÖzkuralUpdate
182005-12-121.0_rc2Eray ÖzkuralUpdate
172005-12-071.0_rc1Eray ÖzkuralUpdate
162005-12-071.0_beta3Eray Özkuraladd bsddb3 dep
152005-11-221.0_beta3Eray ÖzkuralUpdate
142005-11-191.0_beta2Eray ÖzkuralAdd 4suite dependency. Run rebuild-db in postinstall.
132005-11-171.0_beta2Eray ÖzkuralNew release. Get rid of tetex build dependency.
122005-11-171.0_beta1Eray ÖzkuralBeta release. script installations are done through setup.py
112005-11-131.0_alpha9S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
102005-11-111.0_alpha8S.Çağlar OnurDep fix
92005-10-311.0_alpha8S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
82005-10-251.0_alpha7S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
72005-10-181.0_alpha6S.Çağlar OnurUse /usr/lib/pisi patch added...
62005-10-101.0_alpha6S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
52005-10-051.0_alpha5S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
42005-10-021.0_alpha4S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
32005-09-291.0_alpha3S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
22005-09-271.0_alpha2S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
12005-09-261.0_alpha1S.Çağlar OnurFirst release.