mudur 2.1.1

Pardus boot and initialization system

Packager: Bahadır Kandemir

License: GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
772009-04-062.1.1Ozan ÇağlayanFix disappearing /dev/ppp node problem (#9497).
762009-03-312.1.1Ozan Çağlayan- Check whether /forcefsck exists before trying to delete it,
- Load conservative cpufreq governor instead of ondemand. ondemand is already
compiled in.
- Don't trigger udev second time after copying the persistent rules.
752009-03-092.1.1Ozan Çağlayan- Organize fileTypes,
- Don't check for legacy kernels during udev startup,
- Log uevent activities into /var/log/udev.log,
- Handle logger.sync exceptions (#7410),
- Copy the generated persistent cdrom and network rules into /etc/udev/rules.d (#8458, #8520),
- Probe powernow_k8 for AMD CPU family >= 7 (#8678, #9355).
742009-02-092.1.0Bahadır KandemirAutomount support for Disk.Manager
732009-01-292.1.0Bahadır KandemirMudur now provides Disk.Manager service.
722009-01-122.1.0Ozan ÇağlayanReplace Swedish console font by lat0-16 (#8940).
712009-01-072.1.0Bahadır KandemirNew release: 2.1.0
* Start sysklogd after startNetwork and remove redundant sysklogd as it's manually started.
* Add kde4 directories.
* Use Python's default SIGINT signal handler.
* Encapsulate mudur with a main() function.
* Remove module dependency calculation as it's handled by kernel's pakhandler.
702008-12-192.0.1Bahadır KandemirIgnore cleanup errors silently.
692008-11-102.0.1Gökçen EraslanPKG_CONFIG_PATH is added to special variables
682008-10-122.0.1Bahadır KandemirService CLI: Allow "-" in package names.
672008-10-092.0.1Bahadır KandemirNew release. Supports setting service state to conditional.
662008-10-092.0Onur KüçükRemove starting irqbalance unconditionally, we will start it as a service
652008-09-112.0Fatih AşıcıDo not run ldconfig on live cd
642008-08-272.0Bahadır Kandemirsv_SE locale
632008-06-272.0Ekin MeroğluEnable head_start again
622008-06-272.0Bahadır KandemirNew release
612008-06-252.0_beta2Ekin MeroğluDo not add firewire disks to fstab.
602008-06-202.0_beta2Bahadır KandemirNew release
592008-06-172.0_beta1Bahadır KandemirMount remote filesystems after starting network.
582008-06-132.0_beta1Bahadır KandemirNew release
572008-05-272.0_alpha8Ekin MeroğluAdd cpufreq support, grab Fatih's patches for speed improvements and splash fixes, clean pulseaudio temps.
562008-05-212.0_alpha8Bahadır KandemirGet network applications from COMAR
552008-05-092.0_alpha8Bahadır KandemirSync with trunk. Service and module fixes.
542008-05-052.0_alpha8Bahadır KandemirNew release
532008-04-212.0_alpha7Bahadır KandemirService command bug fixes.
522008-04-152.0_alpha6Bahadır KandemirNetwork and service command bug fixes.
512008-04-102.0_alpha5Bahadır KandemirAsk for authentication info in network-cli
502008-04-072.0_alpha5Bahadır KandemirNew release
492008-04-012.0_alpha4Ekin MeroğluSwapname fix for new parted
482008-04-012.0_alpha4Bahadır KandemirNew release
472008-03-192.0_alpha3Bahadır KandemirNew release
462008-03-142.0_alpha2Bahadır KandemirNew release
452008-03-102.0_alpha1Bahadır KandemirCreate service dirs
442008-03-032.0_alpha1Bahadır KandemirImprovements to D-Bus service management
432008-03-022.0_alpha1Bahadır KandemirNew release
422008-02-041.19Bahadır KandemirNew release
412007-09-071.18Bahadır KandemirFixed syntax error in
402007-09-061.18Bahadır KandemirNew release: Improvements to network-cli by Selda Kuruoglu
392007-07-021.17Gürer Özenkexec fix + i18n up
382007-06-071.16Onur KüçükIn fstab set ntfs locale from system locale, ignore nfs/cifs lines
372007-06-041.16Gürer Özennfs/cifs automount
362007-05-251.15Gürer Özensmarter, new, -nobarrier
352007-05-201.14Onur KüçükFix console font, add lat5u family fonts for special characters
342007-04-061.14Gürer ÖzenHWClock drift is optional with default off, new update-fstab code, service command return values, local.start/stop is not a service anymore, run manually by mudur, i18n updates
332007-03-261.13S.Çağlar OnurRemove isLaptop function
322007-03-091.13Onur KüçükForce update-fstab not to remove LABEL=PARDUS_* in any condition
312007-03-031.13Onur KüçükFix update-fstab crash when no label exists in any partition
302007-03-031.13Onur KüçükSync update-fstab to add support for labels
292007-02-281.13Gürer Özenpt_BR support, translation updates
282007-01-161.12Gürer Özensupport status in, correctly copy /lib/udev/devices, forcefsck option
272007-01-041.11Gürer ÖzenDont follow symlinks in /tmp while cleaning up
262006-12-101.10Gürer Özenmmc card support, update-fstab fix for / part, Notebook+Portable for dmidecode
252006-12-011.9S.Çağlar OnurWorkaround of bug #4297
242006-11-291.9Gürer Özenupdate-fstab fixes, i18n, no dmfe in blacklist, dvb detect
232006-11-231.8Gürer ÖzenNew tarball, service perm message fixes
222006-11-231.7S.Çağlar OnurUpdate fstab in postInstall to fix all automount issues, sync with SVN
212006-11-101.7Gürer ÖzenParport, blacklist fixes
202006-10-291.6Gürer ÖzenNew interface
192006-10-101.5Gürer ÖzenMinor fixes for livecd
182006-09-181.4Gürer ÖzenNew release, use udevtrigger (requires new release), irqbalance fix, a bit faster.
172006-09-031.3Gürer ÖzenPatch for fixing scsi module loading bug
162006-09-011.3Gürer ÖzenNew release, improved muavin and support of new udev features
152006-08-151.2Gürer ÖzenNew release, i18n nl support, udev fixes
142006-07-111.1Gürer ÖzenRelease
132006-07-091.0Gürer ÖzenRelease
122006-07-070.9Gürer ÖzenRelease
112006-07-070.8Gürer ÖzenFix for pisi updates
102006-07-060.8Gürer ÖzenMark filetypes correctly
92006-07-040.8Gürer ÖzenFix comar dependency
82006-07-040.8Gürer ÖzenNew comar script
72006-06-140.8Gürer ÖzenNew release
62006-05-100.7S.Çağlar Onurconflict with hotplug
52006-05-080.7Gürer ÖzenConfig fix
42006-05-080.7Gürer ÖzenNew release
32006-05-060.6Gürer ÖzenNew release
22006-04-150.5Gürer ÖzenComar init script
12006-03-220.5Gürer ÖzenFirst release