hplip 3.9.2

HP Linux Imaging and Printing System


Packager: Onur Küçük

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
302009-04-073.9.2Onur KüçükVersion bump. Added support for new scanners and printers, allow fdi file in package, fixes bug #9502
292008-11-112.8.10Onur KüçükVersion bump. Added support for new scanners and printers, fix foomatic usage through ppd files, fixes bug #8610
282008-10-092.8.9Onur KüçükVersion bump. Added support for new scanners and new devices, many toolbox fixes, hp-uri made smarter
272008-09-152.8.7Onur KüçükEnable gui and split as hplip-gui, fixes bug #8178
262008-08-122.8.7Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump: Fixes #7925 caused by hp-makeuri buggy output
252008-07-262.8.6bGökçen EraslanVersion bump: This release focuses on adding support of recently released HP printers as well as defect fixes and a few minor enhancements. hp-systray and xdg/autostart are removed since they are not required in our non-GUI build
242008-04-082.8.4Onur KüçükVersion bump
232007-12-242.7.12Onur KüçükMinor bump for bugfixes and support for more LJZjsMono printers
222007-12-132.7.10Onur KüçükMajor version bump, lots of new models and fixes, no more service script needed
212007-10-121.7.4aİsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-5208
202007-05-311.7.4aOnur KüçükVersion bump for some new models and wrong "printer not found" errors
192007-05-231.7.1Bahadır KandemirUpdated Service script.
182007-03-301.7.1S.Çağlar OnurAdd missing dep.
172007-02-051.7.1Onur KüçükFix buffer overflow and bump to add support for more printers
162007-01-121.6.12Onur KüçükFix lots of defects, especially the "poll frequently" bug
152006-11-181.6.10Onur KüçükMatch with new foomatic-db version
142006-11-081.6.10Onur KüçükVersion bump
132006-10-141.6.9Onur KüçükFix service script
122006-10-131.6.9Onur KüçükRemove sane-backend workaround
112006-10-091.6.9Bahadır KandemirService script updated.
102006-09-221.6.9Onur KüçükUpdate for lots of fixes
92006-08-171.6.7Onur KüçükUpdate for lots of fixes
82006-07-011.6.6Onur KüçükUpdate for lots of fixes
72006-05-190.9.11Onur KüçükUpdate for lots of fixes
62006-04-290.9.10Onur KüçükUpdate for lots of fixes
52006-04-210.9.8Bahadır KandemirFix service script
42006-04-190.9.8Bahadır KandemirMudur script added
32006-02-240.9.8Onur KüçükNew version
22006-01-260.9.7Onur KüçükFix init script and python usage
12005-12-300.9.7Onur KüçükFirst release.