gecko-mediaplayer 0.9.5

Mediaplayer plugin for firefox

Packager: Onur Küçük

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
102009-03-130.9.5Onur KüçükVersion bump to workaround for some buggy sites, fixes bug #9310
92009-01-050.9.3Onur KüçükFix control ID's with underscores, like in some BBC radios see
82009-01-020.9.3Onur KüçükMinor bump for lots of bugfixes, including making the translations work, playing of sound in some media files bug #8588, fix eve-raido playing bug #8851, fix mplayer running as a child and defects caused by this like small video display, not killing the child on exit etc. bug #8948
72008-11-240.9.2Onur KüçükMinor bump to fix temporary directory usage, use XDG cache location for streams
62008-11-030.9.0Onur KüçükAdd feature to ASX parser to add url prefix if missing, fix preference problems
52008-10-030.8.0Onur KüçükRemove gconf dependency
42008-09-290.8.0Onur KüçükStable bump
32008-08-180.7.0Onur KüçükStable bump
22008-07-090.6.3Onur KüçükStable bump
12008-06-100.6.2Onur KüçükFirst release