file 5.00

Program to identify a file's format by scanning binary data for patterns

Packager: Bahadır Kandemir

License: as-is


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
172009-02-045.00Bahadır KandemirNew release:
- CDF support (MS Office 9x)
- Recursive magic support (can handle ID3 properly)
- Encoding fixes
162008-09-044.26Bahadır KandemirVersion bump
152008-08-054.25Bahadır KandemirVersion bump
142007-12-284.23Bahadır KandemirVersion bump
132007-12-284.22Bahadır KandemirAuthor updated package without increasing version.
122007-12-274.22Bahadır KandemirVersion bump
112007-09-094.21Onur KüçükFix bug #6304, add many magic fixes
102007-05-264.21S.Çağlar OnurBump to official one
92007-05-244.20İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-2799
82007-05-174.20S.Çağlar OnurMore on DoS attack with regex and Avoid crash on unknown option and enable option -e (From OpenSuse)
72007-04-174.20S.Çağlar OnurFix #5486
62007-03-294.20S.Çağlar OnurEnable python bindings, pisi and other tools now can use that
52007-03-194.20İsmail DönmezVersion bump to fix
42006-12-274.19Bahadır KandemirVersion bump
32006-04-274.17S.Çağlar OnurFix header installation :(
22006-03-284.17Bahadır KandemirVersion bump.
12005-07-214.12S.Çağlar OnurFirst release.