veusz 1.3

A scientific plotting package written in Python

Packager: Serdar Dalgıç

License: BSD


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
62009-03-011.3Serdar DalgıçVersion bump: Changes in 1.3:
* Add data capture from sockets, files and external programs
* Remembers previous entries in dialog boxes
* Add shaded regions or lines error bar style
* Plot keys can be dragged around with the mouse
* New clearer scalable icons
* Now requires Python >= 2.4
52008-12-021.2.1Serdar Dalgıç* Fix crash when adding a key without any key text defined.
* Boxes, ellipses, lines, arrows and image files can now be added to the plot or page and interactively adjusted.
* Page sizes, graphs, grids and axes can be interactively adjusted.
* Plot keys can have multiple columns.
* Error bars can have cross-ends.
* Several user interface usability enhancements.
* Embedding interface has been rewritten to be more robust. It now uses multiple processes and sockets.
* Embedding interface has been expanded:
- Zoom width, height and page options for zooming graph to window
- Dynamically change update interval
- Move between pages of documents
- Open up more than one view onto a document
* PDF export fixed for recent versions of Qt
* Quite a lot of minor bug fixes
42008-10-031.1Serdar DalgıçVersion bump, add icon tag, change examples' directory, add PyQt4 as a dependency and package takeover.
32007-12-181.0Murat ŞenelVersion bump and depend to new numpy
22006-12-080.10Murat ŞenelVersion bump
12006-11-220.9Murat ŞenelFirst release