flickrapi 1.2

Flicker python bindings

Packager: Recep Kırmızı

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
42009-02-031.2Türker Sezerfix sandbox violation
32009-01-051.2Recep KırmızıSome methods have been deprecated in version 1.1, which are now
removed. Those are the class methods:
- test_failure
- get_printable_error
- get_rsp_error_code
- get_rsp_error_msg
The default parser format has been changed from XMLNode to
ElementTree. Either convert your code to use the new ElementTree
parser, or pass the ``format='xmlnode'`` parameter to the FlickrAPI

The upload and replace methods now use the format parameter, so if you
use ElementTree as the parser, you'll now also get an ElementTree
response from uploading and replacing photos. To keep the old
behaviour you can pass ``format='xmlnode'`` to those methods.
22008-08-301.1Recep KırmızıBump.
12007-09-300.14Recep KırmızıFirst release.