yaz 4.1.2

C/C++ Z39.50v3 library


Packager: Serdar Dalgıç

License: BSD


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
222010-12-214.1.2Serdar DalgıçMajor version bump for Pardus 2011.
212009-12-043.0.52Doruk FişekFix WRT handling of cs_connect failures
202009-12-033.0.51Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* tcpip comstack: fix leak for getaddrinfo.
* Encoding of SRU database is performed by yaz_encode_sru_dbpath_odr or yaz_encode_sru_dbpath_buf. Now used by yaz-client and the ZOOM API.
* Decoding of SRU "path" database is performed by private function yaz_decode_sru_dbpath_odr. This in turn is used by yaz_srw_decode and yaz_sru_decode in server applications, GFS, yazproxy, metaproxy.
* yaz-client honors base command for SRU. Change when database setting is applied for SRU and ensure it is kept when a connection is reset. Change also the way errors are displayed or SRU (decoding of packages).
192009-11-033.0.50Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* Add support for extra request / response data for SRU codecs and GFS.
* ZOOM: For queries that cannot be converted to the specified rpnCharset, ZOOM now returns a diagnostic on the client-side ('invalid query' / 10010).
* yaz-client fix: If cmdfile is passed to yaz-client (option -f) and that cmdfile included a 'quit' command that would result in a memory violation.
182009-10-013.0.49Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* Make a number of functions defined in xmlquery.c static.
* Improve speed of conversions from MARC-8.
* ZOOM_record_get returns 0 pointer if a MARC record can not be decoded - unless type desired is "raw".
* Fix memory leak in ZOOM that when option apdulog was used.
* Frontend server logs HTTP requests.
* Frontend server now sends Z39.50 close when it times out
* yaz-client emits a better message when receiving an unrecognised userInformationField.
* Skip zero-length subfields when decoding ISO2709.
* Fix yaz-marcdump error when option -n was used.
172009-08-313.0.48Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* The show command of zoomsh now takes a 3d optional parameter type (default is "render")
* RPN to CQL conversion may use USE string attributes
* MarcXchange NS update
162009-07-083.0.47Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* zoom: ZOOM_record_get now renders OPAC records when type=xml. Previously only the bibliographic record was rendered. For type=opac, an OPAC record is only returned if it is present.
* iconv: small fix for encoding of advancegreek.
* yaz-client: avoid double display of SRU/SRW records, option auto_reconnect=on really reconnects, avoid length limit for auth parameters.
* server: avoid null ptr ref for for yaz_poll errors.
* comstack: prefer IPV6 addresses over IPV4
* Function yaz_xml2query allows a diagnostic element in the PQF XML representation
* The BER BOOLEAN is now the integral type Odr_bool which still happens to be an 'int'
152009-04-293.0.45Doruk FişekUpdate doc path for 2009, disable static libs, fix unused direct deps.
142009-03-313.0.45Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* Fixed TCP connect returns Invalid argument.
* Honor charset for raw records (ZOOM_record_get).
* Disable YAZ' own log rotate by default.
132009-02-173.0.44Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* List supported encodings in man page for yaz-iconv.
* Fixed missing SSL libs for --libs output.
* Re-established OID record syntax application-xml.
122009-02-023.0.42Doruk Fişek* Added member named_result_sets for init handler struct for the GFS. This allows a server to disable named result sets.
* Removed OID record syntax application-xml.
* Added support for rule-based transliterator for ICU wrapper of YAZ.
* Fixed yaz-icu XML output and omit sort key by default.
* Make YAZ checks Emacs friendly.
* BITSTRING value shows value.
* ISO2709 decoding: skip control characters from indicator data.
* Allow combined single char options (again) for YAZ' options function.
* Allow YAZ to use ICU 3.4.
* Added new ICU test case which illustrates removal of diacritics.
112008-12-293.0.41Doruk FişekVersion bump :
* Fixed crash of yaz-marcdump for a certain record.
* Added man page 'bib1-attr' which includes list of common Bib-1 attributes.
* Added support for Danmarc2 to UTF-8 conversion.
* Added support for ISO5426 to UTF-8 conversion.
* zget_InitRequest/zget_InitResponse returns GIT SHA1 hash as part of implementation version.
* Function yaz_version returns GIT SHA1 hash for parameter sha1_str.
102008-11-103.0.38Doruk FişekNew stable version : ZOOM C now only fires one ZOOM_EVENT_SEARCH per search-task. Fixed CCL to RPN/PQF conversion. Fixed memory violation for ZOOM C. ZOOM C now interprets databaseName option for ZOOM connection as path.
92008-09-263.0.36Doruk FişekVersion bump.
82008-06-253.0.34Doruk FişekVersion bump.
72008-05-143.0.26Serdar SoytetirVersion bump
62007-03-162.1.54Doruk FişekVersion bump.
52007-03-072.1.52Doruk FişekVersion bump.
42007-01-242.1.48Doruk FişekVersion bump.
32007-01-182.1.46Doruk FişekVersion bump.
22007-01-132.1.44Doruk FişekVersion bump.
12006-12-232.1.42Doruk FişekFirst release.