xine-lib 1.1.19

Core libraries for Xine movie player

Packager: Onur Küçük

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
682010-10-121.1.19Fatih AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
672010-09-041.1.19Onur KüçükForce usage of -lpthread instead of -pthread
662010-08-301.1.19Onur KüçükFix build with new libXvMC thanks to Fatih
Split devel package
652010-08-251.1.19Onur KüçükNew upstream version
Add webm support
642010-04- KüçükNew upstream version
Fix text relocations in deinterlace plugins
632009-07- ÇağlayanFix glitchy audio problem.
622009-07- KüçükAdd missing dependencies
612009-04- AşıcıRemove xorg-server dep and add X libraries
602009-04- KüçükRemove some unnecessary patches for 2009
592009-04- KüçükMinor bump to fix integer overflow in Quicktime demuxer and CVE-2009-0385, bug #9519
582009-03- KüçükAdd a better patch for vcd problem and tag release 56 as security
572009-02- KüçükAdd simpleblock parsing support to matroska demuxer fixing bug #8548
562009-02- KüçükVersion bump, fix vcd crash bug #9215 and fix security bug #9302
552009-01- KüçükFix lots of overflows CVE-2008-5234, CVE-2008-5236, CVE-2008-5237, CVE-2008-5239, CVE-2008-5240, CVE-2008-5241, CVE-2008-5242, CVE-2008-5243
542008-11-211.1.15Onur KüçükFix goom lock up by fixing memory usage and resolution init, fixes bug #6709, fix config memory leaks, add support for v9 in flv demuxer, fix aac in matroska, fix matroska memory leaks, use deepbind for better ffmpeg usage, disable FC/FT until it is working, fixes bug #8267
532008-11-121.1.15Onur KüçükAdd more avc1 FOURCC
522008-09-271.1.15Onur KüçükFix playing of old dmo wmv9 files, fixes bug #7441, fix segfault on Turkish locale when loading dlls
512008-09-051.1.15Gökçen EraslanAdd missing dep wavpack because of
502008-08-271.1.15Gökçen EraslanFix KDE build problem, use __inline instead of inline in buffer.h
492008-08-151.1.15Pınar YanardağVersion bump to fix: Multiple integer overflows in src/demuxers/id3.c,
multiple boundary errors in src/demuxers/demux_real.c,
and a boundary error in src/input/input_v4l.c and Bug#7494.
482008-07-251.1.14S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
472008-06-231.1.13Onur KüçükVersion bump
462008-04-181.1.12Gökçen EraslanFix CVE-2008-1878
452008-04-151.1.12Eren TürkayVersion bump. Includes bug-fixes and fix for CVE-2008-1686.
442008-04-ökçen EraslanFix CVE-2008-1482
432008-03- TürkayFix array indexing vulnerability while parsing RTSP streams.
422008-02-İsmail DönmezStable update to fix a FLAC overflow
412008-01-261.1.10İsmail DönmezStable update to fix an ASF overflow similar to CVE-2006-1664
402008-01-İsmail DönmezStable update
392008-01-101.1.9İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2008-0225
382008-01-071.1.9İsmail DönmezStable update
372007-12-101.1.8İsmail DönmezFix #6639
362007-08-281.1.8İsmail DönmezStable update
352007-06-071.1.7İsmail DönmezStable update
342007-05-291.1.6İsmail DönmezFix playback of FLAC files
332007-05-271.1.6İsmail DönmezFix VCD playback
322007-04-181.1.6S.Çağlar OnurStable update
312007-04-101.1.5İsmail DönmezStable update
302007-03-091.1.4_20070305İsmail DönmezDepend on new flac
292007-03-051.1.4_20070305İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-1246
282007-03-051.1.4_20070305İsmail DönmezUpdate to new snapshot
272007-02-071.1.4İsmail DönmezFix ADPCM overflow
262007-02-021.1.4Eren TürkayEnable modplug support. Fix #4945
252007-01-291.1.4İsmail DönmezStable update
242006-12-031.1.3İsmail DönmezStable update
232006-11-291.1.2_20061129İsmail DönmezFix overflows in ASF and RM demuxers
222006-11-231.1.2_20061123İsmail DönmezFix overflows in ALAC decoder and shorten plugin
212006-11-201.1.2_20061120İsmail DönmezVersion bump and fix FLIC overflows
202006-11-201.1.2_20060929Onur KüçükCompile with new libs
192006-11-111.1.2_20060929İsmail DönmezUse internal VCD libs
182006-10-291.1.2_20060929İsmail DönmezDepend on new libcdio
172006-10-061.1.2_20060929S.Çağlar OnurDisable jack support
162006-09-291.1.2_20060929İsmail DönmezUpdate to new snapshot
152006-08-081.1.2_20060808İsmail DönmezUpdate to new snapshot
142006-07-111.1.2_20060621İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2006-2200
132006-07-061.1.2_20060621Onur KüçükFix essential dependency
122006-06-211.1.2_20060621İsmail DönmezFix crashes with visualisations
112006-06-061.1.2_20060603İsmail DönmezReally fix CVE-2006-2802
102006-06-031.1.2_20060603İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2006-2802
92006-05-171.1.2_20060328İsmail DönmezMinor security enchancements
82006-05-021.1.2_20060328İsmail DönmezAnother security update
72006-04-151.1.0İsmail DönmezFix
62005-12-221.1.0İsmail DönmezFix libavcodec buffer overflow
52005-11-281.1.0S.Çağlar OnurAdd samba support
42005-10-281.1.0İsmail DönmezAdd speex support
32005-10-171.1.0A. Murat ErenVersion bump.
22005-10-121.0Gürer ÖzenBuild asf demuxer too.
12005-10-031.0A. Murat ErenFirst release.