virtualbox 4.0.2

A powerful virtualization program

Packager: Fatih Aşıcı

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
552011-01-194.0.2Fatih ArslanUpdate to newest maintenance release
542011-01-054.0.0Fatih ArslanNew stable release
532010-10-153.2.10Fatih AşıcıNew stable release
522010-10-133.2.8Gökçen EraslanMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
512010-10-103.2.8Fatih AşıcıUpdates for xserver 1.9 and x86_64
502010-08-063.2.8Fatih AşıcıNew stable release
492010-06-263.2.6Fatih Aşıcı- Bump to the latest stable release
- Add missing dependencies
482010-05-133.1.6Onur KüçükWrite strict dependency to new version of kdepimlibs,qt,kdebase,kdebase-runtime,kdebase-workspace,kdelibs,kdelibs-devel,kdepimlibs-devel
472010-04-123.1.6Fatih AşıcıInstall mount.vboxsf into the correct directory (#12636)
462010-03-133.1.6Fatih AşıcıNew stable release which improves stability and fixes regressions
452010-02-133.1.4Fatih AşıcıNew stable release which improves stability and fixes regressions
442009-12-253.1.2Fatih AşıcıDisable registration and update requests
432009-12-223.1.2Fatih Aşıcı- Bump to latest stable release
- Use drivers for xorg server 1.7
- Refactor
- Install python bindings
422009-10-073.0.10Fatih AşıcıNew stable release which fixes several bugs and regressions
412009-10-073.0.8Fatih AşıcıNew stable release. Fix VBoxNetAdpCtl Escalation of Privileges, #11283.
402009-09-153.0.6Fatih AşıcıNew stable release
392009-08-063.0.4Fatih AşıcıNew stable release. This release also fixes a security issue (#10764).
382009-07-113.0.2Fatih AşıcıNew stable release
372009-07-083.0.0Fatih AşıcıNew stable release
362009-06-142.2.4Fatih AşıcıFix quote character in Turkish keyboard
352009-06-072.2.4Fatih Aşıcı- Drop vbox-python
- Depend on virt-wrapper
- Do not chown
342009-05-312.2.4Fatih Aşıcı- New stable release
- Use virt-wrapper if available
332009-05-212.2.2Fatih AşıcıNew stable release
322009-04-132.2.0Fatih AşıcıBump to new release which supports 3D for guests
312009-03-252.1.4Fatih AşıcıEnable hardening again and fix CVE-2009-0876
302009-03-182.1.4Fatih AşıcıLet vboxmouse not call setlocale (#9389)
292009-02-182.1.4Fatih AşıcıRemove service script. We will use the udev script in virtualbox-guest-modules package.
282009-02-172.1.4Fatih Aşıcı* Bump to new bugfix release
* Load vboxnetflt module if needed
* Add a service script to guest-utils package in order to
- load the kernel module for host file system access
- start the time synchronisation daemon
272009-02-022.1.2Fatih Aşıcı* virtualbox-guest-utils package now includes the utilities
and drivers needed by Pardus guests.
* Installation path changed to /usr/lib/virtualbox
* Do not build kernel modules as they are packaged separately
* Added a patch to compile with kernel headers 2.6.29
* Turkish translation updates by Serdar Soytetir
262009-01-232.1.2Burak ÇalışkanVersion Bump
252009-01-022.1.0Burak ÇalışkanVersion Bump
242008-05-ökçen EraslanAdd python wrapper to fix kernel module load problem via hav
232008-04- MeroğluVersion Bump
222008-04- Meroğluadded gcc 4.3 fixes for
212008-03-ökçen Eraslanvditool symlink added, hav call in adapted to COMAR2
202008-03- MeroğluFix a last-minute regression on Linux hosts (host interface networking did not work anymore), add some missing i18n translations
192008-02-201.5.6İsmail DönmezStable update
182008-01-101.5.4İsmail DönmezStable update
172007-10-191.5.2İsmail DönmezStable update
162007-09-021.5.0İsmail DönmezVersion bump
152007-06-261.4.0İsmail DönmezUse Boot.Modules
142007-06-061.4.0İsmail DönmezVersion bump
132007-05-011.3.8İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-1321, CVE-2007-1322, CVE-2007-1323 and CVE-2007-1366
122007-04-091.3.8İsmail DönmezFix post install script
112007-03-141.3.8İsmail DönmezNew release
102007-02-281.3.6İsmail DönmezAdd back udev rule
92007-02-281.3.6İsmail DönmezWorkaround module loading issue
82007-02-201.3.6İsmail DönmezStable update
72007-02-191.3.4_20070219İsmail DönmezNew snapshot fixing keyboard problem
62007-02-121.3.4İsmail DönmezStable update
52007-02-081.3.3_20070208İsmail DönmezNew snapshot
42007-01-181.3.3_20070118İsmail DönmezNew snapshot
32007-01-171.3.3_20070117İsmail DönmezUse udev
22007-01-171.3.3_20070117İsmail DönmezProvide VBoxGuestAdditions.iso
12007-01-171.3.3_20070117İsmail DönmezFirst release.