tellico 2.3.2

A collection manager for KDE

Packager: Serdar Dalgıç

License: GPLv2+


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
292010-12-212.3.2Serdar DalgıçMake the package ready for Pardus 2011: Use kd4 pisi actionsapi, add missing deps.
282010-12-202.3.2Serdar DalgıçVersion bump and add missing libqjson dependency. Own the package.
272010-05-132.2Onur KüçükWrite strict dependency to new version of kdepimlibs,qt,kdebase,kdebase-runtime,kdebase-workspace,kdelibs,kdelibs-devel,kdepimlibs-devel
262010-02-152.2Mehmet Nur OlcayAdd KDE4.3 strict dependency and stable bump:
-KOrganizer integration for adding loans to calendar
-KAddressBook integration for adding borrowers from the address book
-Added data source for Giant Bomb and The Movie DB
-Updated CrossRef data source to allow authenticationn via email only
-Bug fixes and other improvements
252009-11-202.1_20091120Mehmet Nur OlcayBump to latest svn snapshot to fix lots of crashes, drop upstreamed patch
242009-11-022.1Mehmet Nur Olcay* Fixed crashing bug with HTML export
* Fixed bug with saving and reloading view settings
* Fixed grouping to show empty groups
* Added PAM/PRISM translator for SRU fetcher
* Added data source for searching
* Changed Amazon and Crossref data sources to store passwords locally instead of in the KWallet
* Updated GCstar importing for video games and board games
* Added feature for exporting to GCstar format
* Updated ISBNdb and Discogs data sources to allow user access keys
- Other bug fixes and improvements
232009-09-222.0Mehmet Nur OlcayBump to first stable release for KDE4:
*Document loading for the Tellico (.tc) format improved
*Image handling refactored
*Support for sending citations to removed
*The dependency on the QCA2 library removed. It is no longer necessary for running Amazon searches
*Support for barcode scanning with webcam fixed to work with new Linux kernels
*Other bugfixes and improvements
222009-08-032.0_pre1Mehmet Nur OlcayFirst prerelease for 2.0 stable:
*Homepage changed, Qca dependency added, remove redundant dependencies
*Document syntax version has been bumped to 11, if you save a file with this version of Tellico, older versions of Tellico will not open it
*Locales are back
212009-06-132.0_20090613Mehmet Nur OlcayNew snapshot, fix icon Path and license
202009-06-012.0_20090601Mehmet Nur OlcayFirst release for KDE4, now using cmake.Tidy deps up for 2009
192009-02-151.3.5Doruk Fişek* Updated entry updating to not combine multiple values.
* Fixed CueCat decoder to work for UPC and ISBN values.
* Updated Delicious Library 1 importer to handle movies and games.
* Fixed query bug with z39.50 ISBN searches.
* Don't mark collection modified when image is found in local data directory.
* Added date, time, and username as available params to XSLT export.
* Fix JavaScript sorting.
* Fixed crash when exporting to small Alexandria collections.
* Updated search dialog to open edit box for multiple ISBN search automatically.
* Various small performance tweaks.
* Option for using SAX loading instead of DOM loading.
182008-09-141.3.4Doruk FişekVersion bump.
172008-07-101.3.3Doruk FişekVersion bump.
162008-05-201.3.2Doruk FişekVersion bump.
152008-05-191.3.1Doruk FişekVersion bump.
142007-09-231.2.14Doruk FişekVersion bump.
132007-07-291.2.13Doruk FişekVersion bump.
122007-07-041.2.12Doruk FişekVersion bump.
112007-05-211.2.11Doruk FişekAdd Turkish translation in desktop file.
102007-05-191.2.11Doruk FişekTurkish translation updated.
92007-05-091.2.11Doruk FişekVersion bump.
82007-04-071.2.10Doruk FişekVersion bump, add missing build dependency.
72007-03-021.2.9Doruk FişekVersion bump, add missing build dependency.
62007-02-031.2.8Doruk FişekVersion bump, fix comar script path, add icon.
52006-12-081.2.7Eren TürkayVersion bump
42006-11-061.2.5Eren TürkayVersion bump
32006-09-081.2.2Eren TürkayUpdate
22006-09-041.2Eren TürkayUpdate
12006-06-271.1.6Eren TürkayFirst release.