shared-mime-info 0.90

The shared MIME info database

Packager: Gökçen Eraslan

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
232010-12-120.90Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 0.90
222010-10-280.80Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 0.80, takeover package, and strip off KDE specific bits from defaults.list file, it's in pardus-default-settings package.
212010-10-120.71Fatih AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
202010-04-050.71Fatih AşıcıNew release
192010-02-120.70Ozan ÇağlayanAdd k3b for CD/DVD images, fix msword typo.
182010-02-120.70Gökçen EraslanFix Java Webstart mimetype association
172010-02-080.70Gökçen EraslanAdd application/x-pisi to defaults.list
162009-12-240.70Gökçen EraslanAssign metalink file format to KGet as a default application.
152009-11-110.70Gökçen EraslanAdd postinstall script to update global mime databases (including KDE's). If database format is changed as in 0.70, we have to update mime database, pakhandler of this package is useless in this scenario.
142009-10-090.70Fatih AşıcıAdd Xsession.d script in order to update user's mime database on X session login
132009-10-060.70Fatih AşıcıBump to latest release
122009-10-030.60Gökçen EraslanAdd Okular-epub mapping to the defaults.list file. #11060
112009-06-120.60Ozan ÇağlayanOptimize and fix pakhandler.
102009-05-270.60Gökçen EraslanAdd defaults.list and mimeapps.list files
92009-04-200.60Fatih Aşıcı* Change cleanupPackage to postCleanupPackage in package handler
* Remove system.{base,devel} deps
82009-03-200.60Fatih AşıcıBump to latest release
72008-12-280.51Serdar SoytetirVersion bump. Add Turkish translations.
62008-05-120.30Eren TürkayVersion bump.
52007-12-240.23İsmail DönmezStable update
42007-12-130.22İsmail DönmezAdd package handler
32007-08-020.22İsmail DönmezStable update
22006-07-030.18S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
12005-09-040.14S.Çağlar OnurFirst release.