lftp 4.1.1

Command line FTP client


Packager: Mehmet Emre Atasever

License: GPLv3


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
62010-11-284.1.1Mehmet Emre AtaseverVersion bump
52010-10-184.0.10Mehmet Emre AtaseverVersion bump
42010-06-204.0.9Doruk FişekVersion bump:
* torrent: don't try to re-download invalid piece from the same peer.
* added a short lftp.conf(5) man page.
* fixed a problem with zeroed errno.
* fixed status of mget from file: schema.
* fixed get/mget -c when xfer:clobber is off.
* fixed file verification in pget.
* fixed ftp encoding for servers with LANG but without UTF8 feature.
32010-04-304.0.7Doruk FişekVersion bump:
* make xfer:clobber off by default.
* use O_EXCL flag when xfer:clobber is off.
* better validation of server-provided file name.
* new setting xfer:auto-rename (off by default).
* new setting ftp:ssl-copy-sid (for some broken servers).
* fixed CCC ftp command to shutdown SSL connection properly.
* fixed `pget -c' on complete files.
* limit number of attempts to upload a file (net:max-retries).
* handle 426 ftp reply to STOR specially.
* retry FEAT after login even after non-standard 5xx reply.
22010-01-174.0.5Doruk FişekVersion bump:
* added support for lighttpd listings.
* added dnssec support.
* added torrent client.
* automatically set time precision on FAT-like FS.
* Update Czech translation.
* new setting cmd:stifle-rl-history to limit command history size.
* fixed sftp rename.
* fixed a core dump on `kill all' with pget.
* fixed interrupting of a torrent with unresponsive tracker.
* fixed exit code of mget/mput.
* ignore `Status of' line in STAT output (ftp).
* fixed handling of files starting with a tilde in ftp.
* fixed an infinite bind-loop in ftp.
* fixed timestamps in `mirror --ignore-time'.
12009-07-293.7.15Doruk FişekFirst release