kernel 2.6.37

The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) for Pardus Linux

Packager: Ozan Çağlayan

License: GPLv2


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
1522011-01-172.6.37Ozan Çağlayan- Blacklist 2 Lenovo in acer-wmi (#15967),
- Disable USB autosuspending for now (#15445),
- Add an edp fix for i915.
1512011-01-052.6.37Ozan Çağlayan- Bump to mainline 2.6.37,
- drm/nouveau: Add workarounds for some chipsets,
- Fix hogging kworker issue (#14614),
- Add r8192se_pci module (#15534),
- Disable rtl8292e staging driver to prefer r8192se_pci (#14942),
- Disable acpi_reboot patch to see what happens,
- Disable applesmc patch which floods SMC Interrupt messages,
1502010-12-312.6.37_rc8Ozan ÇağlayanDisable Rafael's patch which breaks ACPI.
1492010-12-302.6.37_rc8Ozan ÇağlayanBump to 2.6.37_rc8.
1482010-12-292.6.37_rc7Ozan Çağlayan- Bump to 2.6.37_rc7,
- Fix autoloading problem of mantis dvb (#14647).
1472010-12- ÇağlayanDrop kernel-firmware package.
1462010-11- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- Depend on new mkinitramfs to create the mkinitramfs,
- tty: restore tty_ldisc_wait_idle,
- print tty device name to find out the WARNING in tty_io.c,
- fix gcc miscompilation issue,
- fix zero struct memory in ipc compat (CVE-2010-4073),
- fix zero struct memory in ipc shm (CVE-2010-4072),
- fix logic error in INET_DIAG bytecode auditing (CVE-2010-3880),
- posix-cpu-timers: workaround to suppress the problems with mt exec,
- Fix graphics on HP 2530p,
1452010-10-272.6.36Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to final release,
- Add runtime PM fixes from fedora,
- Disable IMA,
- Fix suspend/resume on XHCI,
- Disable DMAR with Ricoh card reader,
- backport pnpacpi-cope-with-invalid-device-ids from linux-next,
- Get DRM changes from drm-core-next tree
1442010-10-142.6.36_rc7Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 2.6.36_rc7-git4,
- Disable CONFIG_AUTOFS as it breaks the v4,
1432010-10-062.6.36_rc6Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 2.6.36_rc6,
- Fix i7core_edac oops (#14371),
- Add Unionfs support,
- Enable CONFIG_NET_CLS_CGROUP for lxc container support.
1422010-09-132.6.36_rc4Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 2.6.36_rc4,
- Build ipv6 and autofs into the kernel for systemd,
1412010-08- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- Replace module-ipheth-driver,
- Enable tm6000 driver (#9111),
1402010-07- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- drm/i915: Add more edp fixes,
- drm: Add fixes from 2.6.34 stable queue,
- drm/nouveau: Add fixes from nouveau/master,
- drm/i915: Fix edp panels on a number of notebooks,
- sctp: crash due to malformed SCTPChunkInit packet (CVE-2010-1173) (#12914),
1392010-05-312.6.32.14Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- ext4: Fix possible data corruption with ext4 mounted with -o discard,
- hid: add multi-input quirk for eGalax Touchcontroller,
- ssb: check for sprom to fix hard hangs,
- thinkpad_acpi: Fix backlight control on some recent Thinkpads,
- Enable support for kworld ub435-q and 340u usb atsc tuners,
- drm/nouveau: don't execute INIT_GPIO unless we're really running the table,
- drm/radeon: fix the r100/r200 ums block 0 page fix,
- drm/radeon/kms: release AGP bridge at suspend.
- gfs2: Fix permissions checking for setflags ioctl() (CVE-2010-1641) (#13291),
- btrfs: prevent users from setting ACLs on files they do not own (CVE-2010-2071) (#13492),
- ext4: Make sure the MOVE_EXT ioctl can't overwrite append-only files (CVE-2010-2066) (#13452),
- acpi: video: Add Acer 5710 to BQC quirk table (#10615),
- rt2870: Add Zyxel NWD-270N usb id (#12751),
- p54usb: Drop duplicate USB ID.
1382010-05- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- KEYS: find_keyring_by_name() can gain access to a freed keyring (#12915),
- drm: Sync with 2.6.34
1372010-04- Çağlayan- Bump to,
- libata: Fix accesses at LBA28 boundary,
- acpi: ACPI embedded controller fixes from Fedora 13,
- Add EC path for Thinkpad X100.
- tty: release_one_tty() forgets to put pids (CVE-2010-1162) (#12774),
- oom: fix the unsafe usage of badness() in proc_oom_score() (CVE-2010-1488) (#12778).
1362010-04- Çağlayan- Bump to,
- Bump tuxonice to 3.1,
- Disable suse tg3 patch as it conflicts with .11 patch,
- Bluetooth: Fix potential bad memory access with sysfs files (CVE-2010-1084) (#12627),
- NFS: Fix an Oops when truncating a file (CVE-2010-1087) (#12635),
- dvb-core: Fix DoS bug in ULE decapsulation code (CVE-2010-1086) (#12631),
- reiserfs: Fix permissions on .reiserfs_priv (CVE-2010-1146) (#12641),
- drm: Backport changes from 2.6.34,
- drm: Enable radeon KMS by default,
- Make kernel package dependant on kernel-firmware and radeon-rlc-firmware packages.
1352010-03- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- r8169: imporved rx length check errors,
- tcp: fix ICMP-RTO war,
- iwlwifi: Silence tfds_in_queue message,
- b43: Rewrite DMA Tx status handling sanity checks.
- disable AFS filesystem as it conflicts with OpenAFS,
- iwlagn: Fix spurious warnings caused by a regression in .10.
1342010-02- ÇağlayanVersion bump to, add configs as additional files.
1332010-02- ÇağlayanVersion bump to
1322010-01-312.6.32.7Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump to
1312010-01- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- Use VESA mode in KMS (by Fatih),
- Enable async by default,
- Add Suse fixes for sky2, broadcom and tg3 network drivers,
- Add AppleIR driver,
- Add CrystalHD video decoder driver,
- Enable modesetting on intel by default.
1302010-01- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- Bump TuxOnIce to the latest branch,
- Add Realtek staging drivers from 2.6.32 (#11957),
- Fix x86 MCE malfunctioning (#11923),
- Fix boot hangs on AMD Athlon XP processors (#11939),
- quota: Fix regression on ext3 file-systems causing panic upon boot (#12008).
- timer: Revert "Prevent clockevent_devices list corruption" to fix shutdown hangs (#12036),
- disable X86_CPU_DEBUG,
- kernel/signal.c: fix kernel information leak with print-fatal-signals=1 (CVE-2010-0003) (#12072).
1292010-01- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- Drop mainlined patches,
- Sync'ed aufs with the latest branch,
- Add Apparmor back again but don't disable it,
- Add lirc drivers,
- Add several Suse and Fedora patches,
- bluetooth: Add USB autosuspend support (disabled),
- memcg: Improve resource counter scalability,
- pci: Increase alignment to make more space for hidden code,
- virtio_blk: Add support for cache flush,
- cpuidle: Fix the menu governor to boost IO performance,
- Revert "Attach the ACPI device to the ACPI handle as early as possible",
- ahci: Disable 64-bit DMA on SB600 SATA controllers,
- nfs: Fixed hang during NFS installs,
- nfs: NFSD v4 dynamic pseudo root patch which allows NFSv3 exports to be mounted by v4 clients,
- acpi: Fix boot hang with ACPI on some systems,
- netlink: Fix typo in initialization (CVE-2009-3612),
- security: connector security bypass: capabilities check (CVE-2009-3725, #11521)
- security: nfsv4: null pointer dereference (CVE-2009-3726, #11522)
- Disable prism54 in favor of p54pci,
- Disable rt2800usb in favor of staging/rt2870sta,
- Add TG3 network driver fixes,
- sched: Update the clock of runqueue select_task_rq() selected,
- i8142: Bypass aux loop tests on laptops,
- Grab atkbd fixes from upstream,
- ath9k: add upstream fixes,
- Add several IOMMU fixes from upstream,
- Add ACPI fixes from 2.6.32,
- squashfs: Add lzma patches from squashfs-devel git,
- Add two kill switch drivers for Fujitsu Amilo M7400 and M7440 (#11571),
- Enable AppArmor,
- fuse: fuse_ioctl_copy_user() denial of service (CVE-2009-4410) (#11842),
- firewire: ohci: handle receive packets with a data length of zero (CVE-2009-4138) (#11736),
- ext4: divide-by-zero error when trying to mount a corrupted file system (CVE-2009-4307) (#11720),
- Add some little fixes from Suse,
- Fix bootsplash to work with KMS,
- Add KMS/SATA ordering patch from moblin,
- Make floppy a module, built-in ATA and SCSI tape driver,
- drm: Update Fedora patches.
1282009-12- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- x86: Don't leak 64-bit registers into 32-bit processes (#11265),
- sched: Add several scheduler fixes from linus-2.6 tree to improve latencies,
- ecryptfs: Fix NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2009-2908) (#11282),
- netlink: fix typo in initialization (CVE-2009-3612),
- ax25: Security fix (CVE-2009-2909),
- keys: get_instantiation_keyring() should inc the keyring refcount in all cases (CVE-2009-3624) (#11426),
- af_unix: Fix deadlock on connecting to shutdown socket,
- forcedeth: Fix race condition,
- libata: Fix a drive detection problem,
- Several networking fixes from 2.6.31 stable,
- ACPI: Add notifier chain for AC/DC connect/disconnect events,
- ACPI: Several upstream ACPI EC fixes from 2.6.32,
- ACPI: Revert "attach device to handle early.." to fix boot hang on some systems.
- drm: Sync with latest drm-next tree.
- drm/nouveau: more vbios opcodes, minor fixes, hopeful fix for hangs on nVidia 7800GT.
1272009-10- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- PM PCMCIA: Fix CardBus suspend/resume regression introduced after 2.6.28,
- cfq: Fix serious performance regression,
- KVM: x86: Disallow hypercalls for guest callers in rings > 0 (CVE-2009-3290) (#11210),
- appletalk: Fix skb leak when ipddp interface is not loaded (CVE-2009-2903) (#11164),
- Fix several getsockname() leaks in net subsystem (CVE-2009-3002) (#10122),
- Fix vulnerability in net llc sockaddr_llc struct (#11121, #11016),
- Fix uninitialized kernel memory leak in tc (#11092),
- Several security improvements for mmap stuff (#11120),
- Fix fan control for Acer A0A150 model,
- Add Con Kolivas' BFS scheduler patch but don't enable it,
- zd1211rw: Add 083a:e503 as a ZD1211B device,
- cx25840: Fix CX23885 and CX241XX caused ivtv regression,
- xen: Rearrange things to fix stack protector,
- af9015: Fix stack corruption bug,
- x86: Make sure load_percpu has no stackprotector,
- hdpvr: Enable IR,
- sched: Add several patches for improving desktop latencies (disabled for now).
- drm: Sync with latest drm-next tree.
- drm/nouveau: Sync with upstream tree.
1262009-08- Çağlayan- Version bump to, (#10774, #10820, #10875, #10908, #10918),
- Avoid stack_t leakage to userspace (#10767),
- Add more CDC modems to whitelist,
- driver-core: add new device to bus's list before probing,
- Add new device IDs for usb-serial drivers,
- Add new i8042 and atkbd quirks for input layer devices,
- Add support for a new Wacom device,
- Add new IDs for several network drivers,
- Fix reboot on MacBook5,2, MacBookPro5,1.
1252009-07-312.6.30.4Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- Fix 2 security vulnerability in eCryptfs (CVE-2009-2406, CVE-2009-2407) (#10689, #10691),
- Fix LANGID=0 regression (#10521),
- Add Fedora's platform patch to get away from polling Toshibas.
1242009-07- Çağlayan- Version bump to which is mainly a security release for CVE-2009-1895 and CVE-2009-1897,
- Backport gcc-4.2 workaround for drivers/fbmon which could hang the kernel upon booting.
1232009-07- Çağlayan- Add patches from upstream to fix some booting link detection issues on bnx2 and bnx2x,
- Add several useful SAUCE patches from Jaunty and Karmic,
- Split documentations.
1222009-07- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- Disable initramfs creation in kernel, do it in postInstall,
- Add VIA MMC driver,
- Fix inaccurate delay calculation using TSC,
- Enable acpi-cpufreq for VIA Centaur' family, disable e_powersaver driver,
- Fix port= option for CIFS,
1212009-06-102.6.30Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 2.6.30,
- Sync TuxOnIce from upstream,
- Enable some new staging drivers,
- Backport a DRM patch from linus-2.6 which may fix RS690 Radeon lockups,
- Backport Ene Technologies CB7x0 MMC/SD/SDHC card reader support,
- Grab recent nouveau fixes from Fedora.
1202009-06-032.6.30_rc8Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 2.6.30_rc8-git1 which contains the latest DRM fixes,
- Add DRM patchset from Fatih,
- Add CRYPTO_LZMA support from OpenWRT.
1192009-06-022.6.30_rc7Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 2.6.30_rc7,
- Migrate to the new kerneltools ActionsAPI module,
- Fork off a new kernel-module-headers package that will be sufficient for module building,
- Add TuxOnIce as an alternative to swsusp,
- Make LZO compression built-in for TuxOnIce.
1182009-05-202.6.30_rc6Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump to 2.6.30_rc6.
1172009-05-162.6.30_rc5Ozan Çağlayan- Build rtc-cmos into the kernel,
- Build SCSI support into the kernel along with sr_mod and sg_mod,
- Replace ov511,
- Disable TOMOYO security framework along with path based access control.
1162009-05-092.6.30_rc5Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to the latest RC,
- Make FUSE in-kernel,
- Build usbcore, *hci-hcd in-kernel,
- Drop mainlined fastboot and nfs patches,
- Split kernel firmwares to avoid file conflicts with other kernel packages,
- lmpcm_usb and acerhk are now patched into the kernel,
- Make USBHID support builtin,
- Add kernel-firmware dependency to kernel package,
- Add acx-firmware dependency to kernel as the driver is now patched into the kernel,
- Add replaces tag for sn9c1xx, pwc,
- Invert hid-apple Fn+Key behaviour,
- Drop old AppArmor patches,
- Drop STKWEBCAM support, remove a conflicting PCI_ID from zc0301.
1152009-03-132.6.29Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 2.6.29,
- Forwardport nfs4acl and wireless-no-aes patches,
- Remove squashfs as it's mainlined,
- Add some fedora patches,
- Add sreadahead patch for kernel-level open() tracing,
- Compile cpufreq_*, acpi*, ext2/3/4, udf, msr, cpuid built-in,
- Avoid pcspeaker from being built-in,
- Enable cgroups, ath5k,
- Add AuFS patches,
- Add DRM patches from fedora,
- It's not a part of the system.base anymore,
- Add some Moblin patches.
1142008-12-282.6.28Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to the stable version,
- Drop DRM patches,
- Drop Unionfs support,
- Grab Apparmor's 2.6.28 patchset,
- Enable CONFIG_PRIME to make alsa-driver work correctly,
- Add Gigabyte M912 to the noloop table to enable its touchpad,
- Add LZMA support to SquashFS,
- Add sreadahead patch to implement inode timestamping for ext3.
1132008-11- Çağlayan- Add UDF backports from SUSE,
- Version bump to the latest which contains
a security fix(CVE-2008-3528) with some other goodies.
1122008-10-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1112008-10- MeroğluFix mtrr warning, fallback to VESA on undefined video mode number (#7117)
1102008-10-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1092008-09-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1082008-08-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1072008-08-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1062008-08-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1052008-07-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1042008-07-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1032008-07-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1022008-07-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1012008-06-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
1002008-06-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to
992008-06-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to
982008-06-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to with wireless tree updates
972008-06-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to, fixes CVE-2008-1673
962008-05-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to
952008-05-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to stable, fixes CVE-2008-1669
942008-05-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to stable, fixes CVE-2008-1375 and CVE-2008-1675
932008-04-Çağlar Onur- Enable CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED and CONFIG_LOGO
- Sync with stable-queue
- Grab "nouveau drm stack" from Fedora
- Grab "TSC Clocksource can cause hangs and time jumps" and "sched: retain vruntime" from Ubuntu
- Grab "mm: sparsemem memory_present() fix" from 2.6.25
- Grab whole wireless stack of 2008-04-25
922008-04-Çağlar Onur- Bump to
- Add unionfs 2.3.2
- Grab whole wireless stack of 2008-04-16
912008-04-Çağlar Onur- Disable CONFIG_AC97_BUS
- Backport PIE and brk() randomization bits
- USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: Correct TUSB3410 endpoint requirements
- USB: serial: fix regression in Visor/Palm OS module for kernels >= 2.6.24
- Prevent sys_io_getevents syscall from clobbering the esi register on x86
- inotify: send IN_ATTRIB events when link count changes
- Fix a potential bug in inotify_user.c
- SIGIO-driven I/O with inotify queues
- Backport virtio and lguest changes from 2.6.25-rc9
902008-04-Çağlar OnurGrab lots of patches from Ubuntu and Fedora to solve following;
- Sync with stable-queue (these will be
- Unhiding this smbus breaks acpi thermal zones
- Fix pci resource allocation broken in 2.6.24
- Make "pci=rom" work as documented: don't assign addresses to every rom by default
- Backport MTRR fixes from 2.6.25
- Fix resource limits for isapnp devices
- Extend memory resource limit for pnp devices
- Disable PNP motherboard resources that overlap PCI BARs
- Clear simplex DMA before probing pata_atiixp devices
- Fix locking in tun/tap driver when device address changes
- Fix mis-read of xfs attr2 superblock flag which was causing corruption in some cases
- Fix drm race that can lockup the kernel
- EHCI: add separate IAA watchdog timer
- PM: Introduce PM_EVENT_HIBERNATE callback state
- Update drm and i915 drm driver to fix suspend issues
- Disable DRM suspend/resume on pre-915 Intel chips
- x86: provide a DMI based port 0x80 I/O delay override
- Resolve sky2 race condition leading to failed suspends
- ACPI: fix boot oops regression
- Fix for device attached to pata_sis as secondary master
- Fix bluetooth rfcomm crash on suspend
- Fix reading of MAC address in sis190 driver
- Handle suspend/resume in Ricoh MMC disabler
- Extend ricoh_mmc to support Ricoh RL5c476
- Fix bluetooth log spam with a buggy conwise USB adapter
- Allow more IPSEC connections
892008-03-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to stable and grab following patches from ubuntu and fedora
- Refresh mactel patchset from upstream
- Add WD WD800ADFS NCQ horkage quirk support
- AMD SB700 south bridge support patches
- Add AGP support for Radeon Mobility 9000 chipset
- ACPI: disable stray GPE, prevent ACPI interrupt storm
- Revert "ACPI: EC: Enable boot EC before bus_scan" from stable
- ACPI: video: Rationalise ACPI backlight implementation
- hwmon: (coretemp) Add Penryn CPU to coretemp
- ali atapi dma is broken right now. disable it (but not disk dma)
- libata/pata_it821x: Improve handling of poorly compatible emulations
- Map volume and brightness events on thinkpads
- USB: fix usb-serial generic recursive lock
882008-03-Çağlar OnurVersion bump,
- Add early medium-not-present detection in sr/sd drivers
- Fix CDROM_DRIVE_STATUS ioctl implementation
- Fix TEST_UNIT_READY for medium detection
- tty: enable the echoing of ^C in the N_TTY discipline
- Fix IXANY and restart after signal (e.g. ctrl-C) in n_tty line discipline
- PCI x86: always use conf1 to access config space below 256 bytes
872008-02-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
862007-07-Çağlar OnurBackport/grab some fixes,
- NETFILTER: nf_conntrack_h323: add checking of out-of-range on choices' index values
- softmac backports from 2.6.21
- bcm43xx driver backport from 2.6.22-rc1
- ipw2100/ipw2200 driver backport from 2.6.22-rc1
- cifs backports from cifs-backport-old-kernels
- i386: fix regression, endless loop in ptrace singlestep over an int80
- buffer: memorder fix
- mm: optimize kill_bdev()
- mm: Prevent OOM-kill of unkillable children or siblings
- x86: Fix CPUID calls to support GH processors
- x86: Fix to nmi to support GH processors
- x86: Use CPUID calls to check for mce
- x86: Greyhound cpuinfo output cleanups
- x86: ICH9 device IDs
852007-06-Çağlar OnurBackport/grab some fixes,
- Various agp/drm fixes
- ext3: a race condition between ext3_link/unlink that could create an orphan inode list corruption
- mm: Keep O_DIRECT I/O from populating the page cache
- e1000: a bug in the e1000 driver that could lead to a watchdog timeout panic
- nmi: change watchdog timeout to 30 seconds
- SHPCHP: driver doesn't work in poll mode
- SHPCHP: driver doesn't work if the system was under heavy load
- Update FC transport and Emulex lpfc Fibre Channel Driver
- Emulex lpfc update to
- cciss: This is a set of patches that HP considers critical for cciss. This represents some cherry picking from their latest upstream submissions. All are bug fixes. All are in Linus' tree
- iscsi: fix oops if iscsi connection setup fails
- iscsi: backports of iscsi fixes
- iscsi: fix iscsi sense len handling
- iscsi: fix oops in iscsi packet transfer path
- mce: Refactor the event processing (syslog messaging and rate limiting) into separate file therm_throt.c. This allows consistent reporting of CPU thermal throttle events.
842007-06-Çağlar OnurGrab some patches from RHEL5 and also solve followings;
- Depreceate includes of config.h
- Famous data corruption bug backported (
- lockdep: Backport all known lockdep problems from 2.6.20 and also fix the ide/proc interaction
- CIFS: Explicitly set stat->blksize for optimum bandwith usage
- CIFS: Fix mount failure when domain not specified
- CIFS: invalids readdires
- The ipw driver sometimes takes a long time to load its firmware. Use 60 sec. timeout
- handle races w/ truncate in journal_dirty_data() with ext3
- Use semaphores instead of mutexes for block devices mounts
- mm: fix statistics in vmscan.c
- mm: oom killer fixes backported from 2.6.19
- mm: reject corrupt swapfiles earlier
- mm: NFS data corruption
- mm: handle mapping of memory without a struct page backing it
- mm: write failure on swapout could corrupt data
- x86: handle _PSS object range corectly in speedstep-centrino
- x86: /proc/mtrr interface MTRR bug fix
- x86 :vga video fail fix
- e100: fix error recovery
- e1000: updated driver, backported from 2.6.19
- e1000: Add missing ids to e1000
- e1000: Reset all functions after a PCI error
- e1000: truncated TSO TCP header with 82544, workaround
- tg3: BCM5752M crippled after reset
- tg3: TG3 support Broadcom 5756M/5756ME Controller
- ipw2200: update to version 1.2.0 from
- netfilter: iptables stop fails because ip_conntrack cannot unload.
- fbcon: every time the console cursor blinks, we do a kmalloc/kfree pair. Turn that into a single allocation.
- proc: readdir race fix, When many processes are created and destroyed frequently, ps may fail to show some procceses which existed before ps command is exectuted and still exist after ps is done. Backported from 2.6.20
- SATA AHCI: support AHCI class code
- SATA AHCI: The redefinition of ahci_start_engine() and ahci_stop_engine()
- SATA ata_piix: This patch corrects the ICH8 map values for sata ata_piix. This fixes a problem where SATA devices are not detected on some of the SATA ports on an ICH8 motherboard when the BIOS is set to IDE mode.
- SATA sata_promise: support PATA ports on SATA controllers
- SATA: support legacy IDE mode of SB600 SATA
832007-04-İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-1357, enable RAID support
822007-03-İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-149{6,7}
812007-03-Çağlar OnurFix CVE-2007-1000
802007-03-İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-0005
792007-03- UygurPegasus-II USB-Ethernet driver fix
782007-02-Çağlar OnurBump to stable
772007-02-Çağlar Onurfix CVE-2007-0772
762007-02-Çağlar Onurfix CVE-2006-6333 and CVE-2007-0006
752007-02-Çağlar Onurfix CVE-2006-5749
742007-02-Çağlar OnurDrop asus_acpi and disable CONFIG_ACPI_ASUS, fix CVE-2006-4814 and CVE-2006-5753, use nicer patch for APM poweroff problem from OpenSUSE
732007-01-Çağlar OnurFix CIFS corruption, update asus_acpi to 0.31, fix #3729, #4430, fix #4519, enable device-mapper support needed by cryptosetup, remove CONFIG_USB_OV511 as Onur requested
722007-01-İsmail DönmezUse gspca driver for Logitech Quickcam Express (Laptop model)
712007-01-Çağlar OnurDisable "Compat VDSO support" which breaks glibc
702006-12-312.6.18.6S.Çağlar OnurFix Linux 2.6.x ISO9660 __find_get_block_slow() denial of service (CVE-2006-5757), Linux 2.6.x zlib_inflate memory corruption (CVE-2006-5823), Linux 2.6.x ext3fs_dirhash denial of service (CVE-2006-6053), Linux 2.6.x ext2_check_page denial of service (CVE-2006-6054), Linux 2.6.x SELinux superblock_doinit denial of service (CVE-2006-6056), Linux 2.6.x squashfs double free (CVE-2006-5701)
692006-12-İsmail DönmezConflict with m560x
682006-12-Çağlar OnurBump to latest stable, fix CVE-2006-6106, generate kernel-headers package which replaces linux-headers
672006-12-Çağlar OnurBump for new splash
662006-12-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to latest stable, sync with mactel
652006-12- KüçükRemoved USB devices that don't work with zc0301, but works with gspca, fixing #4326 #3704 etc
642006-11-Çağlar OnurFix possible overflow in get_fdb_entries (CVE-2006-5751), Make sure to properly clamp maxnum to avoid overflow (CVE-2006-5751)
632006-11-Çağlar OnurFix #4216, support i965G's, fix microcode-ctl-1.15 issues, Fix _PPC evaluation, allow highest freq on HPs (and others), Allocate AGP pages with GFP_DMA32 by default
622006-11-Çağlar OnurProvide update-grub
612006-11-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to latest stable
602006-11-Çağlar OnurSync with gentoo-sources, fuse disabled again
592006-11-Çağlar OnurCVE-2006-5757 ISO9660 __find_get_block_slow (denial of service) and cramfs oops
582006-11-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to .2
572006-10-Çağlar OnurVersion bump to .1, drop *-utf8 patches
562006-09-242.6.18S.Çağlar OnurEnable fs-cache
552006-09-222.6.18S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
542006-09-Çağlar OnurEnable SMP and highmem with huge config changes, version bump to latest stable
532006-09-Çağlar OnurExport acpi_ec_{read/write} so sbs module will be an external package
522006-08-Çağlar OnurFix CVE-2006-2935, CVE-2006-3745, CVE-2006-4093 and CVE-2006-4145
512006-08-Çağlar OnurFix CVE-2006-2936 also minor appArmor problem
502006-07-Çağlar OnurFix nasty /proc vulnerability (CVE-2006-3626), merge dvb KConfig fixes so we can make these modules, and fix PPP/PPTP connection dropping regressions, enable spi, enable all misc fs as a module and disable SMBFS (use CIFS instead, see
492006-07-Çağlar OnurVersion bump (fix fix prctl privilege escalation and suid_dumpable (CVE-2006-2451)), use new splash
482006-07-Çağlar Onurinitramfs added to package
472006-07-ürer Özennew comar script
462006-06-Çağlar OnurJens Axobe's fcache patch enabled, version bump
452006-06-Çağlar OnurJens Axobe's fcache patch added as Gürer requested, fuse and pwc modules disabled (newer ones are external)
442006-06-Çağlar OnurFix dependencies, enable audit subsystem
432006-06-Çağlar OnurSync with other distros
422006-06-İsmail DönmezEnable usb modem drivers
412006-06-Çağlar Onurfix some security related problems (see
402006-05-Çağlar Onurfix CVE-2006-1857, CVE-2006-1858 and lots of problems (see
392006-05-Çağlar Onurfs/locks.c: Fix lease_init (CVE-2006-1860)
382006-05-Çağlar OnurVersion bump, fix splash problem, fix NETFILTER: SCTP conntrack: infinite loop (CVE-2006-1527), fix smbfs chroot issue (CVE-2006-1864), fix #2666
372006-05-Çağlar OnurVersion bump, and enable USB_ATM again (req. by AEK)
362006-04-Çağlar OnurRevert use internal USB Modem Drivers (req. by AEK)
352006-04-Çağlar OnurVersion bump (CVE-2006-1863), use internal USB Modem Drivers (req. by AEK)
342006-04-Çağlar OnurVersion bump (CVE-2006-1056)
332006-04-Çağlar OnurFix hotplug race
322006-04-Çağlar OnurVersion bump (CVE-2006-1525)
312006-04-Çağlar OnurVersion bump (CVE-2006-1524), splashutils now compiles
302006-04-Çağlar Onursky2 and skge bumped, oprofile added
292006-04-Çağlar OnurVersion bump (When user could have changed RIP always force IRET (CVE-2006-0744))
282006-04-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
272006-04-Çağlar OnurVersion bump (Keys: Fix oops when adding key to non-keyring (CVE-2006-1522))
262006-04-Çağlar OnurVersion bump (sysfs: zero terminate sysfs write buffers (CVE-2006-1055))
252006-03-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
242006-03-242.6.16S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
232006-03- KüçükMIDI, some serial device and usb-storage support added
222006-03-Çağlar OnurEnable USB Serial Support, fix #2297
212006-03-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
202006-02-Çağlar OnurVersion bump and now splash comes just after grub
192006-02-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
182006-01-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
172006-01-092.6.15S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
162006-01- KüçükAdd ISA ethernet drivers
152005-12-Çağlar Onurfix #777 (scsi vmware support)
142005-12-Çağlar OnurUpdate latest greatest and lots of config/bug fix, add -htslowdown patches for future smp kernel [disabled], and subset of -ck patch set
132005-12-Çağlar OnurRemove 8139cp, causing lots of problem
122005-12-Çağlar OnurRemove *-2.6.15 patches as they didnt provide needed sysfs entries
112005-12-İsmail DönmezEnable DVB support
102005-11-Çağlar OnurEmbed splash-theme into kernel
92005-11-Çağlar Onurnaming changes, serial mouse support
82005-11-Çağlar OnurUpdate to and use utf-8 patch
72005-11-Çağlar OnurFix hp notebooks acpi pci problem
62005-11-Çağlar Onur/usr/src/linux symlink
52005-11-İsmail DönmezBackport wireless drivers from 2.6.15-rc1-mm1
42005-11-Çağlar OnurVersion bump
32005-10-272.6.12S.Çağlar OnurPostinstall script added
22005-10-262.6.12S.Çağlar OnurConfig changes for various driver support
12005-09-032.6.12S.Çağlar OnurFirst release.