kdebase-workspace 4.5.5

KDE4 Workspace consists of what is the desktop of the KDE4


Packager: Gökçen Eraslan

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
1532011-01-204.5.5Fatih ArslanFix KStandartdirs looking for sbin, workaround for Live cd in datetime module
1522011-01-194.5.5Fatih AşıcıMake Oxygen_White default for the desktop session
1512011-01-184.5.5Fatih AşıcıUse Oxygen_White as the default cursor theme
1502011-01-174.5.5Gökçen EraslanRebase KDM active session warning patch.
1492011-01-174.5.5Gökçen EraslanSuppress free space warnings in live media.
1482011-01-164.5.5Gökçen EraslanChange deactive as disconnect in solid backend as a workaround to disconnection problem.
1472011-01-154.5.5Gökçen EraslanRemove Amarok from favourites, add Clementine and package-manager.
1462011-01-134.5.5Gökçen EraslanRemove buggy upd file: /usr/share/kde4/apps/kconf_update/mouse_cursor_theme.upd, which probably causes mouse theme being X default on second logins.
1452011-01-134.5.5Gökçen Eraslan* Brightness key fix for kdebug#246521.
* Disable show-icons-only patch, it's still buggy.
1442011-01-124.5.5Gökçen EraslanAdd Disconect method to Solid::Controll::NetworkManager class, we'll use it in KNM to fix proper disconnect issue.
1432011-01-114.5.5Gökçen EraslanUse Pardus KDM theme as default
1422011-01-064.5.5Gökçen EraslanLoad current KDM language in KDM KCModule properly, instead of just selecting Catalan by default.
1412011-01-064.5.5Gökçen EraslanMove /etc/X11/kdm directory to kdm package.
1402011-01-064.5.5Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.5
1392010-12-304.5.4Fatih AşıcıDo not recommend compositing when llvmpipe driver is used
1382010-12-214.5.4Gökmen GökselShow Icons only support for tasks applet
1372010-12-164.5.4Gökçen Eraslan* Fix attempt for kdebug#251537
* Fix for 'panel alignments are not remembered' kdebug#228031
1362010-12-124.5.4Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.4
1352010-12-074.5.3Gökçen EraslanDetect 90/270 degree rotated outputs properly.
1342010-12-074.5.3Gökçen Eraslan* Add randr patches from trunk
* Add patch by Fatih Arslan about making keymap setting system-wide.
1332010-11-244.5.3Gökçen EraslanFix kcm_solid offers network backends twice bug kdebug#257581.
1322010-11-204.5.3Gökçen EraslanAdd new modemmanager solid control backend from trunk to make KNM work better with mobile devices.
1312010-11-144.5.3Gökçen EraslanKWin redraws window slowly due to XSync relation kdebug#178269
1302010-11-024.5.3Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.3
1292010-11-014.5.2Gökçen EraslanRebase SuSE patch to make Root KCModules (partially) work. If kcmodule is a children, as kcmsambaconf, it doesn't work now. #14908
1282010-10-284.5.2Gökçen EraslanAdd /usr/share/kde4 to XDG_DATA_DIRS so we can create our own KDE-specific defaults.list file.
1272010-10-264.5.2Gökçen EraslanAdd Xsession file for exporting global gtkrc file specific to KDE.
1262010-10-264.5.2H. İbrahim GüngörFix display-settings translation (#14881).
1252010-10-254.5.2Gökçen EraslanMove huge date format list in context menu of digital clock to a seperate KMenu #14837
1242010-10-234.5.2Gökçen EraslanAdd Kubuntu patches.
1232010-10-234.5.2Fatih AşıcıStart X server with -nr option for smooth transition from Plymouth
1222010-10-224.5.2Ozan ÇağlayanEnable plymouth support in kdm
1212010-10-194.5.2Gökçen EraslanDisable plymouth patch from Fedora for now.
1202010-10-124.5.2Fatih AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
1192010-10-044.5.2Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.2
1182010-09-014.5.1Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.1
1172010-08-244.5.0Gökçen EraslanSplit devel package.
1162010-08-174.5.0Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.5.0
1152010-06-304.4.90Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.4.90
1142010-06-024.4.4Gökçen EraslanShow KDE progress if migration of 2008-2009 takes much time.
1132010-06-024.4.4Gökçen EraslanAdd two more crash fixes for Plasma.
1122010-05-314.4.4Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.4.4
1112010-05-244.4.3Gökçen EraslanSet some variables exported in startkde before dbus session bus starts. #9966
1102010-05-214.4.3Ozan ÇağlayanEnable suse grub patch, modify it to use grub-once instead of grub-set-default.
1092010-05-174.4.3Gökçen EraslanMove Plasmalicious wallpaper and some resolutions of Ethais and Air wallpapers to kdebase-wallpapers package to make kdebase-workspace smaller.
1082010-05-074.4.3Ozan ÇağlayanFix KOSD's transparency problem when compositing is disabled.
1072010-05-054.4.3Gökçen EraslanMove DBus system service files to /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services
1062010-05-044.4.3Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.4.3
1052010-04-144.4.2Gökçen Eraslan- Version bump to 4.4.2,
- Implement kded module for KOSD and replace the kosd package (Ozan),
- Handle brightness keys and show an OSD through KOSD (Ozan),
- plasma_runner_windows: be more careful when matching (Ozan),
1042010-04-144.3.5Gökçen EraslanFix for KDM Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability CVE-2010-0436.
1032010-04-094.3.5Gökçen EraslanExtend NoStrip to make a smaller package.
1022010-02-164.3.5Ozan Çağlayanksplash: Close the splash prematurely only on double-click
1012010-01-294.3.5Fatih Aşıcıksplashx: Keep XDM background if available
1002010-01-264.3.5Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.3.5
992010-01-074.3.4Gökçen EraslanAdd .kde4->.kde3.5 symlink in startkde for kde3-kde4 migration
982010-01-044.3.4Gökçen EraslanFix BBC weather URI for LCD Weather Station Plasmoid.
972009-12-294.3.4Fatih AşıcıDriver and version detection fixes for Mesa >= 7.6
962009-12-284.3.4Fatih AşıcıIncrease kdmrc/ServerTimout to 30 seconds
952009-12-244.3.4Ozan ÇağlayanHide otheroptions (which appeared after Bahadir's latest GRUB changes) from kdm and ksmserver.
942009-12-234.3.4Fatih AşıcıChange Xft defaults
932009-12-184.3.4Ozan ÇağlayanReplace tasma.
922009-12-154.3.4Gökçen EraslanTake 2 patches from KDE 4.4 about plasma and kded crash.
912009-12-094.3.4Gökçen EraslanDisable low disk space check and KDM active session popup, if we're running on a live medium.
902009-12-034.3.4Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.3.4
892009-11-204.3.3Ozan Çağlayan- Replace PolicyKit-kde4 as well as PolicyKit-kde,
- Adjust brightness upon wheel events over battery monitor applet.
882009-11-024.3.3Fatih AşıcıDrop zorg dependency of kdebase-workspace package and add IsA tags for sub-packages
872009-11-014.3.3Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to latest KDE version
862009-10-284.3.2Gökçen EraslanAdd SuSE patches about plasma and KDM.
852009-10-264.3.2Gökçen EraslanRemove upd file and run KDE 4.2-4.3 script during startkde to prevent problems of running plasma of KDE 4.2
842009-10-264.3.2Ozan ÇağlayanSync suse's lowspacenotifier patch. It's now working.
832009-10-194.3.2Gökçen EraslanFix style change during 4.2-4.3 switch. Still needs work to work properly.
822009-10-194.3.2Fatih AşıcıUse xdm's Xresources file for login screen
812009-10-134.3.2Gökçen EraslanDisable ugly logout blur effect. Can be manually turned on by writing UseBlur=true to Effect-Logout section of kwinrc.
802009-10-134.3.2Gökçen EraslanFix solid-action-priority patch. Now file manager option should be displayed as the first option in hotplug dialogue.
792009-10-064.3.2Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to latest KDE version
782009-08-144.2.4Gökçen EraslanUse full path in Default value of KDM Theme, using just theme name doesn't work when Theme is not defined in kdmrc.
772009-08-144.2.4Ozan ÇağlayanDrop caption parameter from systemsettings.desktop to fix the caption translation.
762009-07-174.2.4Ozan ÇağlayanRevert the persistent KNotification icon from systray.
752009-07-164.2.4Gökçen EraslanUse KHotNewStuff server of OI.
742009-07-154.2.4Gökçen Eraslan* Fixes about composition and driver detection of intel and radeon cards.
* Hide display settings of KDE, we use our own display settings screen.
732009-07-144.2.4Gökmen GökselDon't hide information button in system tray plasmoid.
722009-07-124.2.4Ozan ÇağlayanGive the ability to enable/disable wallpaper transition effect.
712009-07-064.2.4Ozan ÇağlayanAvoid KWin from disabling desktop effects when the system time changes (#10135).
702009-07-034.2.4Gökçen EraslanUse our new KDE 4.3 based KDM theme, thanks to Ozan.
692009-07-024.2.4Gökçen EraslanFix transparent preview in background dialog.
682009-07-024.2.4Ozan Çağlayan- Use plasma themed clock and QTimeEdit in date and time module,
- Fix various scaling and rendering problems in shutdown dialog.
672009-06-244.2.4Gökçen Eraslan* Add 'Show Desktop' and 'Network Manager' plasmoids to the panel.
* Increase height of the panel 15px, make default alignment AlignCenter, decrease panel width 10px from each side.
662009-06-234.2.4Gökçen EraslanAdd patches about Plasma desktop shell including:
* Do not unhide panel in autohide mode if there is fullscreen application, kde#194310.
* Do not show display manager's background image when entering fullscreen mode in an application, kde#189726.
* Fix plasma crash while removing the panel in its minimum size, kde#196585.
652009-06-194.2.4Gökçen EraslanDecrease bouncing cursor timeout to 5 seconds, 30 is too high for this.
642009-06-184.2.4Gökçen Eraslan* Fix double battery plasmoids, kde#156078.
* Move default Air wallpaper to workspace package.
* Fix scrollbar of device notifier.
632009-06-184.2.4Gökçen Eraslan* Fix wrong font size displayed in fonts KCM, we have to maintain 2 seperate patches to decrease default font size to 9.
* Fix layout problems of fonts KCM.
* Fix annoying wallpaper fade effect in startup.
622009-06-114.2.4Gökçen EraslanWallpaper fade effect in slideshow mode is added from SVN.
612009-06-104.2.4Ozan ÇağlayanFix symlinking problem of create_symlink_exe.cmake.
602009-06-084.2.4Gökçen EraslanNotification and shadow effect fixes from SVN
592009-06-034.2.4Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to latest stable release
582009-05-284.2.3Gökçen EraslanConfigure date and time by right clicking the digital-clock applet
572009-05-274.2.3Gökçen EraslanTranslation support for notification agent added.
562009-05-274.2.3Gökmen GökselShow Device Notification when plugged
552009-05-274.2.3Ozan ÇağlayanFix plasma configuration layout.
542009-05-244.2.3Gökçen EraslanBetter complain about missing face icons kde#188033
532009-05-224.2.3Gökçen Eraslansytray flicker and memleak patch from trunk
522009-05-224.2.3Gökçen EraslanUse InitialPreference in solid action desktop files and use this value to determine action priority.
512009-05-214.2.3Gökçen EraslanSwitch to Solid 4.3, this brings a new solid-actions-kcm module named 'Device Actions'
502009-05-214.2.3Gökçen EraslanDo not create screen-configurations.xml file in home, handle if .local is not created yet.
492009-05-204.2.3Gökçen EraslanMake Oxygen default KWin decoration, remove stripes and change default titlebuttons.
482009-05-164.2.3Gökçen EraslanDo not set default language of KDM to tr, so let KDM use the system locale.
472009-05-104.2.3Gökçen EraslanChange kdmrc4 file name to kdmrc
462009-05-084.2.3Gökçen Eraslan* Make Plasmalicious wallpaper default.
* Enable TerminateServer kdm option by default.
452009-05-084.2.3Gökçen EraslanAdd various workspace patches from Kubuntu
442009-05-074.2.3Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to latest stable release
432009-05-044.2.2Gökçen Eraslan* Fix low disk space patch
* Include session .desktop files in kdebase-workspace package instead of kdm package.
* Split cursor themes into different packages.
422009-04-244.2.2Fatih AşıcıInstall kdm.desktop to /usr/share/display-managers for xdm service
412009-04-164.2.2Gökçen EraslanPolicyKit-kde4 is added as runtime dependency
402009-04-024.2.2Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to new bugfix release
392009-03-174.2.1Gökçen Eraslanlm_sensors dependency added.
382009-03-164.2.1Gökmen GökselBrand icon support added to system settings with Pardus logo
372009-03-054.2.1Gökmen Göksel"Show only icons" option added to the tasks plasmoid
362009-03-044.2.1Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to new bugfix release
352009-02-234.2.0Ozan Çağlayan- Workaround for a bug in qdbuscpp2xml,
- Fix blurry ksplash clipping,
- Fix kdebluetooth4 compilation with 4.2.
342009-02-194.2.0Gökçen EraslanMake KDM default theme fonts smaller.
332009-02-074.2.0Gökçen Eraslan* "Login Manager corrupting kdmrc" problem fixed. #9144
* GENKDMCONF_FLAGS is exported as environment variable instead of make parameter, a better solution according to the upstream.
* pyc files are removed.
322009-01-294.2.0Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.2 final release
312009-01-194.1.87_907663Gökçen EraslanPid file of KDM is removed after service is stopped.
302009-01-134.1.87_907663Gökmen GökselFixed Comar service script for language issues
292009-01-084.1.87_907663Gökçen EraslanSync with SVN
282009-01-054.1.87Gökmen GökselVersion bump
272008-12-154.1.85Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.2 beta 2
262008-11-214.1.80Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to 4.2 beta 1
252008-11-024.1.3Gökçen EraslanStable update
242008-10-314.1.2İşbaran AkçayırAdded missing dep. pardus kdm theme
232008-10-314.1.2Fatih AşıcıAdd an env script to set strigi plugin paths on startup
222008-09-264.1.2Gökçen Eraslan* Stable update to bugfix release
* Change PIDFILE to kdm-kde4 to not conflict with KDM of KDE3.
* Postinstall script added to manually change pidfile key in kdmrc4. Otherwise, new key in kdmrc4.newconfig does not take effect.
212008-09-194.1.1Gökçen EraslanIncrease timeout of Xorg.Display's ready method call
202008-09-174.1.1Gökçen Eraslan* Add patches from Fedora
* Add libcaptury dep.
192008-09-124.1.1Gökçen EraslanChange default KDM theme to Pardus
182008-09-054.1.1Gökçen EraslanStable update to new bugfix release
172008-09-044.1.0Gökçen EraslanAdded liblazy dep needed by kdm_greet
162008-09-024.1.0Ekin MeroğluAdd missing dependency qimageblitz
152008-08-264.1.0Ozan ÇağlayanFix login problem when kdebase3 is not installed
142008-08-204.1.0Gökçen EraslanStart pulseaudio in startkde
132008-07-274.1.0Gökçen EraslanStable update
122008-07-254.0.99İşbaran AkçayırVersion Bump
112008-07-164.0.98Gökçen Eraslankdebase4-runtime dep changed to kdelibs4
102008-07-154.0.98Gökçen EraslanVersion bump
92008-07-044.0.85Gökçen EraslanVersion bump
82008-06-244.0.83İşbaran AkçayırBeta 2
72008-05-294.0.80Fatih AşıcıUpdate service script for 2008
62008-05-284.0.80Kenan PelitStable update
52008-05-074.0.4Kenan PelitStable update
42008-04-034.0.3S.Çağlar OnurStable update
32008-03-054.0.2S.Çağlar OnurStable update
22008-01-314.0.1İsmail DönmezStable update
12008-01-054.0.0İsmail DönmezFirst release