gnome-mplayer 1.0.0_20110107

MPlayer frontend

Packager: Onur Küçük

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
432011-01-071.0.0_20110107Onur KüçükBump snapshot to svn rev 1823
Fix segfault on analog tv when clicked more than once, bug #16017
422011-01-051.0.0_20110105Onur KüçükBump snapshot to svn rev 1822
Fix segfault on analog tv, bug #16017
412010-12-311.0.0_20101231Onur KüçükBump snapshot to svn rev 1814
Use cairo to draw audio meters
Window resize enhancements
Better drawing of spikes
402010-11-111.0.0_20101111Onur KüçükBump snapshot to svn rev 1777, we are 1.0.0 now
392010-10- AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
382010-09- KüçükBump snapshot to svn rev 1761, all our patches are in
372010-08- KüçükBump snapshot to svn rev 1749 for updated translations
362010-08- KüçükBump snapshot to svn rev 1741
352010-07- KüçükMake sure gamma settings are not initiated with gl2 output, fixes bug #13154
342010-05- KüçükFix video playback problems when loading a folder from playlist screen, bug #12810
NULL check on retrieve_metadata_pool clear process
332010-05- KüçükBump snapshot for new fullscreen widget
Check for block devices in GIO mode
Add a few bugfixes
322010-04- KüçükBump snapshot, shut off msg stuff to fix #12442 and #12466
312010-02- KüçükSwitched to public tarball for translation updates
302010-02- KüçükBump to unreleased tarball
292010-02-110.9.8_20100211Onur KüçükBump to snapshot 1648
Fix shoutcast handling
Fix NS codes handling
Fixes bug #11622
282010-01-290.9.8_20100129Onur KüçükBump to snapshot 1633
Update translations
Fallback to playlist when playing fails
Add null check to threaddata
Add null check to gtk tree stuff
Fix shoutcast streams play/pause state
Fix GTK window size assertion
Should fix bug #12145
272010-01-260.9.8_20100126Onur KüçükBump to snapshot 1622
Fix compatibility issues with new Apple sites
Fix webkit size problems
Be compatible with new mplayer
Should fix bug #12145
262009-12-260.9.8_20091226Onur KüçükBump to snapshot 1606
Add volume level fixes, bug (#11564)
Fix crash on Apple related sites, bug (#11759)
Enable gconf since xulrunner uses it too
252009-09-180.9.8Onur KüçükBump to stable release
Make extraopts global
Add Burak's patch for volume problems
242009-09-130.9.8_rc1Onur KüçükBump to unreleased tarball
232009-09-110.9.7Onur KüçükFix volume level management
Fix detection of dead MPlayer in multiple thread
222009-09-060.9.7Onur KüçükFix prev and next when there are gaps in the playlist order values
Delay loading the item to play, until everything is setup and flushed
Don't autopause streaming media
Pan and Scan functionality
Separate out plugin cache value and gnome-mplayer cacheing (disabled by default in player)
Added support for --ss and --endpos command line options, similar to mplayer options
212009-08-250.9.7Onur KüçükApple HD trailer fixes
Fix column title in playlist converting _ in playlist filename to underlines in display
Add gl2 to the list of possible video outputs
Change samplerate display from KB/s to KHz
202009-08-210.9.7Onur KüçükVersion bump
New tracker for monitoring media progress
Better subtitle support
New screen redraw code for video
New playlist randomizer, sorting and searching options
New icons
Internal ASX parser
192009-07-150.9.6Onur KüçükAdd missing dependencies
182009-06-070.9.6Onur KüçükBump to stable for translation updates
172009-06-040.9.5_20090604Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 1311
Fix video issues when playlist is open
Layout has changed
Fix playing on crap files
162009-05-260.9.5_20090526Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 1294
152009-05-150.9.5_20090515Onur KüçükBump to snapshot 1280 to fix bug #7737
142009-05-020.9.5Onur KüçükEnable musicbrainz and gpod
132009-03-190.9.5Onur KüçükMake sure to fall back to defaults when there is no config option set for a key, also fixes hiding of progessbar in fullscreen, fixing bug #9433
122009-03-180.9.5Onur KüçükAdd missing libnotify dependency
112009-03-130.9.5Onur KüçükVersion bump to workaround for some buggy sites, fixes bug #9310
102009-01-020.9.3Onur KüçükMinor bump for lots of bugfixes, including playing of sound in some media files bug #8588, fix eve-raido playing bug #8851, fix mplayer running as a child and defects caused by this like small video display, not killing the child on exit etc. bug #8948
92008-11-240.9.2Onur KüçükMinor bump for lots of bugfix, including icy cast fixes, stream parsing fixes, playlist recognition, mixer setting fixes etc.
82008-11-030.9.1Onur KüçükFix many stream parsing problems, fix infinite loop when opening garbage file, fix crash when requested file is not playable, add EXTM3U support, add GIO support, many gui fixes
72008-10-160.8.0Onur KüçükFix crash with arrow keys when there is no lastfile
62008-09-290.8.0Onur KüçükStable bump for drag and drop fixes, chapter, subtitle and audio language selection support, many instance / queue improvements, gui updates and many more improvements, remove gconf dependency, translation fixes especially for Turkish accelerator keys
52008-08-180.7.0Onur KüçükStable bump for dvd support, default volume level annoyance fixes, gui fixes etc.
42008-07-090.6.3Onur KüçükStable bump
32008-06-260.6.2Onur KüçükBranch update to rev 700
22008-06-160.6.2Onur KüçükFix assertion and user-agent bug on streaming media
12008-06-100.6.2Onur KüçükFirst release