ffmpeg 0.6.1_20110105

A command-line tool to record, convert and stream audio and video


Packager: Onur Küçük

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
902011-01-050.6.1_20110105Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 26223, avfilter additions to 5944
Use generic arch on atom, fixes bug #15950
892010-11-300.6.1_20101130Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 25853, avfilter additions to 5943
Force enable freetype usage for some filters
Depend on latest x264
882010-11-160.6.1_20101103Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 25659
Force enable freetype usage for some filters
872010-11-030.6.1_20101103Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 25659
Depend on new x264
Add avfilters from soc
862010-10-160.6.0_20101016Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 25499
Re add missing opt.h as it is part of public API, thanks to Gökçen
852010-10-120.6.0_20101005Fatih AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
842010-10-050.6.0_20101005Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 25352
Prevent a read-after-close induced segfault in mmst
832010-10-040.6.0_20101004Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 25334
Fix several security issues in flicvideo, fixes CVE-2010-3429 bug #14527 #14528 #14529
Depend on new lame
822010-09-110.6.0_20100911Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 25106
812010-08-270.6.0_20100827Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 24953
Set minimum cpu version to pentium2
802010-08-250.6.0_20100823Onur KüçükProperly align float_to_int16 in wmadec, fixes bug #13255
792010-08-240.6.0_20100823Onur KüçükSplit devel package.
782010-08-240.6.0_20100823Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 24910
772010-08-190.6.0_20100819Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 24839
Fix playing some wma files
762010-07-190.6.0_20100719Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 24320
Add some memory leak fixes
752010-07-160.6.0_20100716Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 24252
Update to a post 0.6 release, fixes bug #13652
Depend on latest libva for new tfp feature
Fix a crash on float_to_int16_interleave_sse2, should fix bug #13255
Removed libfaad wrapper
Enable libvpx for VP8
742010-06-010.5.1_20100601Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 23406
Hopefully fix seek in FLV files
732010-05-270.5.1_20100527Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 23351
722010-05-250.5.1_20100525Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 23308
Add missing libXfixes dependency
712010-03-020.5.1_20100302Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 22144
Fix threaded h264 decoding
Fix buffer management in vdpau
Force enable lsp
702010-03-010.5.1_20100301Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 22131
Add latest segfault fixes
Fix packed B frame playing with vdpau
692010-02-260.5.1_20100226Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 22071
Add latest segfault fixes
682010-02-220.5.1_20100222Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 21967
Fix segfault on SQ1 and alike with new local_align changes
Add ffprobe tool
672010-02-150.5.1_20100215Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 21831
Fix segfault on VP6/VP7
662010-02-110.5.1_20100211Onur KüçükUpdate snapshot to 21761
Depend on new x264 and new faad2
Fix libgsm detection
Support faster x264 decoding
Add many issue fixes
652010-01-140.5.1_20100114Onur KüçükRemove vfw bframe warning
642010-01-140.5.1_20100114Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 21212
Fix vaapi on vdpau systems
Fix flv duration
Fix segfault on ogg files reporting ero length
632009-12-280.5.1_20091020Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 20964
Enable vaapi support
Depend on new x264
622009-10-200.5.1_20091020Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 20334
Fix bframe pyramid in x264
612009-10-180.5.1_20091018Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 20277
Fix AVOption regression
Add RMTP corrections
Revision 20272 breaks ABI in avfilter but since we disable it we are safe
602009-10-160.5.1_20091016Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 20256
Depend on new x264
Add many codec fixes including wma
Fix lots of buffer overflows
592009-09-180.5.1_20090918Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 19909
Fix integer overflow in siearravmd, bug #11175
582009-09-100.5.1_20090910Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 19821
Fix interleaved AVI decoding
Add wmapro support
Many fixes
572009-07-300.5.1_20090730Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 19537
Fix openamr usage bug #10480
Fix speex decoder framerate (should help fix bug only for speex cases #10610)
Fix u8 1c pcm playing (thanks to Gökmen Göksel for the sample)
562009-07-150.5.1_20090715Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 19433
Add missing dependencies
Switch to opencore-amr wrapper
Enable vdpau
552009-06-040.5.1_20090604Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 19087
542009-05-150.5.1_20090526Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 18953
Fix pthread linkage
532009-05-150.5.0_20090515Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 18839
522009-04-290.4.9_20090429Onur KüçükBump snapshot to 18713
512009-04-240.4.9_20090424Onur KüçükMajor snapshot bump, ahead of 0.5
502009-02-090.4.9_20080909Onur KüçükAdd flv fixes for correctly setting pts value, files larger than 2GB, reading of video bitrate out of metadata
492009-01-300.4.9_20080909Pınar YanardağFix a signedness error within the "fourxm_read_header()" function in libavformat/4xm.c (bug#9121)
482008-11-250.4.9_20080909Onur KüçükFix endless loop when opening corrupt FLV files, check sub_packet_size against 0 to avoid div by zero later, only warn about "Invalid and inefficient vfw-avi packed B frames" once
472008-09-090.4.9_20080909Onur KüçükAdded MXF muxer, fix wma regressions, fix mid/side stereo buggy output zeroing, add generic IIR filter interface with Butterworth lowpass filter implementation, fix decoding of ape 3.98 files, do not assign avctx->rc_eq to libx264's context and leave the decision to library, fix detection of MPEG4 in MPEG-PS, support invalid h264 that does not mark IDR with POC=0, fix an invalid free in the AVI muxer when an unsupported audio track is added, prevent a division by 0 in the g726 decoder, fix round to even for aspect ratio correction, add ac3/eac3 support for many formats like mov/mp4/mkv etc., add support for the PIX_FMT_RGB32, PIX_FMT_RGB555 and PIX_FMT_RGB565 in V4L2, fix alac crash where bits per sample is not set, set block align in av_write_header if not set, fix stsd box size for ac3 in mp4, lots of matroska fixes (pts, seek etc.)
462008-08-250.4.9_20080825Onur KüçükFix PCM DVD divide by zero, do not set timestamp information for a non existing AVStream, fix tcp/udp memleak, lots of constantization, fix fir_32bands_perfect table
452008-08-220.4.9_20080820Pınar YanardağSecurity fix for buffer overflow vulnerability in libavcodec/dca.c.
442008-08-200.4.9_20080820Onur KüçükBump to fix possibly exploitable freeing of pointers that have not been allocated in rc_eq, overflow in AVStream pts_buffer, alac samplesize overflow and many bugfixes
432008-07-290.4.9_20080729Onur KüçükBump to fix CVE-2008-3230, add nut and dirac support, fix lots of segfaults, avc1 optimizations etc.
422008-06-270.4.9_20080626Onur KüçükFix exploitable psxstr demuxer
412008-06-250.4.9_20080624Onur KüçükVersion bump
402008-06-240.4.9_20080623Onur KüçükVersion bump
392008-06-090.4.9_20080605Onur KüçükEnable both img* and swscale
382008-06-060.4.9_20080605Onur KüçükAdd eac3 support
372008-06-050.4.9_20080605Onur KüçükVersion bump to fix possible buffer overflow in mkv muxer, prevent exporting img symbols when they are disabled
362008-05-230.4.9_20080522Onur KüçükAdd last minute fixes like memory leak, chapters in mkv etc
352008-05-220.4.9_20080522Onur KüçükVersion bump
342008-05-080.4.9_20080508Onur KüçükVersion bump to fix multiple overflows in alac and flac codecs
332008-04-100.4.9_20080404Murat ŞenelAdd a52dec dependency
322008-04-040.4.9_20080404Onur KüçükSnapshot update
312008-02-070.4.9_20080207İsmail DönmezSnapshot update
302007-06-130.4.9_20070613İsmail DönmezSnapshot update
292007-05-300.4.9_20070530İsmail DönmezSnapshot update
282007-05-240.4.9_20070524İsmail DönmezUpdate for DTS fixes
272007-05-210.4.9_20070521İsmail DönmezVersion bump
262007-04-300.4.9_20070430İsmail DönmezVersion bump
252007-04-220.4.9_20070422İsmail DönmezVersion bump
242007-03-060.4.9_20070306İsmail DönmezVersion bump
232007-02-070.4.9_20070207İsmail DönmezVersion bump
222007-01-230.4.9_20061229İsmail DönmezDepend on new faad2
212007-01-210.4.9_20061229İsmail DönmezDon't enable swscaler
202006-12-300.4.9_20061229İsmail DönmezVersion bump
192006-12-070.4.9_20061122İsmail DönmezProvide cws2fws
182006-11-220.4.9_20061122İsmail DönmezVersion bump to fix overflows in ALAC decoder and shorten plugin
172006-11-140.4.9_20061028İsmail DönmezDisable static libs and fix possible overflows in FLIC decoder
162006-11-070.4.9_20061028İsmail DönmezEnable swscaler
152006-10-290.4.9_20061028İsmail DönmezNew svn snapshot
142006-09-220.4.9_20060922İsmail DönmezNew svn snapshot
132006-09-190.4.9_20060911İsmail DönmezDisable ffserver again, its unmaintained and should not be enabled
122006-09-110.4.9_20060911İsmail DönmezNew snapshot
112006-07-030.4.9_20060623İsmail DönmezFix H.264 encoding support
102006-06-230.4.9_20060623İsmail DönmezUpdate to fix mov muxing for iPod
92006-06-120.4.9_20060612Onur KüçükA little bump to sync with mplayer release, svn:5467
82006-06-090.4.9_20060602İsmail DönmezAdd docs
72006-06-020.4.9_20060602İsmail DönmezNew snapshot
62006-05-210.4.9_20060519İsmail DönmezNew snapshot
52006-04-140.4.9_20060414Onur KüçükNew version
42006-02-220.4.9_20060222Onur KüçükNew version
32005-12-020.4.9_20051122İsmail DönmezApply a patch from upstream to fix possible overflow in default_get_buffer
22005-11-220.4.9_20051122Onur KüçükVersion bump
12005-10-160.4.9_20051016İsmail DönmezFirst release.