exempi 2.1.1

An implementation of XMP, based on Adobe SDK


Packager: Pardus

License: BSD-3


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
72010-11-032.1.1Onur KüçükSplit devel package
62009-07-082.1.1Doruk FişekVersion bump :
- if the property is an array or struct allow "" to be passed as a value.
- source/XMPFiles/FileHandlers/P2_Handler.cpp was using an improper string comparison. (made rpmlint unhappy).
- Catch unhandled exceptions in xmp_files_can_put_xmp().
- Mismatched new [] / delete.
- Fix a SIGFPE encountered on some invalid files.
52009-05-072.1.0Doruk FişekUpdate doc path, add autoreconf to remove unused direct deps for 2009.
42008-12-242.1.0Doruk FişekVersion bump :
- Upgrade XMPCore to Adobe XMP 4.4.2
- Handlers for additional file formats, including ASF (WMA, WMV), FLV; MPEG4; SWF; folder-based video formats AVCHD, P2, SonyHDV, and XDCAM; UCF
- Additional schemas to support document histories, composed documents, and temporal metadata
- NS_PDF namespace for PDF.
- API xmp_prefix_namespace_uri() and xmp_namespace_prefix().
- Several minor bugfixes
32008-08-132.0.2Doruk FişekVersion bump
22008-06-032.0.1Doruk FişekFix translations.xml
12008-05-232.0.1Doruk FişekFirst release