dvdrip 0.98.11

A full featured DVD copy program written in Perl


Packager: Serdar Dalgıç

License: GPLv2, Artistic


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
22010-03-080.98.11Serdar Dalgıç*-* Version bump:
** Bugfixes:
- Fixes a gui bug @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dvdrip/+bug/478710
- Fixed h264 2pass cluster mode bug, generating a malformed transcode command.
** Features:
- Updated Danish and Catalan translation. Thanks to Ysangkok. Kenneth Nielson and Joan Farrerons.
- Turn "ripping short" error message into a warning, so the ripping process continues and it's up to the user to decide whether this is critical or not.
*-* Strictly depend on perl-Event-ExecFlow version 0.64.
12010-01-130.98.10Serdar DalgıçFirst release. Thanks Gökçen and Ayan for their previous efforts on the package