byobu 3.23

An elegant enhancement of GNU Screen

Packager: Fethican Coşkuner

License: GPLv3


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
142011-01-173.23Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- drop unnecessary unit=kbps.
- when splitting, move the focus in the new split to the first window.
- support "hiding" sessions, by prepending a "." to the session name.
132011-01-023.18Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- list byobu default sessions, plus named screen sessions.
- Notify if reboot is needed.
122010-12-273.17Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- add cpu temp path for modern (x201) thinkpads.
112010-11-303.14Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- Use getent instead of reading /etc/passwd directly.
102010-11-233.10Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- add notify_osd support to byobu.
- fix migration to XDG.
- scale bogomips by number of processors, if using bogomips to estimate frequency.
- add a swap memory usage notification.
92010-10-253.6Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- byobu-launcher: return false, if byobu doesn't launch because TERM=dumb.
- byobu: fix SSH_AUTH_SOCK breakage, define $RUN dir.
82010-10-123.5Fatih AşıcıMass rebuild for Pardus 2011 Beta
72010-09-183.5Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- ec2_cost: testing crontab creation time is not accurate, use /etc/hostname instead; ensure that minimum hours is 1, not 0.
- network: use bps rather than B/s by default for network traffic.
62010-09-043.4Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- usr/share/byobu/keybindings/f-keys: make F1 also point to the menu, along with F9; this might help in some tty environments outside of gnome-terminal.
- display both ifconfig and ip output in ip_address detail display.
- use ip rather than ifconfig to get the ip address, slight performance improvement.
- support a flag, IPV6=1, in .byobu/status, to allow for showing IPv6 addresses instead of IPv4.
52010-08-273.3Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- clean up binary/decimal multipliers for network transfer vs. memory/disk capacities, in accordance with industry standards.
- usr/share/byobu/keybindings/f-keys: resize the screen as part of the F5/refresh.
- improve dash replacement in status config.
42010-08-053.1Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
- Allow users to specify their own -S .
- Few bugfixes.
32010-06-232.80Fethican CoşkunerCalculate available updates using pisi api.
22010-06-222.80Fethican Coşkuner- usr/bin/byobu: ensure that .screenrc gets sourced if byobu is run with arguments.
- usr/bin/byobu-launcher: allow user to add custom screen arguments to byobu-launcher (useful in .profile for adding an option like -UDR).
- usr/bin/byobu-launcher: handle nasty recursion, if ssh'ing to localhost, and byobu-launches-by-default.
12010-05-082.74Fethican CoşkunerFirst release.