octave 3.2.3

A high level language


Packager: Beyza Ermis

License: GPLv3


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
192010-01-063.2.3Serdar DalgıçAdd missing dependency qhull.
182009-12-213.2.3Faik UygurAdd missing dependencies
172009-11-093.2.3Faik UygurAdd missing atlas dependency
162009-10-133.2.3Onur KüçükDepend on libgfortran instead of gcc
152009-10-013.2.3Faik Uygur* Abort if floating point format is not recognized as IEEE
* Fix vector * matrix case
142009-08-123.2.2Faik Uygur* New stable bug fix release
* Updated build and runtime dependencies
132009-06-183.0.3Semen CiritAdding texlive-genericrecommended, texlive-latexrecommended for build deps.
122008-11-303.0.3Ozan Çağlayan- LDPATH is written into /etc/env.d using shelltools,
- Fix sandbox violations (Fixes #8738),
- Add two cosmetic patches from Gentoo.
112008-10-133.0.3Faik UygurBug fix release
102008-09-203.0.2Doruk FişekAdd missing dependency, bug #8247
92008-08-223.0.2Faik UygurVersion bump
82008-07-263.0.1Ozan ÇağlayanStable update
72007-12-233.0.0İsmail DönmezStable update
62007-12-182.9.19İsmail DönmezNew release
52007-04-032.9.10İsmail DönmezNew release
42007-03-162.9.9İsmail DönmezNew release
32006-09-182.9.8İsmail DönmezNew release
22006-03-282.9.5İsmail DönmezNew release
12006-01-102.9.4İsmail DönmezFirst release.