inkscape 0.47

SVG vector graphics application

Packager: Renan Çakırerk

License: GPLv2, LGPLv2.1


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
222010-07-050.47H. İbrahim GüngörAdd missing dependencies (#13326).
212010-05-210.47Renan ÇakırerkModify dependency name: boost
202010-05-020.47Renan ÇakırerkFix Turkish translations.
192010-02-050.47Gökçen EraslanAdd uniconvertor as a dependency. Needed for CorelDraw file processing.
182009-12-010.47Faik Uygur* Timed autosave: no more lost work
* Spiro splines: an exciting new way to work with paths, fully supported in Pen, Pencil,
and Node tools
* Auto smooth nodes: a new type of node that keeps the path as smooth as possible as you
move it or its neighbors
* New modes in Tweak tool: pushing and jittering whole objects, scaling/rotating objects,
deleting and duplicating using the "soft brush"
* Reworked, much more usable snapping system and a Snapping toolbar
* New path effects, including sketch, hatching, envelope deformation; effects can be stacked
and assigned to groups
* A huge collection of preset filters in the new Filters menu
* New cairo-based PS and EPS export: improved quality, more features supported, fallback
rasterization for filters and transparency
* Spell checker for text objects in a document
* Many new extensions: restacking, calendar, printing marks, cartesian and polar grids,
interpolating attributes
* Optimized SVG code options, now with their own Preferences page
* Many other improvements, usability tweaks, memleak stops, and misc bugfixes
172009-10-010.47_pre3Faik UygurLast bugfix release before 0.47
162009-09-230.47_pre2Faik Uygur- Fixed drag-n-drop out of color to match GTK+ standard.
- Fixed jumping eye (layer visibility).
- Fixed resize handle in corner of main UI.
- Many other bug fixes and improvements
152009-07-110.47_pre1Faik UygurFix missing dependency aspell
142009-07-090.47_pre1Faik UygurPre for the major release. This release is mostly about code refactorings and code cleanups
with some performance improvements and many bug fixes.
132008-12-010.46Ozan ÇağlayanFix Name and GenericName field values in desktop file (Fixes #8435).
122008-09-080.46Gökmen GökselMissing dep gtkspell added.
112008-08-270.46Faik Uygurnumpy, lxml deps added. Fixed crash while opening a pdf.
102008-04-010.46Gökçen EraslanStable update, poppler-glib, libXft and libwpg deps added, Turkish translation updated thanks to Necmettin Begiter
92007-09-240.45.1İsmail DönmezStable update and fix #6200
82007-03-210.45İsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-1463
72007-02-220.45İsmail DönmezStable update
62006-11-120.43İsmail DönmezFix #2055
52006-05-180.43İsmail DönmezDon't use internal freetype headers
42005-12-170.43Gürer ÖzenTurkish translation update by Serdar Soytetir
32005-11-230.43Gürer ÖzenNew upstream version
22005-10-310.42.2S.Çağlar Onurboehm-gc added runtime deps
12005-10-150.42.2Gürer ÖzenFirst release.