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Packager: Fatih Arslan

License: Macromedia


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
362011-08-1110.3.183.5Fatih ArslanNew security release
352011-06-2010.3.181.26Fatih ArslanNew security release
342011-06-0610.3.181.22Fatih ArslanNew security release
332011-05-1710.3.181.4Fatih ArslanNew release that fixes issues from Security Bulletin APSB11-12
322011-04-1810.2.159.1Fatih ArslanNew release that fixes issues from Security Bulletin APSB11-07
312011-03-2610.2.153.1Fatih ArslanNew stable release
302010-12-0810.1.102.65Fatih AşıcıNew stable release
292010-11-0810.1.102.64Fatih AşıcıNew release. Fixes CVE-2010-{3636,3637,3638,3639,3640,3641,3642,3643,3644,3645,3646,3647,3648,3649,3650,3652,3654,3676}, #15116.
282010-10-0910.1.85.3Fatih AşıcıNew release. Fixes CVE-2010-2884, #14561.
272010-08-1110.1.82.76Fatih AşıcıNew release. Fix a number of security issues. #14042
262010-06-1110.1.53.64Fatih AşıcıNew release fixing CVE-2010-1297, #13359
252010-02-1710.0.45.2Eren TürkayUpdate to to fix multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2010-018{6,7}) #12309
242009-12-2410.1_beta2İnanç YıldırganNew beta release.
232009-12-1010.0.42.34Fatih AşıcıNew release to fix the following CVEs (#11694):
- CVE-2009-3794
- CVE-2009-3796
- CVE-2009-3797
- CVE-2009-3798
- CVE-2009-3799
- CVE-2009-3800
- CVE-2009-3951
222009-07-3110.0.32.18Fatih AşıcıNew release fixing CVE-2009-1862, #10745
212009-03-1610.0.22.87Gökçen EraslanRevert removal of postinstall script that disables hardware acceleration.
202009-02-2410.0.22.87Fatih AşıcıBump to new stable release and remove postInstall script and fix multiple vulnerabilities (bug#9322).
192008-12-1910.0.15.3Gökçen EraslanBump to new stable release (and fix CVE-2008-5499)
182008-10-2710.0.12.36Ozan Çağlayan- Add COMAR script for being able to enable safefullscreen option
during post-install. This option lets flashplugin work in a more
crash-free way when watching fullscreen stuff, (Fixes #8504).
172008-10-1510.0.12.36Fatih AşıcıBump to new stable release (and fix CVE-2008-4401)
162008-09-1610Fatih AşıcıBump to new RC (and fix CVE-2008-3873)
152008-07-0410Gökçen EraslanVersion bump astro beta 2
142008-05-1510Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump astro beta
132008-04-ökçen EraslanVersion bump, fixes CVE-2007-5275, CVE-2007-6243, CVE-2007-6637, CVE-2007-6019, CVE-2007-0071, CVE-2008-1655, CVE-2008-1654
122008-04-ökçen Eraslanfontconfig, libXt and libXext deps added
112007-12-İsmail DönmezVersion bump to final release, fixes CVE-2007-{4324,4768,5275,6242,6243,6245,6246}
102007-10-019.0.64İsmail DönmezBump to new beta
92007-08-İsmail DönmezBump to new beta
82007-06-İsmail DönmezBump to new beta
72007-01-İsmail DönmezStable update
62006-11-İsmail DönmezVersion bump
52006-10- Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
42006-09-137.0.68Ali Erdinç KöroğluSecurity fixes CVE-2006-3311,CVE-2006-3587, and CVE-2006-3588
32006-03-157.0.63İsmail DönmezSecurity update
22005-12-227.0.61İsmail DönmezSecurity update
12005-09-167.0.25S.Çağlar OnurFirst release.