chromium-browser 13.0.782.107

A WebKit powered web browser

Packager: Fatih Arslan

License: GPLv2


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172011-08-0413.0.782.107Fatih Arslan* Beta channel has been merged to stable channel 13.0.782.107
* New features like Instant pages
* Improved OmniBox
* Security fixes:
* [75821] Medium CVE-2011-2358: Always confirm an extension install via a browser dialog.
* [78841] High CVE-2011-2359: Stale pointer due to bad line box tracking in rendering.
* [79266] Low CVE-2011-2360: Potential bypass of dangerous file prompt.
* [79426] Low CVE-2011-2361: Improve designation of strings in the basic auth dialog.
* [81307] Medium CVE-2011-2782: File permissions error with drag and drop.
* [83273] Medium CVE-2011-2783: Always confirm a developer mode NPAPI extension install via a browser dialog.
* [83841] Low CVE-2011-2784: Local file path disclosure via GL program log.
* [84402] Low CVE-2011-2785: Sanitize the homepage URL in extensions.
* [84600] Low CVE-2011-2786: Make sure the speech input bubble is always on-screen.
* [84805] Medium CVE-2011-2787: Browser crash due to GPU lock re-entrancy issue.
* [85559] Low CVE-2011-2788: Buffer overflow in inspector serialization.
* [85808] Medium CVE-2011-2789: Use after free in Pepper plug-in instantiation.
* [86502] High CVE-2011-2790: Use-after-free with floating styles.
* [86900] High CVE-2011-2791: Out-of-bounds write in ICU.
* [87148] High CVE-2011-2792: Use-after-free with float removal.
* [87227] High CVE-2011-2793: Use-after-free in media selectors.
* [87298] Medium CVE-2011-2794: Out-of-bounds read in text iteration.
* [87339] Medium CVE-2011-2795: Cross-frame function leak.
* [87548] High CVE-2011-2796: Use-after-free in Skia.
* [87729] High CVE-2011-2797: Use-after-free in resource caching.
* [87815] Low CVE-2011-2798: Prevent a couple of internal schemes from being web accessible.
* [87925] High CVE-2011-2799: Use-after-free in HTML range handling.
* [88337] Medium CVE-2011-2800: Leak of client-side redirect target.
* [88591] High CVE-2011-2802: v8 crash with const lookups.
* [88827] Medium CVE-2011-2803: Out-of-bounds read in Skia paths.
* [88846] High CVE-2011-2801: Use-after-free in frame loader.
* [88889] High CVE-2011-2818: Use-after-free in display box rendering.
* [89142] High CVE-2011-2804: PDF crash with nested functions.
* [89520] High CVE-2011-2805: Cross-origin script injection.
* [90222] High CVE-2011-2819: Cross-origin violation in base URI handling.
162011-05-1611.0.696.68Fatih Arslan* New stable release.
* [64046] High CVE-2011-1799: Bad casts in Chromium WebKit glue.
* [80608] High CVE-2011-1800: Integer overflows in SVG filters.
152011-04-1510.0.648.205Fatih Arslan* New stable release
* Several security fixes:
* [75629] Critical CVE-2011-1301: Use-after-free in the GPU process.
* [78524] Critical CVE-2011-1302: Heap overflow in the GPU process.
142011-03-2510.0.648.204Fatih Arslan* New stable release
* Several security fixes:
* [72517] High CVE-2011-1291: Buffer error in base string handling. Credit to Alex Turpin.
* [73216] High CVE-2011-1292: Use-after-free in the frame loader. Credit to Sławomir Błażek.
* [73595] High CVE-2011-1293: Use-after-free in HTMLCollection. Credit to Sergey Glazunov.
* [74562] High CVE-2011-1294: Stale pointer in CSS handling. Credit to Sergey Glazunov.
* [74991] High CVE-2011-1295: DOM tree corruption with broken node parentage. Credit to Sergey Glazunov.
* [75170] High CVE-2011-1296: Stale pointer in SVG text handling. Credit to Sergey Glazunov.
132011-03-019.0.597.107Fatih Arslan* New stable release
* Several securtiy fixes:
* [54262] High URL bar spoof.
* [63732] High Crash with javascript dialogs.
* [68263] High Stylesheet node stale pointer.
* [68741] High Stale pointer with key frame rule.
* [70078] High Crash with forms controls.
* [70244] High Crash in SVG rendering.
* [70376] 64-bit Linux only, Medium Out-of-bounds read in pickle deserialization.
* [71114] High Stale node in table handling.
* [71115] High Stale pointer in table rendering.
* [71296] High Stale pointer in SVG animations.
* [71386] High Stale nodes in XHTML.
* [71388] High Crash in textarea handling.
* [71595] High Stale pointer in device orientation.
* [71717] Medium Out-of-bounds read in WebGL.
* [71855] High Integer overflow in textarea handling.
* [71960] Medium Out-of-bounds read in WebGL.
* [72214] High Accidental exposure of internal extension functions.
* [72437] High Use-after-free with blocked plug-ins.
* [73235] High Stale pointer in layout.
122011-02-099.0.597.94Fatih Arslan* New Stable release
* Several security fixes:
* [67234] High Stale pointer in animation event handling.
* [68120] High Use-after-free in SVG font faces.
* [69556] High Stale pointer with anonymous block handling.
* [69970] Medium Out-of-bounds read in plug-in handling.
* [70456] Medium Possible failure to terminate process on out-of-memory condition.
112011-02-039.0.597.84Fatih Arslan* Beta channel has been upgraded to stable channel
* Several security fixes:
* [55831] High Use-after-free in image loading.
* [59081] Low Apply some restrictions to cross-origin drag + drop.
* [62791] Low Browser crash with extension with missing key.
* [64051] High Crashing when printing in PDF event handler.
* [65669] Low Handle merging of autofill profiles more gracefully.
* [68244] Low Browser crash with bad volume setting.
* [69195] Critical Race condition in audio handling.
102011-01-059.0.597.42Fatih Arslan* New beta channel release
* Give warning when downloading pisi file
92010-12-229.0.597.19Fatih Arslan* Bump to newest Beta channel (major update again)
* Use patch for using libvpx systemwide instead of the bundle one
82010-11-268.0.552.210Fatih ArslanFix symlink for plugins.
72010-11-258.0.552.210Fatih ArslanVersion bump
62010-10-257.0.517.41Fatih Arslan-Bump to latest stable channel
-An updated HTML5 parser
-File API (ability of uploading a whole folder)
-Several bug fixes (
-Ffmpeg video support for HTML5 works now
52010-09-236.0.472.63Fatih ArslanVersion bump
Fix direct loading of global function prototypes in v8 engine
42010-09-196.0.472.62Fatih ArslanVersion bump
32010-09-156.0.472.59Fatih ArslanVersion
22010-09-086.0.472.56Fatih ArslanVersion bump, take over of package
12010-06-016.0.417.0Mete AlpaslanFirst release.