warzone2100 2.3.7

3D realtime strategy


Packager: Onur Küçük

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
162011-02-082.3.7Onur KüçükBump to new upstream release, mainly for balance fixes, again
152010-12-012.3.6Onur KüçükBump to new upstream release, mainly for balance fixes
142010-05-062.3.0H. İbrahim GüngörOverhaul dependencies, disable openmotif, remove unrecognized configure parameters.
132010-05-052.3.0Onur KüçükBump to new upstream release
Add new shortcuts
New maps and mods
New features like multiple turrets, sensor visualization, ally features
Game balance is a lot better now
122009-10-132.2.4Onur KüçükMinor version bump
Balance changes
Many bug/crash fixes
Breaks network compatibility for the sake of cheat prevention system
112009-07-302.2.1Onur KüçükVersion bump
Fix many crash related failing orders
New terrain system
102008-12-242.1.0Onur KüçükMinor version bump, original soundtrack is back, translations into several languages added, improved AI, improved balancing, more stable multiplayer games
92008-11-112.0.10Ozan ÇağlayanFix desktop files to make them XDG compliant
82008-01-072.0.10Onur KüçükVersion bump, crash fixes again, fix a bug causing ati cards fall back to software rendering
72007-12-112.0.9Onur KüçükVersion bump, 10% rendering speedup, lots of crash fixes
62007-06-242.0.7Onur KüçükVersion bump, fix potential buffer overflow on long data filenames
52007-05-162.0.6Onur KüçükBump for many bugfixes and and enhancements
42006-12-302.0.5Onur KüçükBump to stable version
32006-11-152.0.5_rc1Onur KüçükWrite dep versions
22006-09-112.0.5_rc1Onur KüçükLot's of bugfix especially on GL
12006-08-282.0.4Onur KüçükFirst release