subversion 1.6.15

A compelling replacement for CVS

Packager: Ozan Çağlayan

License: Subversion


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
622011-08-021.6.15Ozan ÇağlayanFix CVE-2011-{1752,1783,1921} (pb#18847)
612011-03-211.6.15Ozan Çağlayanavoid a crash in mod_dav_svn when using locks (CVE-2011-0715) (bzp#17233).
602011-02-041.6.15Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump to fix client-initiated crashes (CVE-2010-{4539,4644}) (#15977).
592010-10-251.6.13Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 1.6.13,
* Access restriction bypass by checkout of the root of the repository CVE-2010-3315 (#14670),
* don't drop properties during foreign-repo merges (issue #3623)
* improve auto-props failure error message (r961970)
* improve error message for 403 status with ra_neon (r876615)
* don't allow 'merge --reintegrate' for 2-url merges (r959004)
* improve handling of missing fsfs.conf during hotcopy (r980811, -1449)
* escape unsafe characters in a URL during export (issue #3683)
* don't leak stale locks in FSFS (r959760)
* better detect broken working copies during update over ra_neon (r979045)
* fsfs: make rev files read-only (r981921)
* properly canonicalize a URL (r984928, -31)
* fix wc corruption with 'commit --depth=empty' (issue #3700)
* permissions fixes when doing reintegrate merges (related to issue #3242)
* fix mergeinfo miscalculation during 2-url merges (issue #3648)
* fix error transmission problems in svnserve (r997457, -66)
* fixed: record-only merges create self-referential mergeinfo (issue #3646)
* fixed: 'SVNPathAuthz short_circuit' unsolicited read access (issue #3695)
* make 'svnmucc propset' handle existing and non-existing URLs (r1000607)
* add new 'propsetf' subcommand to svnmucc (r1000612)
* emit a warning about copied dirs during ci with limited depth (r1002094)
582010-08-201.6.12Gökçen EraslanRevert autoadding .html files as application/xml since users may not like html files to be treated like binary files.
572010-06-251.6.12Ozan Çağlayan* further improvements for issue #3242
* allow deletion of uris which need character escaping (issue #3636)
* fix errors with 'svn mkdir --parents' (issue #3649)
* update address to which crash reports are sent (r901304)
* check for server certificate revocation on Windows (r898048)
* disable custom file mutexes on Windows (r879902, -16)
* fix handling of peg revision'd copy targets (issue #3651)
* more improvements to 'svn merge --reintegrate' (r935631)
* allow copying of broken symlinks (issue #3303)
* improve rep-sharing performance on high-concurrency repos (issue #3506)
* fixed: added subtrees with mergeinfo break reintegrate (issue #3654)
* fixed: assertion triggered by tree-conflicted externals (issue #3469).
562010-06-111.6.11Gökçen EraslanSet mimetype of .html files to application/xml while adding.
552010-05-141.6.11Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 1.6.11,
- Add system-wide configuration file for svn:mime-type auto-setting.
542010-01-261.6.9Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump
532009-12-071.6.6Serdar DalgıçDepend on new perl.
522009-11-111.6.6Eren TürkayRemove empty /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.1/i686-linux-thread-multi directory that conflicts with other perl modules
512009-11-021.6.6Faik Uygur* fix crash during 'svn update' (r39673)
* fix a crash in 'svn rm --force' (r37953)
* fix failure to commit replacement of a directory (issue #3281)
* fix mod_dav_svn parent dir links to preserve peg revisions (issue #3425)
* improve "tree conflict already exists" error message (r38872)
* improve merge performance with implicit subtree mergeinfo (issue #3443)
* respect Apache's ServerSignature directive (r40008, -21, -31)
502009-09-021.6.5Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump to 1.6.5 which fixes possible data loss on ext4 and GPFS filesystems.
492009-08-141.6.4Faik UygurAdd missing dependency to mod_dav_svn
482009-08-071.6.4Faik UygurFixed heap overflow vulnerability on server and client (CVE-2009-2411)
472009-07-101.6.3Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump.
462009-06-191.6.2Ozan ÇağlayanBump to new stable version:
* vastly improve memory usage with 'svn merge' (issue #3393)
* make default depth for merge 'infinity' (r37156)
* make 'status --quiet' show tree conflicts (issue #3396)
* allow '--set-depth infinity' to expand shallow subtrees (r37169)
* return an error if attempting to reintegrate from/to the repo root (r37385)
* don't store bogus mergeinfo for '--ignore-ancestry', foreign merges (r37333)
* don't allow merge of difference between two repos (r37519)
* avoid potential segfault with subtree mergeinfo (r36613, -15, -31, -41)
* recommend sqlite 3.6.13 (r37245)
* avoid unnecessary server query for implicit mergeinfo (r36509)
* avoid unnecessary server query during reverse merges (r36527)
* set depth=infinity on 'svn add' items with restricted depth (r37607)
* fixed: commit log message template missing paths (issue #3399)
* fixed: segfault on merge with servers older than 1.6 (r37363, -67, -68, -79)
* fixed: repeat merge failures with non-inheritable mergeinfo (issue #3392)
* fixed: another memory leak when performing mergeinfo-aware merges (r37398)
* fixed: incorrect mergeinfo on children of shallow merges (issue #3407)
* fixed: pool lifetime issues in the BDB backend (r37137)
452009-04-141.6.1Onur KüçükRevert last, neon borks svn
442009-04-131.6.1Onur KüçükDisable neon version check
432009-04-131.6.1Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 1.6.1 which brings important updates,
- Cleanup dependencies,
- Recommended neon for this version is 0.28.4, adjust the script dep.
422009-04-101.5.6Ekin MeroğluAdd missing dependency cyrus-sasl
412009-03-301.5.6Faik Uygur* copy properties of added but uncommitted files
* improve performance of log operation on older than 1.5 servers
* allow commits over Neon of files bigger than 2GB (POSIX only)
* fix error handling in mod_dav_svn
402009-02-171.5.5Ahmet AYGÜN* Use svn:svn owner for repositories
* Default svnserve.conf of Pardus
* Improved mod_dav_svn conf
* Include xslt for better repo view via mod_dav_svn
392009-02-161.5.5Onur KüçükWorkaround actionsapi errors till package is fixed
382009-01-021.5.5Faik Uygur* Fixed segfault in 'svn cp --parents'
* Fixed segfault in BDB backend node-origins cache
* Fixed properly encode diff headers used in conflict resolution
372008-12-221.5.4Faik Uygur* Properly handle explicit mergeinfo added in merge source
* Fixed merging of paths containing spaces
* Fixed regression in mergeinfo-aware merges against
362008-11-181.5.3Bahadır KandemirFixed service script not emiting COMAR signal.
352008-10-161.5.3Faik Uygur* Greatly improve merge performance
* Fixed merging files with spaces in name
* Fixed 'svn mv' hangs and consumes infinite memory
* Fixed correctness regression in 'svn log -g'
* Fixed current early bailout of 'svn log -g'
342008-09-181.5.2Faik UygurVersion bump
332008-08-121.5.1Faik UygurVersion bump
322008-06-261.5.0S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
312008-06-061.5.0_rc9S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
302008-05-271.5.0_rc7S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
292008-05-151.5.0_rc5S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
282008-04-301.5.0_rc4S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
272007-12-221.4.6İsmail DönmezStable update
262007-06-091.4.4İsmail DönmezStable update to fix CVE-2007-2448
252007-05-231.4.3Bahadır KandemirUpdated Service script.
242007-04-301.4.3S.Çağlar Onurcolorsvn deleted
232007-02-031.4.3S.Çağlar OnurAdd backport of python bindings of SVN
222007-02-031.4.3S.Çağlar OnurEnable perl bindings
212007-01-251.4.3İsmail DönmezStable update
202006-11-081.4.2İsmail DönmezStable update
192006-11-061.4.0S.Çağlar OnurFix #3926
182006-10-151.4.0Barış MetinFix permissions for svnmerge command.
172006-10-091.4.0Bahadır KandemirService script updated.
162006-09-111.4.0İsmail DönmezVersion bump
152006-07-121.3.2İsmail DönmezAlso merge svn-clean script from KDE SVN
142006-07-101.3.2S.Çağlar OnurSome usefull scripts merged from KDE SVN
132006-07-021.3.2Onur KüçükThy shall the package be compiled
122006-06-301.3.2Ahmet AYGÜ fixed; postInstall changed and preRemove added
112006-06-291.3.2İsmail DönmezVersion bump
102006-06-241.3.1S.Çağlar Onurfix #2962
92006-04-241.3.1Barış Metinfix depedency: apr0 -> apr
82006-04-241.3.1Bahadır KandemirMudur script added
72006-04-091.3.1Bahadır KandemirNew release
62006-02-011.3.0Ahmet AYGÜNmod_dav_svn
52006-01-081.3.0İsmail DönmezNew stable release
42005-10-231.2.3İsmail DönmezUpdate to version 1.2.3
32005-10-151.1.3Bahadır KandemirFixed to use apr and apr-util packages, instead of building it's own.
22005-10-091.1.3S.Çağlar Onurcolorsvn script (from KDE SVN) added to package
12005-09-161.1.3S.Çağlar OnurFirst release.