samba 3.3.16

A suite of SMB and CIFS client/server programs for UNIX

Packager: H. İbrahim Güngör

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
562011-08-023.3.16H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump to fix multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2011-2522, CVE-2011-2694), (pb#18843).
552011-02-283.3.15H. İbrahim GüngörFix a denial of service caused by a memory corruption, CVE-2011-0719 (#17050).
542010-09-203.3.14H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump, fix CVE-2010-3069 (#14438).
532010-06-173.3.10Eren Türkay- Add patch to fix memory corruption vulnerability. (CVE-2010-2063, #13477)
522010-05-263.3.10Eren Türkay- Fix null pointer dereference which causes smbd to crash (CVE-2010-1642), #13175
- Do not crash whith cups printers when no [printers] share is defined
512010-02-063.3.10Eren Türkay- Add upstream patch to disable wide links when unix extensions are used. Anyone who has a writable smb share can browse files outside that share by using symlinks when wide links and unix extensions are used together. #12228
502010-01-263.3.10Eren Türkay- mount.cifs: Add patch to restrict fstab corruption when special characters are used in directory names (a similar issue with CVE-2005-3531, #12143)
- mount.cifs: Add patch to fix privilege escalation via symlink attack (CVE-2009-3297, #12143)
492010-01-203.3.10Ozan Çağlayan- Fix changing of ACLs on writable file with "dos filemode=yes" (bug #5202).
- Fix smbd crashes in dns_register_smbd_reply (bug #6696).
- Fix Winbind crashes when queried from nss (bug #6889).
- Fix Winbind crash when retrieving empty group members (bug #7014).
- Fix interdomain trusts with Win2008R2 (bug #6697).
482009-11-053.3.9Ozan ÇağlayanReverse the order of nmbd/smbd startup to fix the weird problem of nmbd not starting (#9336).
472009-10-233.3.9Ozan Çağlayan- Fix trust relationships to windows 2008 (2008 r2) (bug #6711).
- Fix file corruption using smbclient with NT4 server (bug #6606).
- Fix Windows 7 share access (which defaults to NTLMv2) (bug #6680).
- Fix SAMR server for Winbind access (bug #6504).
462009-10-013.3.8Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to fix CVE-2009-2813, CVE-2009-2948, CVE-2009-2906 (#11250),
- Fixed Winbind service not working.
452009-08-273.3.7Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 3.3.7,
- Fix POSIX read-only open on read-only shares,
- Use correct value for password expiry calculation in pam_winbind,
- Fix segfault when cleartext trustdom pwd could not be retrieved,
- Drop libtdb, make it a separate package and depend on it.
442009-06-303.3.6Ozan ÇağlayanAdd missing avahi dependency.
432009-06-253.3.6Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump to fix CVE-2009-1888 (#10128).
422009-06-173.3.5Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 3.3.5,
- Fix pthread usage,
- Add dmapi automagic dependency,
- Move mount helpers to /sbin and set their SUID bits (#9994).
412009-05-093.3.4Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump and split libtdb as it seems that it will become a widely used DB implementation.
402009-04-213.3.3Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to the latest branch,
- Disable aio and dmapi support,
- Add keyutils dependency for cifs-upcall support,
- Add ctdb dependency for clustered tdb support.
392009-02-093.2.8Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 3.2.8 containing numerous important bugfixes for:
Excel save operation corrupts file ACLs,
smbclient du command does not recuse properly,
Fix smbclient crashes,
Allow mounts to ipv6 capable servers in mount.cifs,
mget shouldn't segfault without arguments.
- Fixed service script not reloading service.
382009-01-063.2.7Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to fix CVE-2009-0022 (
372008-12-243.2.6Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to 3.2.6:
- Fixes CVE-2008-4314,
- Fixes the problem of disabled controls in TASMA module (#8716, #8882).
362008-10-243.2.4Ozan Çağlayan- Version bump to the latest stable release,
- Added missing to /lib/security (Fixes #7119),
- Removed deprecated smbmount (Fixes #6845),
- Removed patches that are already in upstream,
- A lot of patches are adapted to the new 3.2.x branch.
352008-07-283.0.31Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to bugfix release
342008-06-053.0.30Gökçen EraslanVersion bump to bugfix release, CVE-2008-1105 is also merged
332008-05-283.0.28aEren TürkayAdd patch to fix CVE-2008-1105
322008-03-233.0.28aGökçen EraslanVersion bump to bugfix release
312007-12-103.0.28İsmail DönmezStable update to fix CVE-2007-6015
302007-12-043.0.27aİsmail DönmezStable update to fix the regression fix for CVE-2007-4572
292007-11-173.0.27İsmail DönmezFix a regression introduced by the fix for CVE-2007-4572
282007-11-153.0.27İsmail DönmezStable update to fix CVE-2007-4572 and CVE-2007-5398
272007-11-053.0.26aİsmail DönmezStable update and enable DNS updates
262007-09-123.0.26Alper SomuncuStable update
252007-09-113.0.25cİsmail DönmezFix CVE-2007-4138
242007-08-213.0.25cİsmail DönmezStable update
232007-06-273.0.25bİsmail DönmezStable update
222007-05-273.0.25aBahadır KandemirService script updated.
212007-05-263.0.25aİsmail DönmezImportant bugfix release
202007-05-143.0.25İsmail DönmezStable update to fix CVE-2007-2444, CVE-2007-2446 and CVE-2007-2447
192007-03-303.0.24Ekin MeroğluAdd missing depecies (cyrus-sasl, libcap)
182007-02-103.0.24İsmail DönmezAdd dmapi dependency for XFS ACL support
172007-02-053.0.24İsmail DönmezAdd missing libaio dep
162007-02-053.0.24İsmail DönmezStable update to fix CVE-2007-045{2,3,4}
152007-01-153.0.23_p4İsmail DönmezStable update
142006-11-283.0.23_p3S.Çağlar OnurUse pythonmodules
132006-10-153.0.23_p3Ekin MeroğluInstall mount.cifs helpers in /usr/bin
122006-10-093.0.23_p3Bahadır KandemirService script updated.
112006-09-093.0.23_p3İsmail DönmezVersion bump
102006-07-113.0.23Ali Erdinç KöroğluLDAP support
92006-07-113.0.23İsmail DönmezVersion bump to fix CAN-2006-3403
82006-05-073.0.22Onur KüçükAdded müdür script
72006-03-303.0.22İsmail DönmezVersion bump to fix CAN-2006-1059
62006-03-023.0.21cİsmail DönmezStable update
52006-02-043.0.21bS.Çağlar Onurfix #1712
42006-02-023.0.21bİsmail DönmezNew stable release, and enable Kerberos support
32006-01-253.0.20bOnur KüçükFix printing with remote SMB systems, bugfix from Muazzez Mirasedoğlu
22005-12-153.0.20bS.Çağlar OnurDefault smb.conf powered by Doruk Fişek (#1166)
12005-11-283.0.20bS.Çağlar OnurFirst release.