python-mako 0.3.4

A python templating language

Packager: Fethican Coşkuner

License: MIT


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
32010-09-020.3.4Fethican CoşkunerVersion bump;
* Unit tests now run with nose.
* Python 3 support is added ! See README.py3k .
* Now using MarkupSafe for HTML escaping.
* Split docs.
22009-10-020.2.5Fethican Coşkuner- Added a "decorator" kw argument to <%def>, allows custom decoration functions to wrap rendering callables.
- When Mako creates subdirectories in which to store templates, it uses the more permissive mode of 0775 instead of 0750, helping out with certain multi-process scenarios.
- Added last_modified accessor to Template, returns the time.time() when the module was created.
- Fixed lexing support for whitespace around '=' sign in defs.
12009-07-300.2.4Fethican CoşkunerFirst release.