pidgin 2.10.0

Instant messaging application previously known as gaim

Packager: H. İbrahim Güngör

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
482011-08-232.10.0H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump to fix crash in IRC protocol plug-in by listing set of users (/who command) upon session startup (CVE-2011-2943) and fix a remote crash in MSN protocol plugin (CVE-2011-3184), (pb#19001, pb#19008).
472011-03-172.7.11H. İbrahim GüngörFix multiple NULL pointer dereference flaws in Yahoo protocol plug-in, CVE-2011-1091 (#17404).
462011-02-192.7.10H. İbrahim GüngörNew release contains a fix for a minor libpurple security issue and a bunch of bugfixes.
452010-12-292.7.9H. İbrahim GüngörFix a crash when receiving short packets related to P2Pv2 [MSN], CVE ID pending (#15865).
442010-12-012.7.7H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump.
432010-11-022.7.5H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump.
422010-10-262.7.4H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump. Fix CVE-2010-3711 (#14807).
412010-10-052.7.3H. İbrahim GüngörVersion bump.
402010-08-092.7.2Eren Türkay* Version bump to fix denial of service via X-Status message (CVE-2010-2528, #13948)
392010-05-132.7.0Eren Türkay* Version bump to fix msn emotion remote crash (CVE-2010-1634, #12942)
* Lots of bug fixes. See for more detail.
382010-02-182.6.6Eren Türkay* Version bump to fix multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2010-{0277,0420,0423}, #12323)
372010-01-222.6.5Eren Türkay* Version bump
* Set default browser to "xdg-open" so that URLs can be opened with system-wide selected browser automatically.
362010-01-072.6.4Eren Türkay* Version bump, it includes various bug fixes
* Add patch to fix local file disclosure vulnerability in slp. (CVE-2010-0013, #11942)
* Add farsight2 build dependency. It is needed in build-time, too
352009-10-172.6.3Pınar YanardağStable version bump to fix remote crash vulnerability in ICQ (CVE-2009-3615, #11367)
342009-09-082.6.2Pınar YanardağStable version bump.
332009-09-062.6.1Pınar YanardağFix multiple vulnerabilities (#11115)
322009-08-232.6.1Pınar YanardağStable version bump to fix Denial of Service vulnerability (#10991)
312009-08-182.6.0Pınar YanardağStable version bump to fix MSN overflow parsing SLP messages (#10935)
302009-06-292.5.8Pınar YanardağStable version bump, including various fixes for libpurple, ICQ, MSN, Myspace, Yahoo, XMPP.
292009-05-112.5.5Pınar Yanardağ* Add a patch for msn taking 100% CPU
* Fix a crasher bug triggered by closing the buddy list with chat rooms open
* Make the buddy list to be raised when launching a second time
* Add an upstream change to fix crash on jabber when using a custom image
282009-03-042.5.5Pınar YanardağStable version bump, including various fixes for libpurple, ICQ, MSN, XMPP, Pidgin and Finch.
272009-01-142.5.4Pınar YanardağStable version bump, including various fixes for libpurple, MSN, XMPP, Pidgin and Finch.
262008-12-232.5.3Pınar YanardağStable version bump, including various fixes for libpurple, Gadu-Gadu, MSN, MySpace, Sametime, SIMPLE, XMPP, Yahoo, Zephyr, Pidgin and Finch.
252008-12-042.5.2Pınar YanardağAdd missing avahi-glib dependency.
242008-11-042.5.2Pınar YanardağStable version bump including fixes for libpurple, Pidgin, Finch, MSN, XMPP and Yahoo components.
232008-10-202.5.1Semen CiritA new patch added for turkish translation errors.
222008-09-072.5.1Pınar YanardağStable update includes some fixes on libpurple, artwork and Pidgin.
212008-08-062.4.3Pınar YanardağFix spoofing attack risk due to NSS SSL plugin bug.
202008-07-082.4.3Eren TürkayVersion bump to fix CVE-2008-2927
192008-06-112.4.2İnanç YıldırganVersion bump
182008-04-092.4.1Gökçen EraslanVersion bump
172007-12-112.3.1İsmail DönmezVersion bump
162007-10-252.2.2İsmail DönmezStable update to fix CVE-2007-4999
152007-09-302.2.1Serdar SoytetirVersion bump, also Fix CVE-2007-4996
142007-09-152.2.0Serdar SoytetirVersion bump
132007-08-212.1.1Serdar SoytetirVersion bump
122007-08-022.1.0İsmail DönmezVersion bump
112007-06-162.0.2İsmail DönmezStable update
102007-05-272.0.1İnanç YıldırganVersion bump
92007-05-072.0.0Serdar SoytetirVersion bump
82007-05-032.0.0_beta7Serdar Soytetirchange package name, version bump
72007-03-092.0.0_beta6Ali Erdinç KöroğluDbus patch removed
62007-01-252.0.0_beta6İsmail DönmezVersion bump
52006-11-202.0.0_beta5Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
42006-10-202.0.0_beta4Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
32006-07-162.0.0_beta3Ali Erdinç KöroğluPilot-link conflict and missing path fixes
22006-03-312.0.0_beta3Serdar SoytetirBeta 3
12006-01-292.0.0_beta2Serdar SoytetirFirst release.