pardus-python 0.4.5

Python modules for Pardus

Packager: Bahadır Kandemir

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
272009-12-140.4.5Bahadır Kandemir- Common methods in Boot.Loader moved to diskutils module.
262009-11-160.4.4Ozan Çağlayan- Fixed parsing of DNS= lines from files,
- Implement isPPP() method for 3G stuff,
- Add support for spawning dhcpcd 5.x.
252009-08-090.4.3Bahadır KandemirFixed dhcpcd command not working properly.
242009-05-300.4.3Bahadır KandemirNew release.
232009-05-250.4.2Bahadır KandemirCatch IO control exceptions.
222009-05-200.4.2Bahadır KandemirMissing devices should have no type.
212009-05-200.4.2Bahadır KandemirNew release.
202009-05-150.4.1Bahadır KandemirNew release, race condition in iniParser fixed.
192009-05-100.4.0Bahadır KandemiriniParser.getSection() returns empty dictionary for missing sections.
182009-05-100.4.0Bahadır KandemirNew release.
172009-05-100.3.3Bahadır KandemirFixed a bug in iniDB.
162009-04-230.3.3Fatih AşıcıContinue boot if config files are broken somehow
152009-03-050.3.3İşbaran AkçayırContinue boot if config files are broken somehow
142009-01-260.3.3Bahadır KandemirNew release. Added GRUB device name conversion methods to diskutils module.
132008-12-290.3.2Bahadır KandemirNew release.
122008-12-190.3.1Bahadır KandemirFixed netutils module trying to parse address, even if it's not set.
112008-11-100.3.1Bahadır KandemirAlways remove DHCP lease file, even if "dhcpcd -k" used
102008-11-070.3.1Bahadır KandemirAlways remove DHCP lease file.
92008-06-270.3.1Fatih AşıcıLocale data fixes
82008-06-240.3.1Bahadır KandemirNew release
72008-06-070.3Bahadır KandemirGet product info from uevent file
62008-05-210.3Bahadır KandemirLock ini files directly
52008-05-080.3Bahadır KandemirIgnore SCSI removable device
42008-04-050.3Fatih AşıcıVersion bump: added localedata module
32008-03-030.2Bahadır KandemirSource repacked
22007-12-130.2Bahadır KandemirNew release: Two new modules, diskutils and grubutils
12007-03-020.1Barış MetinFirst release.