Kernel module for Kernel-based Virtual Machine

Packager: Onur Küçük

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
142010-07- ÇağlayanVersion bump
132010-05-262.6.34Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump
122010-03-152.6.33Ozan ÇağlayanVersion bump
112010-02- Çağlayan- Version bump to,
- Use getARCH() for multiarch builds.
102010-01- ÇağlayanBump to
92009-12- ÇağlayanBump to the latest snapshot.
82009-12-112.6.32Ozan ÇağlayanBump to the latest version.
72009-12-0485Ozan ÇağlayanLimit instructions to 15 bytes (CVE-2009-4031) (#11640).
62009-10-2385Ekin MeroğluThe number of entries is multiplied by the entry size, which can
overflow on 32-bit hosts. Bound the entry count instead.
Fix #11436, CVE-2009-3638
52009-09-2485Ekin MeroğluDissallow hypercalls for guest callers in rings > 0
Fix #11210
42009-08-0485Ekin MeroğluCheck for a valid cr3 address in kvm_arch_vcpu_ioctl_set_sregs,
triple fault in case of failure.
Fix for #10771
32009-07-1585Ozan ÇağlayanDepend on the new userspace sub-package.
22009-05-2085Ekin MeroğluUse get.curKERNEL()
12009-05-1585Ekin Meroğlu- Version bump to release 85,
- rename kernel module due to new repo and kernel component,
- split kernel module and userspace tools,
- use virt group instead of kvm.