module-pae-fglrx 10.9

ATI display drivers

Packager: Fatih Aşıcı

License: ATI


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ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
622010-09-2310.9Fatih AşıcıNew release
612010-08-2610.8Fatih AşıcıNew release
602010-07-2710.7Fatih AşıcıNew release
592010-06-1710.6Fatih AşıcıNew release
582010-05-3110.5Fatih AşıcıNew release
572010-04-3010.4Fatih AşıcıUpdate sha1sum
562010-04-2910.4Fatih AşıcıNew release
552010-02-0810.1Fatih AşıcıNew release
542009-12-199.12Fatih AşıcıNew release
532009-11-199.11Fatih AşıcıNew release
522009-10-249.10Fatih AşıcıNew release
512009-09-129.9Fatih AşıcıNew stable release
502009-08-189.8Fatih Aşıcı- New release
- Put modprobe config file in a separate package
492009-03-289.3Fatih AşıcıBump to new release which has improved composite support
482009-02-209.2Fatih AşıcıBump to new bugfix release
472009-01-309.1Fatih AşıcıBump to latest stable. Changes:
* Hybrid CrossFire support
* OpenGL 3.0 support
* Better video playback (without flickering) when
playing in a composited environment
* Various bug fixes
462009-01-218.12Fatih AşıcıDo not probe with X -probe since it causes problems. Always return one output named 'auto'.
452008-12-148.12Fatih AşıcıBump to latest stable. Resolved Issues:

- Primary display will remain blank after task switching between virtual termi-
nals with dual displays running in Single Independent mode
- Executing Glxears may cause the operating system to stop responding
- Some systems may become unstable when running multiple OpenGL applica-
tions with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Series adapter
- Catalyst Control Center fails to identify the correct display type connected
Segmentation fault may occur when enabling bios version on systems with
three or more adapters
- Executing 'Glxgears' may cause the operating system to stop responding
- CrossFire logo is not shown when playing 3D applications in full screen mode
for 64bit Linux distributions
- Desktop corruption may occur when task switching from multiple X windows
keeping one console in text mode
- Alientrap NEXUIZ,a delay may occurs when exiting the game
- X11Perf benchmark no longer causes a segmentation fault durring execution
- System with multi adapters may experience problems installing the display
442008-11-158.11Fatih AşıcıAdd XDG-compliant desktop files instead of KDE3-specific ones
432008-11-148.11Fatih AşıcıBump to latest stable. Changes:

* New Display Enhancement - display scaling to resize the display
devices that support TV timings (480i/p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
through either digital (DVI or HDMI) or analog (component) interfaces
* ATI CrossFireX Enhancement - enables users to verify whether an
application is running in ATI CrossFireX mode
* Bugs fixed:
- The driver now changes hardware power states automatically when
unplugging and plugging in AC power on mobile hardware older than
Radeon Mobility HD 2xxx series.
- X Server will may not start when using two display adapters with
mismatched memory sizes.
- Corruption may be noticed when playing video content using mplayer.
- Starting X in dual-head mode with only one monitor connected may
result in a black screen and the X Server failing to start.
422008-10-238.10Fatih AşıcıEnsure the kernel module is unloaded while probing as a workaround for some hard-lockups
412008-10-168.10Fatih AşıcıBump to new release.
- AMDTM CAL: Computer Abstraction Layer runtime and libraries support.
- X startup failure on Radeon X1xxx and later AGP cards.
- Xserver crash after logging out multiple times.
- Bad Xv video playback performance on AGP cards.
- Artefacts left on the screen when quickly moving an Xv video window.
402008-09-198.9Fatih AşıcıVersion bump
392008-08-268.8Fatih AşıcıVersion bump
382008-07-228.7Fatih AşıcıVersion bump
372008-06-198.6Fatih AşıcıVersion bump and switch to new versioning style
362008-06-138.493Fatih AşıcıCopy default PCS database when enabling
352008-05-288.493Fatih AşıcıVersion bump, split package and add ati-powersave scripts
342008-05-118.476Fatih AşıcıSupport dual head configurations
332008-05-108.476Fatih AşıcıLoad/unload kernel module in enable/disable methods
322008-04-268.476Fatih AşıcıStore kernel module name for new zorg
312008-04-178.476Fatih AşıcıVersion bump
302008-03-238.471Fatih AşıcıRe-enable driver after package update.
292008-03-228.471Fatih AşıcıArrange package for new zorg and add Xorg.Driver script.
282008-03-068.471Fatih AşıcıVersion bump
272008-02-148.455.2Fatih AşıcıVersion bump
262008-01-258.452.1Fatih AşıcıSymbolic link fixes, removal of static libs and some packaging fixes.
252008-01-248.452.1Fatih AşıcıVersion bump
242007-12-208.443.1S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
232007-10-238.42.3İsmail DönmezVersion bump
222007-09-248.40.4İsmail DönmezFix #6340, thanks to Güngör Erseymen for the patch
212007-08-148.40.4S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
202007-07-198.39.4S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
192007-06-268.38.6S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump
182007-05-318.37.6S.Çağlar OnurVersion bump(at last)
172007-05-238.36.5Bahadır KandemirUpdated Service script.
162007-04-198.36.5S.Çağlar OnurNew version
152007-03-288.35.5S.Çağlar Onurnew version
142007-02-218.34.8Barış Metinnew version
132007-01-298.33.6S.Çağlar OnurFix symlink problem
122007-01-118.33.6Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
112006-12-298.32.5Ali Erdinç KöroğlulibGL symlink correction for Ati
102006-12-238.32.5Ali Erdinç KöroğluVersion bump
92006-07-318.26.18Ali Erdinç KöroğluSymlink typo fix
82006-07-078.26.18Barış Metinnew version
72006-06-158.24.8Barış Metinadd missing symlinks
62006-05-058.24.8Barış MetinPatch for
52006-05-028.24.8Barış MetinNew version.
42006-02-068.21.7Barış MetinNew version.
32005-12-128.20.8Barış MetinNew version.
22005-11-258.19.10Barış MetinNew version.
12005-10-218.18.6Barış MetinFirst release.