freecol 0.9.3

Colonization clone strategy game

Packager: H. İbrahim Güngör

License: GPLv2


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Release history

ReleaseRelease dateVersionUpdaterComment
242010-06-200.9.3Doruk FişekBump to latest stable:
* Fix several bugs, including a combat bug that made it possible to capture colonies that still had armed defenders.
* Keyboard accelerators are now available for virtually all mapboard actions, including movement
* New "Hutzli" graphical mod.
232010-03-080.9.2Doruk FişekBump to latest stable:
* Fix prevention of the REF from landing in the New World
* Fixed a serious bug in privateer combat
* Many other fixes.
* Add parameter support to freecol script.
* Add program icon (png) as a seperate file.
* Add Debian man page.
222010-01-010.9.0Doruk FişekBump to latest stable:
* AI breeds horses more effectively
* AI uses pioneers more effectively
* AI distributes workers more effectively
* AI creates and assigns soldiers more effectively
* AI constructs more advanced buildings
* Building graphics (taken from NewCol and SweCol project)
* New images for forests and beaches
* Redesigned panels and dialogs using MigLayout
* The colony panel, colopedia panel and report panel now remember their size
* More useful for small displays (1024x600)
* Map shows national borders
* Stockades no longer prevent abandoning a colony
* Together with a custom house, de Witt circumvents boycotts
* The Treaty of Utrecht
212009-11-300.9.0_alpha2Doruk FişekBump to new alpha of new development version for testing.
202009-10-090.9.0_alpha1Doruk FişekBump to alpha of new development version for testing.
192009-08-020.8.4Doruk FişekVersion bump : Several bugfixes.
182009-05-120.8.3Doruk FişekVersion bump : Localization fixes.
172009-05-050.8.2Doruk FişekUpdate doc path for 2009.
162009-05-040.8.2Doruk FişekVersion bump : Many bugfixes, translation updates.
152009-02-210.8.1Doruk FişekVersion bump : Many bugfixes
142009-01-140.8.0Doruk FişekVersion bump to new stable :
* Ability to define gameplay mechanics, change the game rules
* Units now slide between tiles while moving.
* New terrain graphics.
* New music and sound effects.
* Named regions and nicer placement of native settlements.
* New nations added: Portuguese, Swedish, Danish and Russian
* Games with up to eight European players are now supported.
* A lot more new features and bugfixes.
132008-12-070.8.0_alpha3Doruk FişekVersion bump to new alpha for testing.
122008-09-110.8.0_alpha2Doruk FişekVersion bump to new alpha for testing.
112008-07-130.8.0_p4197Doruk FişekVersion bump to latest svn for testing.
102008-07-120.8.0_alpha1Doruk FişekVersion bump to new alpha for testing.
92008-06-160.7.4Doruk FişekVersion bump.
82008-01-270.7.3Doruk FişekVersion bump.
72007-09-200.7.2Doruk FişekVersion bump.
62007-08-130.7.1Doruk FişekVersion bump.
52007-07-140.7.0Doruk FişekVersion bump.
42007-04-300.6.1Doruk FişekVersion bump.
32007-04-160.6.0Doruk FişekVersion bump.
22006-12-060.5.3Doruk FişekVersion bump + add startup script.
12006-12-010.5.2Doruk FişekFirst release.